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SGE Presentation QNet

  1. 1. Daily Reality Concern for one’s well-being becomes key motivation to provide psychological relief Air-conditioned Environment UV Exposure Stress Pollution Natural Skin Ageing Chemical Climate Condition Skin Dehydration & Fatigue
  2. 2. How to Rejuvenate Yourself? Use products that can: Moisturise Soothe sensitive skin Reinforce natural skin protection
  3. 3. How to Rejuvenate Yourself? Shower Gel Fine Pure Body Lotion Shampoo Conditioner *Swiss Glacier Essentials is free from animal derivatives
  4. 4. Swiss Glacier Water About Swiss Glacier Water Preserved in the valley of the tiny village of Zermatt, Switzerland and untouched for centuries Naturally rich in minerals and trace elements that moisturises and energises pH balanced, not a hard water Today’s purest moisturiser
  5. 5. Swiss Glacier Water Key Benefits Prevents oxidation which dehydrates skin and leaves hair coarse and brittle Soothes dry and itchy skin as nanoparticles penetrate deep into your epidermis layers and lock in moisture Gently cleanses your body with a mild formula that helps retain your skin’s natural moisture Protects from environmental pollutants with a patented combination of pure Swiss glacier water and Vitamin E
  6. 6. What Makes Swiss Glacier Essentials so Essential? Liposomes A nanotechnology structure comprising a bilayer of lecithin (soy protein) which forms a sphere encapsulating the pure Swiss glacier water Pure Swiss glacier water Lipid bilayer Swiss Glacier Essentials Liposome
  7. 7. What Makes Swiss Glacier Essentials so Essential? Liposomes The liposomes with excellent softening characteristics act as a vehicle to carry the glacier water deeper into the epidermis of the skin
  8. 8. What Makes Swiss Glacier Essentials so Essential? Vitamin Beads Visible beads containing Vitamin E Encapsulated Vitamin E (antioxidant) protects epidermis from early stages of UV light damage Beads break and release Vitamin E into the skin and penetrate deep into the skin pH balanced, specially designed to meet needs of sensitive or dry skin Vitamin E Bead
  9. 9. Shower Gel The patented formula of Vitamin E and nanoparticles of Swiss glacier water combined to retain skin’s natural moisture Leaving it clean, refreshed and hydrated Gentle for dry and sensitive skin
  10. 10. Fine Shampoo Mild cleansing product Hydrates, invigorates and purifies hair Stronger, healthier and more manageable hair For lightweight volume and shine
  11. 11. Pure Conditioner Encapsulated Vitamin E and nanoparticles of Swiss glacier water condition and strengthen hair Softer, more manageable and healthier hair
  12. 12. Body Lotion Combats dryness Prevents water loss by retaining moisture inside the skin Retains the fresh and radiant look of youth
  13. 13. Shower Gel Shampoo Conditioner Body Lotion *Swiss Glacier Essentials is free from animal derivatives