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Swiss E Learning Institute


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Swiss E Learning Institute

  1. 1. About Swiss eLearning InstituteBeing successful is not just based on luck. Ask anyone - success is hard earned. Butwhen we succeed in something we’ve really worked towards, the results are so much morerewarding and motivating than if we’d just been handed it on a silver platter.QNet is here to help you be successful with your business and so we’re giving you aproduct that helps you improve your skills and learn important business concepts, while atthe same time boosting your business through sales of this online education product!Improve yourself with four excellent courses offered by the Swiss eLearning Institute -Career Design, Marketing 2011, Presentation & Communication Skills, and the Art ofManagement. Enrol in your course now with an easy three-step process!Want more news? Here it is!
  2. 2. Introduction Why eLearning ?The adage ‘time is money’ is truer than ever in our modern world. With the fast-pacedlifestyle that is the hallmark of busy people these days, there is precious little time left to fitin the things we would like to do, especially with regards to education and theenhancement of personal knowledge. Traditional education courses require a commitment intime and resources that many of us don’t have – not only do you have to go to class at afixed time and place, there is also the need to consider travelling times too. All of thisrepresents a large frame of time just for attending class, never mind the time you need forstudying!WHAT IF there was a way to boost your potential and take part in interesting, well-developed courses? What if you could study from the comfort of your own home with aschedule convenient for you?Online learning, or ‘eLearning’ as it is sometimes called, brings you just that – and SwisseLearning Institute is the perfect solution.
  3. 3. Benefits E JOY • Well-developed, interesting courses • Flexible schedules • No commute • A learning environment in the comfort of your own home • A Certificate of Completion once you finish your courseWith flexible, online learning programmes for busy people just like you, the Swiss eLearningInstitute is the perfect solution for those wishing to improve themselves and stay ahead intheir business.The Swiss eLearning Institute utilises the power of an online platform to immerse you in aneducational environment, providing the necessary resources and tools to make your learningexperience a great one.
  4. 4. Courses Offered Presentation and Communication SkillsThe Swiss eLearning Institute Presentation and Communication Skills Course introducesaspiring leaders and entrepreneurs to their most important companion on their road tosuccess: effective communication. The mastery of interpersonal communication is aprerequisite to any favorable business interaction. Every single working day holds challengesthat imply influencing others thinking and actions – moments that demand special skills andconsideration. By advancing through the course curriculum, proven communication andpersuasion concepts and strategies will become essential tools in each participants skillset.Based on a modular design provided by leading communication experts and trainers, eachunit provides key concepts using a fresh, practical approach highly adaptable to individualneeds.Topics covered: • The nature of communication • Key elements of communication • Internal vs. external communication • Oral and written communication secrets • Introduction to persuasion • Successful communication in teams
  5. 5. Career DesignThe Swiss eLearning Institute Career Design course offers vital support to those who havearrived at decision points in their professional life. Personal crossroads, desire for newchallenges, emerging entrepreneurial spirit, or additional education have one thing incommon: the need for careful planning and consideration. Together with leading executivecoaches and personal trainers, the Swiss eLearning Institute has created a modularmentorship concept that will pave the way for sustainable pursuit of your goals. The SwisseLearning Institute Career Design course will help participants master their personal changeand overcome fears, identify untapped potential, and provide dedication and commitment.Topics covered: • A framework for personal and career reflections • Personal values, skills, and major goals • Planning, motivation, adherence to timelines and achieving goals • Guide to decision-making
  6. 6. Marketing 2011The Swiss eLearning Institute Marketing 2011 course is designed for entrepreneurs who areready to reach out to new audiences and markets. Using invaluable hands-on insight frombusiness owners that have successfully mastered their initial marketing challenges, theSwiss eLearning Institute has created a highly practical and accurate course that covers themost important aspects of the trade: identifying, building and managing customer relations,building and managing a strong brand, and effectively utilising Web 2.0 marketing means.Throughout the course, a broad scope of core concepts as well as the latest major trendswill be covered, reflecting the forces that are impacting this ever-changing field – leavingyou with the key tools to succeed at what you do best.Topics covered: • Introduction to customer segmentation • Basics of consumer behaviour • Mastering the four “Ps”: Product, Price, Place, Promotion • Online Marketing • Viral/Social Media Marketing
  7. 7. The Art of ManagementThe Swiss eLearning Institute Management course was created for those seeking profoundmanagerial insight and understanding. Created together with leading academic andprofessional management experts, the course puts a strong emphasis on building andstrengthening your very own potential. All topics covered throughout the modular course arerelated to the daily challenges in the life of an entrepreneur, ensuring that those winningconcepts and strategies immediately apply. The Swiss eLearning Institute Managementcourse is geared towards building experience and skills to support your management needs,which can be applied very well to your own network.Topics covered: • Risk management • Personnel management • Strategic management concepts • Financial management • Operations management
  8. 8. Get StartedEnhance yourself today!Go to your Virtual Office now to take one of our courses! It’s so simple to get started on acourse of success – just follow these 3 easy steps!1. LOGILogin to your Virtual Office and purchase the course(s) of your choice from your eStore.You will receive a ‘Welcome Letter’ from the Swiss eLearning Institute.2. ACTIVATEClick on the activation link found in your Virtual Office to get started with your Usernameand Password.3. ACCESSLogin to and get learning! Brochures