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In Voice Presentation QNet

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In Voice Presentation QNet

  1. 1. In-Voice takes the confusion and complication out of the telecommunication equation to deliver you the best choice of technology in the market, combined with our exclusive In-Voice hardware, software and packages. So you can sit back, talk all day, and never worry about getting a surprise when the bill comes! In-Voice. Bringing people closer.
  2. 2. Key Benefits • Communication Without Borders - The revolutionary telecommunications solutions provided by In-Voice lets you stay conveniently connected anytime and anywhere • Cost Saving - Save up to 80% on your telecommunication expenses - Stay connected for FREE for OnNet calls within the In-Voice network • Flexibility, Mobility, Convenience - Use your landline, mobile, personal computer, In-Voice exclusive hardware and software, and even payphones… anytime and anywhere
  3. 3. • You are in Control – Manage your account, track your usage, never miss any new opportunities through your personal Account Manager portal Manage your account: • Update Info • Call History • Credit Transfer • Credit Reloads Check out In-Voice info: • Call Rates • In-Voice User Guides • The latest news, promos, new products new features …and many more!
  4. 4. • Continuous Upgrade and Support – Backed up by the In-Voice telecommunications service provider in the UK – Technical team always available
  5. 5. In-Voice Products Services • In-Voice Callback - Easy to access - Cost saving - Flexible and mobile - Works on your landline, mobile, and/or personal computer - Works even without Internet connection
  6. 6. 3 Ways to Connect • Trigger Callback - For phones that can dial internationally 1. A Callback is Origin triggered 2. In-Voice Designated calls back Callback number 3. In-Voice connects the callback number to the destination Destination number
  7. 7. • SMS Callback – Allows you to temporarily change your Callback number thereby allowing you to save on International Roaming charges – When you are not able to make international calls, but can send international SMS, you can opt for this service SMS CallBack Procedure Create an SMS: Account <space> PIN <space> Callback <space> Destination e.g. 1234567 <space> 1234 <space> 85212345678 <space> 13101234567 Send the SMS to any of the following numbers: +447 80000 3242 +6391 QUEST SMS (78378 767) Within a few seconds your phone will ring and will be connected to your destination number
  8. 8. • Web Callback - For those who have Internet access How to use: - Log in to your account at - Pick up the inbound call (not charged by most carriers) - You will then be connected to the destination number
  9. 9. • Local Access* – Allows you to dial a specific phone number from any phone – even a pay phone! – 4 Easy Steps: • Dial your Local Access number • Enter your In-Voice number • Enter your PIN number • Dial your destination number – Use this service if you have no access to international calls/international sms *In locations where local access number is available
  10. 10. • In-Voice NetPhone ― Download and install NetPhone software on your computer for Internet calls from anywhere in the world ― Its simple interface makes it easier to use, now and in the future. ― The advanced features,* such as SMS, fax, video conference and chat, virtually converts your computer into a second office. ― FREE IN-Voice to In-Voice Internet calls *Available soon.
  11. 11. • In-Voice Softphone – A technologically advanced virtual phone application that utilises the worldwide technology of VoIP and turns your computer into a fully functional phone – Make and receive calls from any landline or mobile number at Internet call rates – Call anyone who also has an In-Voice Softphone number for FREE
  12. 12. • In-Voice Pro - Allows In-Voice services to work on most Nokia Eseries mobile phones, iPhone, iTouch and BlackBerry Bold 9700 - Allows you to use In-Voice services the easiest way - No need to memorise telephone, account and PIN numbers
  13. 13. • CLI-CK Card – a virtual calling-card-issuing feature available to In-Voice account holders with sufficient credits – CLI-CK Card-generation for sale available to In-Voice account holders and enjoy instant retail profit – competitive call rates through Callback service and the In-Voice Softphone
  14. 14. • Call Forward – forwards any incoming calls to an Internet call number to another number, such as a mobile phone number
  15. 15. • Global Phone Number – Receive calls in your In-Voice Personal UK number, even when you’re not online – In-Voice Follow Me feature: Take advantage of your own In-Voice personal UK number and forward incoming calls made to your UK number on to a local number
  16. 16. Devices • In-Voice Powered Nokia E52 – Super slim, lightweight and stylish – Smartphone capabilities – 3.2 megapixel autofocus camera with a built-in flash – Bluetooth 2.0 EDR, A2DP – Add-on solutions enable integration into – enterprise private branch exchange (PBX) infrastructure – Digital Home support – Includes In-Voice services via In-Voice Pro
  17. 17. • Pirelli 3G Netbook -the perfect medium for your multimedia experience -packed with Microsoft Windows 7 operating system, 160 GB hard disk and 1GB RAM -WiFi capability and embedded HSPA offers ease and convenience of mobile broadband connectivity Specifications • Intel® Atom™ N450 • Memory RAM SO-DIMM DDR2 1GB • HDD 160G, 5400rpm • Embedded Wireless LAN WiFi 802.11 b/g • HSPA 3G 7.2MB modem • Microsoft Windows 7
  18. 18. • Media Player – chic, compact and lightweight media player – watch videos in most media formats with high definition capabilities. listen to music or radio, play games, read digital books, view pictures, store files, record and playback audio files – perfect for one-to-one training or presentations.
  19. 19.  Blackberry Bold 9700 – full keyboard – new, easy-to-use trackpad navigates between emails, documents and other communications – large high-resolution display – 3.2 megapixel camera – video recording function – Internet capabilities
  20. 20. • Shark Phone – Traditional and Internet telephony in a cordless phone – No computer needed – Simply connect your landline and your Internet source into the base, and you’re ready to go!
  21. 21. • Pirelli RED Router – Allows you to make In-Voice Internet calls without even having to turn on your computer – Plug in your Internet source and regular phone – Share one Internet connection, printer or storage and make In-Voice Internet calls without turning on your computer
  22. 22. Packages • Meets any and all of your communication requirements • Bundled with services and gadgets, you can choose the package that suits you Standard Package inclusion*: • In-Voice account • Local Access and other telecom services • Callback features • Free call credits • In-Voice Softphone • Free OnNet calls • Your personal UK number • 6/12 months free subscription fee* *Package inclusion and period of free subscription fee varies for each package
  23. 23. How can you contact us? Technical Support Centre email: Technical Support via SMS Create an SMS with the following format: HELP[SPACE]In-Voice Acct No[SPACE]Reported Issue (For example: HELP 3001234 need help with Softphone) Send it to +639178378767 or +447 8000 3242
  24. 24. In-Voice Customer Support* +441 2 0747 2000 Toll-Free Numbers Hong Kong : 800 933 691 India : 000 800 600 1144 Indonesia : 001 803 601923 Malaysia : 1 800 880 983 Philippines : 1 800 160 10053 Sweden : 0207 95050 Taiwan : 00 801 601347 Thailand : 1800 060 102 USA : 866 578 6077 *This is an In-Voice Internet call number. Therefore, if you are calling through In-Voice Internet call service, such as Softphone, Netphone beta, or MIGs, the call shall be free of charge.