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SharePoint LMS Integration


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SharePoint, a very famous Microsoft’s platform for communications, collaboration and information management now integrates with Paradiso LMS. SharePoint is a great tool when it comes to the learning organizations and it represents a potential platform which, when blends with an LMS calls for a powerful product output. The best part? SharePoint has multiple options for integration that make it an ideal platform to blend with an existing Learning Management System (LMS).

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SharePoint LMS Integration

  1. 1. SharePoint LMS Integration Get in touch with us at OR Just dial +1 800 513 5902
  2. 2. To combine the content management capabilities of SharePoint and the training functionalities of an LMS into one powerful output. Why the Integration?
  3. 3. Reinventing the Way People Work Together! SharePoint LMS • Effortless creation, collaboration, sharing, organizing and managing of training made possible with the SharePoint LMS integration. • Deliver modern and effective training to the learners that they will find valuable. • Get the power of real-time analytics and reporting to track learner’s progress and the training program’s effectiveness.
  4. 4. SharePoint LMS Features Single Sign On (SSO) between SharePoint and LMS • Another fantastic feature of the SharePoint LMS integration where, if a user can log in to SharePoint, he will be automatically signed in to the LMS. • Gone are the days when you were needed to remember multiple usernames and passwords for logging into multiple platforms.
  5. 5. • Whenever a new user is created in SharePoint, the information automatically replicates and a new learner account gets created in the LMS. • In addition, whenever their are updates of the user registries in any one of the platform, the same registries in the other platform gets updated automatically. • This feature of the SharePoint LMS helps in reducing the errors associated with manual entry of data in two different portals. User Synchronization
  6. 6. • Creating documents and other content items in SharePoint is cinch and collaborating the same content with the LMS is cincher (…for the lack of a better word)! • So to say, no matter the data structure of the document, SharePoint LMS integration can handle it all. Content Creation and Collaboration
  7. 7. • Jump on to the LMS within SharePoint! • You don’t have to leave your SharePoint instance to access the LMS. • Simply click on the ‘LMS Tab’ that gets generated as soon as the integration materializes and before you know it, you’ll be in your LMS portal. LMS within SharePoint
  8. 8. • The training material available within SharePoint, can be easily accessed by the users in the LMS. • And, eventually as the learners take their learning sessions, the reporting can be done through SharePoint. • This seamless jibe of data between the two equally capable platforms is the actual beauty of the SharePoint LMS integration. SharePoint embedded within LMS
  9. 9.  Create, track and deliver training programs to the entire organization in a jiffy  HR department can use it for competency, skill and certification management  SharePoint LMS can be used as a substitution of the class room/online/hybrid trainings  Get up and running with this cost-effective integration within minutes  Save time by accessing customer training records from just one location  Minimal software license investment Benefits of SharePoint LMS Integration
  10. 10. That’s all Folks! You can get in touch with us at OR Just dial +1 800 513 5902 One of our LMS experts will get in touch with you within 2 business days.