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My cool new Slideshow!

  1. 1. (Version 2006-03-01) Quick Reference Card Revised: 04/1/2010 Service Operations Object Operations HEAD Object Retrieves information about an object for a user with readGET Service GET Object access without fetching the object.Returns a list of all buckets owned by the authenticated Gets an object for a user that has read access to the HEAD /destinationObject HTTP/1.1request sender. object. Host: destinationBucket.s3.amazonaws.comGET / HTTP/1.1 GET /destinationObject HTTP/1.1 Date: dateHost: Host: Authorization: AWS AWSAccessKeyId:signatureDate: date Date: dateAuthorization: AWS AWSAccessKeyId:signature Authorization: AWS AWSAccessKeyId:signature [Range:bytes=byte_range] DELETE Object [x-amz-metadata-directive: metadata_directive] Deletes the specified object. Once deleted, there is no Bucket Operations [x-amz-if-match: etag] method to restore or undelete an object. [x-amz-if-none-match: etag] DELETE / HTTP/1.1PUT Bucket [x-amz-if-unmodified-since: time_stamp] Host: destinationBucket.s3.amazonaws.comCreates a new bucket belonging to the account of the [x-amz-if-modified-since: time_stamp] Date: dateauthenticated request sender. Optionally, you can specify a Authorization: AWS AWSAccessKeyId:signatureEU (Ireland) or US-West (N. California) location constraint.PUT / HTTP/1.1 PUT Object POST ObjectHost: Adds an object to a bucket for a user that has write access Adds an object to a bucket using forms.Date: date to the bucket. A success response indicates the object was POST / HTTP/1.1Authorization: AWS AWSAccessKeyId:signature successfully stored; if the object already exists, it will be Host: destinationBucket.s3.amazonaws.comContent-Length: {0 | length} overwritten. User-Agent: browser_data[<CreateBucketConfiguration> PUT /destinationObject HTTP/1.1 Accept: file_types <LocationConstraint>EU</LocationConstraint> Host: Accept-Language: locales</CreateBucketConfiguration>] Date: date Accept-Encoding: encodingGET Bucket Authorization: AWS AWSAccessKeyId:signature Accept-Charset: character_set Keep-Alive: 300Lists information about the objects in a bucket for a user Content-Length: length Connection: keep-alivethat has read access to the bucket. Content-MD5: md5_digest Content-Type: multipart/form-data; boundary=----------IDGET ?prefix=prefix&marker=marker&max-keys=max- Content-Type: type Content-Length: lengthkeys&delimiter=delimiter HTTP/1.1 Content-Disposition: object_information <multiform_data>Host: Content-Encoding: encoding Note: For more information about the multiform data, refer to the AmazonDate: date Cache-Control: caching Simple Storage Service Developer Guide.Authorization: AWS AWSAccessKeyId:signature Expires: expirationGET Bucket location <request metadata>Lists the location constraint of the bucket for the bucketowner.GET /?location HTTP/1.1 COPY ObjectHost: Copies an object for a user that has write access to theDate: date bucket and read access to the object. All headers prefixedAuthorization: AWS AWSAccessKeyId:signature with x-amz- must be signed, including x-amz-copy-source. PUT /destinationObject HTTP/1.1DELETE Bucket Host: destinationBucket.s3.amazonaws.comDeletes the specified bucket. All objects in the bucket must Date: datebe deleted before the bucket itself can be deleted. Authorization: AWS AWSAccessKeyId:signatureDELETE / HTTP/1.1 x-amz-copy-source: /source_bucket/sourceObjectHost: [x-amz-metadata-directive: metadata_directive]Date: date [x-amz-copy-source-if-match: etag]Authorization: AWS AWSAccessKeyId:signature [x-amz-copy-source-if-none-match: etag] [x-amz-copy-source-if-unmodified-since:POST Object time_stamp] [x-amz-copy-source-if-modified-since: time_stamp]For more information about POST, refer to the Amazon <request metadata>Simple Storage Service Developer Guide.
  2. 2. (Version 2006-03-01) Quick Reference Card Page 2 Miscellaneous VersioningBucket Name Restrictions GET Bucket Object versionsAmazon S3 bucket names must: Lists metadata about all of the versions of objects in a● Only contain lowercase letters, numbers, periods (.), bucket. and dashes (-) GET /?versions HTTP/1.1● Start with a number or letter Host:● Be between 3 and 63 characters long● Not be in an IP address style (e.g., "") GET Bucket versioning● Not end with a dash Returns the versioning state of a bucket.● Not contain dashes next to periods (e.g., "" and "my.-bucket" are invalid) GET /?versioning HTTP/1.1 Host: myBucket.s3.amazonaws.comNote: Although legacy bucket names can be up to 255 characters,include underscores, and end with a dash, they are notrecommended. PUT Bucket versioning Sets the versioning state of an existing bucket. PUT /?versioning HTTP/1.1 Host: bucket.s3.amazonaws.comREST Request Signature <VersioningConfiguration xmlns=" a signature by making an RFC2104 HMAC-SHA1 doc/2006-03-01/">of the following and converting it to Base64. <Status>Enabled</Status>Item Example </VersioningConfiguration>HTTP-Verb + "n" + GETn[Content-MD5] + "n" +[Content-Type] + "n" + 4gJE4saaMU4BqNR0kLY+lw==n or n image/jpegn or n DELETE Object versionIdDate + "n" + Tue, 6 Mar 2007 19:42:41 +0000n Removes a specific object version.[CanonicalizedAmzHeaders +/n] x-amz-acl:public-readn DELETE /my-third-image.jpg? x-amz-meta-checksum:crc32n[CanonicalizedResource] /mybucket/photos/lolcatz.jpg Host: versionId=<versionID>The content cannot contain whitespaces and n representsUnicode code point U+000A. GET Object versionId Returns a specific object version. GET /myObject?versionId=<versionID> Host: HEAD Object versionId Returns metadata of a specific object version. HEAD /myObject?versionId=<versionID> Host: PUT Object copy versionId Copies a specific object version. PUT /my-second-image.jpg HTTP/1.1 Host: Date: Wed, 28 Oct 2009 22:32:00 GMT x-amz-copy-source: /bucket/my- image.jpg?versionId=<versionID>