Social Media Overview for WCAA 2011


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Social Media Presentation developed for Western Classified Advertising Association 2011 on how to use Social Media to promote your business.

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  • I love to share thisgraphic with folks when talking about social media, because I think when most people talk about “Social Media” they picture Facebook, Twitter, Linked in, but in all honesty there are so many new and different things happening out there in the digital realm of “social Media”. Now when I show you this, I’m not trying to intimidate you or leave you dazed but I am trying to impress upon you that if you are not owning and participating in the Social Media space you’re missing out on a whole new realm of potential customers. My suggestion is to ensure that your Classifieds Department not only has a strategy on what I coin as “traditional” social media platforms, but ensure that you have at least someone on your team reviewing what else is out there and how your team can utilize what they find.Examples: Your team could use and promote Skype as a channel to connect with a sales rep….why not? Create a Skype account and set up a rep with a Video camera and engage customers that way. “We’ll take your ad over skype”Flickr- Your team could create a Flickr channel and post all your sales flyers as images on that sharing platform. Tell your customers about it…Want to know what the latest promotion is, check us out, access it from anywhere. And while it’s on Flikr- have your entire staff Tweet about that promotion and link to the sales piece on Flikr.
  • Social Media IS an acquisition ToolTell multiple stories to “sell” to like minded prospectsTell Stories that customers want to hear (Example; not about your Real Estate Guide, but how your RE Guide helped the Smith family find a home)Facebook is returned in over 27 million monthly searches and has over 800million users (157 million in USA) 1 in every 9 people on Earth is on Facebook, shouldn’t your company be there too?With Facebook you can build a database of customers, and we all know what you can do with a database- sell ‘em ads, email them, sell sponsorships to that email newsletter…..the list goes on right….
  • Seth Priebatsch of Scavngr: Believes the Game Layer is the next level of how our internet will serve people, and I tend to agree with him. He said that the last decade was the social layer, and this decade will be the game layer. Social Layer deals in connections. The Game Layer deals in influence.  It has the potential to be 10x more influential on our lives than the social layer.  Think about it Games get us to change our behavior……Why enter a contest? Why play a game….because of the rewards. Goes back to Customer AcquisitionLook at the Groupon theory.  What a success….It’s a game with 3 Mechanics:  Discounted Lunch, Communal Game Play, Countdown.Discounted Lunch:  Plays upon the players skepticism.  We see something too good to be true, so how could it be valid.  Groupon explains that there is a requirement.  It only happens when enough people buy it.  Communal Game Play.  "You need to hit 50 purchases for this to be triggered".  Engage the group Countdown: The 24 hour group consistently will create a spike in engagement! What can the game level do for your Classifieds?
  • Social Media Overview for WCAA 2011

    1. 1. Brandy Luscalzo-Stemen, <br />Emerging Media Product Manager | San Diego Union Tribune<br /><br />Twitter: @papr8tzi<br />619-742-7491<br />
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    3. 3. Facebook- WIN the “search”<br />One in every nine people on Earth is on Facebook<br />Use Facebook to get in front of Searchers<br />Use keywords on Facebook posts to “show” in Google/Bing/Yahoo searches<br />Ask for enrollment with welcome pages and populate your customer database with email addresses/data <br />People spend 700 billion minutes per month on Facebook<br />More than 2.5 million websites have integrated with Facebook<br />30 billion pieces of content is shared on Facebook each month<br />Statistics courtesy of<br />
    4. 4. Gamification is the next level in Social Media<br />53% of Facebook users play games<br />Engage Classified customers in contests, or special buying programs<br />Reward Feedback- “Share on Facebook, get more likes, win XXX”<br />Create an Advertiser loyalty program that drives them to buy more ads, use social media connections as a reward. Example: Link to their pages, tout their (human) story on your social outlets, etc<br />69% of Facebook gamers are women<br />50% of Facebook Logins are specifically to play games<br />210 minutes per month of Facebook game time per user<br />Statistics courtesy of Nick O’Neil on<br />
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    10. 10. What are your Social Media Objectives?<br />Social Media has overtaken porn as the #1 activity on the Web<br />Develop a Strategy and TELL your Managers, Staff and Customers about your Social Media efforts<br />Social Media must be a part of your sales campaigns, promotional and advertising platforms<br />Can’t be managed by just 1 person, involve your teams, make social everyone's responsibility<br />1 in 5 divorces are blamed on Facebook<br />What happens in Vegas stays on YouTube, Flickr, Twitter, Facebook…<br />Facebook tops Google for weekly traffic in the U.S.<br />Statistics courtesy of Erik Qualman on<br />