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Skydive & surf 3.1

  1. 1. Skydive & Surf 20 days Camp
  2. 2. Something about us! Est. in 1991 and lead by a skydiving world record holder, Skydive Cuautla promotes and broadcast Skydiving as a very approachable sport with international standards of safety. 20 years in Puerto Escondido give us the experience needed to create this unique travel, learning and full of excitement event.
  4. 4. The Town! Puerto Escondido is built around a picturesque bay dotted with gigantic rock formations It has the most variety of hotels and the atmosphere is decidedly laid-back. Zicatela, a vibrant action-packed beach with a cosmopolitan atmosphere that attracts surfers skydivers and all kind of tourists from around the world. ! Come nightfall, it’s party time in Puerto Escondido, but there’s more than its awesome waves and vibrant nightlife. The area surrounding the bay has a wealth of natural wonders, birders can rent kayaks or motorboats to enjoy the mangrove forests of the Manialtepec Lagoon.
  5. 5. The Camp You will get to jump out of a plane and conquer the waves surrounded by this magnificent place and atmosphere. ! In this skydiving and surfing camp you will learn everything you need to know in an easy but efficient and safe but above it all fun way to became a Skydiver and surfer along with 20 days of sun and the magic that surrounds Puerto Escondido. !
  6. 6. Skydiving It's a modern, highly successful and fun skydiving course that is recognized all over the world. Our skydiving course is based on you completing 7 skydives whilst accompanied by expert instructors certified by ANPAD and USPA. ! You will receive ground training in basic skydiving procedures, free fall body position, canopy deployment, canopy control and safety routines. You will normally do your first actual skydive the following day. AFF (Accelerated Free Fall)
  7. 7. 7 levels Your first jump will typically be from 13,000 ft and you will be held on to by 2 instructors on the first 3 levels You will be required to respond to hand signals to adjust your body position, check your altimeter and practice deploying your parachute before deploying it for real! ! You will be talked down the ground under your parachute by one of our instructors using radio equipment. Your instructors will go over the skydive and examine the video with you and provide you with constructive feedback. Assuming they are happy with your progress you will then be briefed for the next level.
  8. 8. “A” license Once you have finished all 7 levels of the course, you will do 18 more skydives so you can achieve your “A” License valid worldwide, so now you will be able to choose where in the World would be your next Skydive!!! ! There are a series of licenses in skydiving, each allowing certain privileges to a jumper. Most national associations have as many as 3-5 license levels The “A” license is the first step, allowing you to fly “solo” at any drop zone around the world.
  9. 9. Surfing Warm water, sunshine, consistent waves and a great variety of surf spots all year round is just part of what you can expect in Puerto Escondido ! Our coaches aim to provide you with a fun & safe learning experience, where you can progress your surfing and leave satisfied with a noticeable improvement of your surfing.
  10. 10. Surf School 8 lessons on the classroom and 12 on lessons riding the waves where you will be taught everything you need to jump on a surf board with all the knowledge and the right attitude to conquer its famous waves. ! Our coaching methods include: ocean & surfing safety, on the beach technique practice, in water coaching and feedback, video analysis of your surfing, surfing/ ocean theory lessons, as well as providing the best surfing equipment for your level.
  11. 11. Outcome Learning objective: To stand and ride on a surfboard. This course is for absolute beginners and would like to learn the correct technique. ! Learning outcomes: Learn about surf conditions/safety (tides, wind, currents, swell, waves), paddling a surfboard, catching whitewater waves, standing on the surfboard, body position, technique, & balance. Board control & maintaining speed. Students who develop skills faster will also move onto catching unbroken/green waves. ! You will have plenty of fun guaranteed!
  12. 12. Spanish Lessons We believe the language spoken in a country is an important part of it’s culture. So if you really want to learn a language you should immerse yourself in the local culture such as surf and skydiving ! Mexico is the most populous Spanish- speaking country in the world and Puerto Escondido is the right place to learn Spanish abroad in the most effective and fun way. ! !
  13. 13. School The teaching staff school are their most important asset, with years of accumulated teaching experience. ! The learning environment also affects the learning process. Our Spanish language school offer small classes which allow you to constantly interact with your teacher. As a result, you will enjoy and learn more Spanish. ! Includes: ! 10 days course. 2 hours per class. Practical Conversation. Communicative grammar.
  14. 14. The Hostel Your home for the next 20 days in “Casa de las iguanas” is a unique place focused to conserve non- renewable energy, and support biological conservation, it combines engineering, ecology, economics, and natural sciences for the construction of aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems. ! 4 rooms with Bunk beds Natural Swimming Pool Restaurant
  15. 15. Flights: Estimated flight times to Puerto Escondido From Canada: *Toronto 5:10 hr. *Montreal 5:55 hr. *Vancouver 6:55 hr. ! From USA *Los Angeles 5:00 hr. *Houston 3:55 hr. *New York 5:35 hr. *Chicago 5:20 hr. *San Francisco 5:50 hr. ! *International connection at Mexico City Airport
  16. 16. Dates For your own convenience, we offer you the best options to fit your travel plans. we created 4 groups, scheduled as follows: ! Group 1 January 12 to February 2 2015 ! Group 2 January 19 to February 9 2015 ! Group 3 January 26 to February 16 2015 ! Group 4 February 2 to 23 2015 ! Maximum capacity per group 12
  17. 17. Price ! ! Accommodation 20 days ! AFF Skydiving Course 7 jumps 18 Skydives “A” License ! 20 Surf lessons 8 classroom lessons 12 sea practice lessons ! Every day Breakfast $4,500usd
  18. 18. Contact: