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Transport Service Potential from Northern Europe to the Eastern Mediteranean

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  • Indeed, using information obtained from a survey of truckers using RO/RO services between Greece and Italy showed, that 11% of the respondents coming from Greece, declared, that they were empty; surprisingly though, also 8% outbound traffic was empty ....
    ANEK Italy (agent) information about space utilization to Greece 90%, from Greece 60% supports the assumption as well.
  • Paper, pulp and products: Sweden, Germany, Finland, Austria.
    Dairy products: Germany (and Austria).
    Wood: Sweden and Finland, Austria and Czech Republic (Poland and Germany).
    Power-generating equipment and road vehicles: Germany (and the Czech Republic).
    Cereals: Germany
  • Product mix from Greece (and countries of destination):
    Vegetables and fruit: Germany and Poland (Finland, Austria and Sweden).
    Chemicals: Germany and Sweden.
    Crude fertilizers and materials: Germany (and Austria).
    Metal ores and scrap: Germany and Poland.
    Cereals: Poland and Germany.
  • Inbound cargo: Cargo moving to Greece (Greek imports)
    Outbound cargo: Cargo moving from Greece to other parts of Europe (Greek exports)
  • Supporting the observation of little competition, see next chart (prices)
    Volumes 2008 (number of trailers) is an estimate based on ships capacities, utilization rates and 2008 schedules.
  • The planned opening of the highway is expected to lure business from Thessaloniki and from Turkey to Igoumenitsa. This development can be at the expense of Trieste.
    For existing lines (ANEK, MINOAN) it is conceivable that cargo to/from Igoumenitsa will crowd out cargo for Corfu.
  • Sonora both phases

    1. 1. Market Potential for RO/RO Services SONORA Local Action Plan
    2. 2. First Results , Conclusions and next steps RO/RO Services Greece/Adriatic/Baltic 1 Trade imbalances, economy, demand for transport services 2 Current RO/RO Services connecting Greece / Adriatic 3 Port of Venice - Special requirements 4 Key requirements of RO/RO customers 5 Consequences, conclusions, the way forward Page  2
    3. 3. Trade volume analysis To assess market potential for targeted transportation services SOURCES  EUROSTAT External Trade Database (COMEXT)  INTRASTAT figures obtained for EU27 countries in the years 2006-08. AREAS  Greece , the reporter country of exports & imports  Partner countries  Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic and Slovakia  Finland and Sweden  Poland, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. Page  3
    4. 4. Trade Imbalances between Greece and target markets in Central & Northern Europe Imbalances in trade flows are assumed to cause imbalances in transport capacity utilization (e.g. empty trips of equipment) and are therefore an indicator for available capacities in the opposite direction. Tons 1000000 Imports 2008 Exports 2008 Net imports 2008 800000 600000 400000 200000 0 -200000 Food and live Beverages and animals t obacco Crude mat erials, Mineral f uels, Animal and lubricant s and veget able oils, inedible, relat ed except f uels mat erials f at s and waxes Chemicals and Manuf act ured Machinery and Miscellaneous Commodit ies relat ed goods t ransport manuf act ured and product s, classif ied equipment art icles t ransact ions n.e.s. chief ly by mat erial Page  4 n.e.s. in SITC
    5. 5. Greece‘s top net imports Product categories (SITC rev. 3 level 2) ranked by 2008 net imports in tons Page  5
    6. 6. Share of Greek imports by partner country Identify major importers in product categories, with high imbalances … 1 Paper, paperboard and articles thereof 2 Dairy products 3 Cork and wood 4 Power-generating machinery and equipment 5 Cereals and cereal preparations 6 Road vehicles 7 Plastics in primary forms 8 Iron and steel 9 Vegetables and fruit 10 Cork and wood manufactures (excluding furniture) 0% Germany Page  6 Sweden Austria Finland Poland 20% Czech Republic 40% 60% Slovakia Estonia 80% Lithuania 100% Latvia
    7. 7. Greece‘s main exports by products & country Imbalances in trade flows are assumed to cause imbalances in transport capacity utilization (e.g. empty trips of equipment) and are therefore an indicator for available capacities in the opposite direction. 1Vegetables and fruit 2 Chemical materials and products 3 Crude fertilizers and crude minerals 4 Metalliferous ores and metal scrap 5 Cereals and cereal preparations 6 Iron and steel 7 Non-ferrous metals 8 Beverages 9 Confidential trade 1 Dairy products 0 0% Germany Page  7 Sweden Austria 20% Finland Poland 40% Czech Republic 60% Slovakia 80% Estonia Lithuania 100% Latvia
    8. 8. Market Potential for Baltic/Adriatic links Looking for demand for existing RO/RO transport services and planned train services between the Baltic & Venice, the focus will be on the following commodities Inbound Cargo  Paper, Wood, Furniture (Germany, Austria, Sweden, Finland) potential (Trade  Dairy Products (Germany, Austria)  Cork & Wood (Germany, Austria) Study) Outbound Cargo  Vegetables, Fruit (Germany, Poland up to Sweden) Potential (Trade  Cereals (Germany, Poland)  Chemicals, metal ores, scrap metals (Germany, Poland, Sweden) Study) Inbound RO/RO cargo (Interviews, ALPCHECK survey) Outbound RO/RO cargo (Interviews, ALPCHECK survey) Page  8  „General Cargo“ (49%), Food & Drinks (21%), Cars (5%), Furniture(3%)  Origins:Germany (43%), Netherlands (13%), Italy, Belgium (11%)  „General Cargo“ (20%), Food & Drinks (52%), Cars (4%), Furniture(2%)  Destinations: Germany (22%), Netherlands (16%), France, Spain (11%)
    9. 9. First Results , Conclusions and next steps RO/RO Services Greece/Adriatic/Baltic 1 Trade imbalances, economy, demand for transport services 2 Current RO/RO Services connecting Greece / Adriatic 3 Port of Venice - Special requirements 4 Key requirements of RO/RO customers 5 Consequences, conclusions, the way forward Page  9
    10. 10. RO/RO Services Adriatic/Greece MINOAN LINES SHIPPING S.A. Venice – Igoumenitsa – Patr Ancona - Patras ANEK LINES Venice – Patras  GRIMALDI GROUP  Venice – Pireos  HELLENIC SEAWAYS  Venice - Corinthe Page  10
    11. 11. Shipping Lines Adriatic – Greece RO/RO & RO-PAX market Grimaldi group controls Finnlines Grimaldi group owns over 85% of MINOAN 1 2 AX X RO--P A OP R O O RO//R c.)) RO R c. c ((una c una 3 Use the same IT Reservation system 4 AX X RO--P A OP R  GRIMALDI GROUP  MINOAN Lines  HELLENIC  ANEK  Team Shipping Agency Srl  EURO Agency srl  Schiavon Shipping  Anek Lines Italia  Venezia Terminal Passaggeri S.p.A.  Venezia Terminal Passaggeri S.p.A  35,000 trailes (2008)  Terminal Rinfuse Italia  Venezia Terminal Passaggeri S.p.A  AX X RO--P A RO P  20,000 trailers (2008) Consolidating shipping industry, very little competition Three out of four service passengers and accompanied traffic Page  11  12,200 trailers (2008)
    12. 12. Current prices for RO/RO Services Prices per trailer From Venice to Greece Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa So ANEK Lines (Patras) 725 714 727 725 725 903 725 Hellenic Seaways (Corinthos) 761 761 761 761 845 845 MINOAN Lines(Patras) 745 745 730 730 860 920 730 From Greece to Venice Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa So 739 739 739 739 739 739 739 ANEK Lines (Patras) Hellenic Seaways (Corinthos) MINOAN Lines(Patras) Page  12
    13. 13. Current schedules for RO/RO Services Weekly departure times fromVenice/Marghera to Patras/Corinthos/ Description Tu We ANEK Lines 19:00 19:00 Hellenic Seaways 18:00 MINOAN Lines Mo 17:00 Th Fr Sa So 12:00 12:00 18:00 14:00 17:00 14:00 17:00  ANEK Lines and MINOAN Lines:  RO - PAX ships depart from Venice: Venezia Terminal Passaggeri S.p.A.  Hellenic Seaways:  RO/RO ships departing from Marghera: Terminal Rinfuse Italia Page  13
    14. 14. Consolidated opinion of Venice shipping agents Placeholder for your own subheadline Customers of RO/RO services  Transporters, truckers, brokers and freight forwarders; prominent today are:  GARTNER, TRANSCAMION, KOMBIRAIL, ALMA Transport, LKW Walter, VEROSKI Requirements & Expectations  Sufficient space on vessels, Safety and Security, Guaranteed and reliable departures  Freshfood warehousing, reload facilities, tracking & tracing  Planned opening of road in 2009 between Thessaloniki and Igoumenitsa will change the market Concerns of shipping agents  Agreement with administration to use low-sulfur fuel to protect the lagoon‘s ecosystem results in higher fuel costs  Delays and high costs to use Malamocco to Marghera channel  Restrictions to access the port for safety reasons (strong winds) Page  14
    15. 15. Finding interested partners Course of actions performed by APV/Paradigma Alternative e-mail to chambers of commerce in target countries (Greece, Turkey, …) Send official APV letter to potential partners: Shipping agents, railroad operators, shippers, freight forwarders Step 1 Step 1 Step 2 Step 2 Personal meetings with interested respondents and other organizations (OEBB Board, WIENCONT, BMVIT) Page  15 Step 3 Step 3 Ask for support from SONORA partners (THW) Step 4 Step 4 Follow-up calls and emails to non-responses and additional potential partners Step 5 Step 5
    16. 16. Transport chain actors approached …  UPM-Kymmene  Rail Cargo Austria  Gartner KG  Mondi Group  PKP-Cargo (Poland)  Hoyer GmbH  W. Hamburger GmbH  Graz-Köflacher Eisenbahn  LKW Walter  Papierfabrik Rieger KG  OEKOMBI GmbH  Berger Logistik GmbH  REWE International AG  Raab-Oedenburger Eisenbahn  DHL Logistics GmbH  ASPIAG Management AG  Industrielogistik Linz  JCL Transport und Logistik Gmbh  Wiencont Management Ges.m.b.H. Page  16
    17. 17. Results of follup-up contacts Strong interest – active participation  INTERCONTAINER Austria, railroad operator, part of OEBB Holding.  Hoyer Gmbh, Freight Forwarder with chemical cargo from Ruhr to Greece & Turkey Interested Observers – potential customers  ARS Altmann: Railroad services for automotive sector  LKW Walter: Freight forwarder: Services between Rostock and the Eastern Med.  Spedition Gartner: Freight Forwarder, Services to Greece / Turkey  Schiavon Shipping: Agent for Hellenic Shipping Page  17 Not interested (no response or explicit rejection )  Hödlmayer, Graz Köflacher  Other destination and routes (Koper, Triest)  ILL and  Logistik Service (Logserv) and DHL  No significant volumes to/from the East.Med. WIENCONT, OEKOMBI  UMP, Mondigroup  No response, no clear position as of yet …
    18. 18. Observations and Experiences o Feedback to the letter sent was below expectations; personal contacts and persistent follow up with calls delivered the best results. o Attempts to involve industry representatives of exporting countries (Nordics, Germany, Austria, … ) in the Eastern Mediterranean countries in the search for shippers: Two chambers of commerce responded and offered their services for fee. o Freight forwarders and transport service providers are looking for alternative to existings routes; value not only freight cost benefits but consider total cost of door-to-door delivery. o Shippers (consigners, consignees) of major traded commodities have often outsourced their transport functions. o Railroad carriers (mostly still state owned) show only scant interest in the development of new transport services o Private operators who have already developed services are conscious not to cannibalize their current business. Page  18