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Software Product Management in Web 2.0


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These are the final session slides for the course of Software Product Management. In these slides, I talk about tips and tricks of doing software product management in web 2.0 world. More slides are available on my web page at

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Software Product Management in Web 2.0

  1. 1. Suhas A. Kelkar Vice President, Product Management Digité
  2. 2. Vision • This course is intended for students of SCIT, designed to expose them to the field of software product management. • At the end of the course students will be able to articulate, • What is software product management • What is requirements gathering, Writing a business case, • What is Product Pricing, Branding, Innovation • How to do software product management in the web 2.0 world. • What resources to use to further their understanding about this field This is a 12 hour course. Divided up in four sessions of 3 hour each!
  3. 3. Framework for Managing and Marketing Technology Products Business Marketing Positioning Case Plan Distinctive Market Sales Awareness Pricing Competence Sizing Process Plan Market Product Buy, Build Market Customer Research Performance or Partner Requirements Acquisition Market Operational Thought Product Customer Problems Metrics Leaders Roadmap Retention Strategic Tactical Market Quantitative Product Product Program Sales Channel Analysis Analysis Strategy Planning Strategy Readiness Support Technology Win/Loss User Buyer Collateral & Channel Innovation Assessment Analysis Personas Personas Sales Tools Training “Special” Competitive Product Market Presentations Analysis Contract Messages & Demos Calls Release Launch White Event Milestones Plan Papers Support Lead Competitive Answer Generation Write-Up Desk Taken with permission from Pragmatic Marketing Framework
  4. 4. Review Session 1 : • What is product management • Prod Mgmt Matrix BRD, MRD, PRD, blah blah  • Session 2 : • Pricing : Basics • Pricing for software products Session 3 : • Cloud computing, SaaS, Pricing • Feature Prioritization Matrix • Product Roadmaps
  5. 5. Session 4 • Gartner Magic Quadrant • Boston Consulting Group’s stars and dogs • Product Mgmt in Web 2.0 • Further Resources • Final take aways •Q&A
  6. 6. Gartner Magic Quadrant Who is Gartner? What do they do? Why is it important? Magic Quadrant
  7. 7. BCG Who is Boston Consulting Group? What do they do? Why is it important? Stars and Dogs
  8. 8. Market Growth Rate Relative Market Share
  9. 9. Product Mgmt in Agile world  Product Manager is a customer Agile Manifesto representative ! • Individuals and interactions  Collate requirements from over processes and tools multiple sources in a prioritized • Working software over list of user stories. Constantly comprehensive documentation tweak rankings to ensure right features get built at the right • Customer collaboration over time! contract negotiation  Transformation of Product • Responding to change over Manager to Product Owner! following a plan That is, while there is value in the items on the right, we value the items on the left more.
  10. 10. Market Research  Traditional ways  Company publications  Trade shows  Analyst Reports  New ways of staying up to date  Web pages, home pages  Blogs, RSS  Twitter  Google Alerts!
  11. 11. Market Communications  Traditional ways  Company publications  Trade shows  Analyst Reports  New ways of staying up to date  Web pages, home pages  Blogs, RSS  Twitter  Linked in  You Tube!
  12. 12. Customer Involvement  Traditional ways  Customer interviews  Customer surveys  New ways of staying up to date  Dell Ideastorm  Daptive Greenhouse
  13. 13. Branding : Personal / Professional Tools of the trade • Web pages, Home pages • Blogs, RSS • Google Alerts • My space, facebook • Twitter • Linked In • YouTube • Serena’s Facebook fridays! • Serena’s YouTube commercials
  14. 14. Innovation • First generation cameras, iPod • As a product manager, you own the responsibility of innovation
  15. 15. Product Portfolio : Managing Multiple Products • Portfolio Management Tools
  16. 16. Additional Resources • Blogs  Google Alerts • Books  Podcasts • Business of Software  Slideshare (Huge number of online presentations! • Crossing the Chasm  (tagging) Power of • Amazon’s top ten business social knowledge sharing! books (Leadership, Strategy, Marketing)  Free online books • Web sites ( • ZD Net • Slashdot • Wall Street Journal / Economic Times / Other business publications
  17. 17. Final Take-Aways! • Manage your career! • Five patterns of successful careers • Have a vision/goals • Monitor your progress • Create personal board of directors Good luck and best wishes • Increase your knowledge base • Read Read Read! (Books, blogs, anything and everything) • Build your network/brand • Write a blog, web presence • Linked in profile
  18. 18. Thank you! Q &A