Immerse, Engage, Involve: Implementing a QR strategy


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Review how to implement QR codes within your business strategy. (Delivered at the Western Classified Advertising Association WCAA Conference 2011)

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  • In February 2011, comScore reported that US smartphone usage had grown by 60% in the previous 12 months, as the total number of Americans using smartphones rose to 63.2 million in 4Q 2010. The International Data Corporation says that the worldwide smartphone market is expected to grow by 49.2% in 2011Exact Target May 2011 survey: 89% of US online consumers age 15+ own a cell phone 41% own a smartphone (with email capabilities, web access, and other advanced functionality) 48% own a feature phone (typically limited to calling and text messaging) Just 11% don't own a cell phone
  • Prosper Mobile Insights, some 52.9% of smartphone owners say they use all the functions of their smartphone, saying that "It's my life." Another 30.4% say they use all the basic functions of their device, plus a few apps. And just 16.7% use their smartphones exclusively for calling, text messaging, and email.  People actually use their smartphones to make phone calls. In fact, calling is actually the most common smartphone use. 31% of consumers say they use their smartphones to make calls "constantly throughout the day," while 69% are making several phone calls each day. In total, 87% report making at least one call per day Women 18-24 are actually the least likely to use their smartphones for calling, only 56% say they make calls at least several times per day                        Texting Texting seems to be something of an "all or nothing" proposition, people who text tend to do so quite frequently, says the report.38% of consumers surveyed use their smartphone to text "constantly throughout the day," and 67% say they text at least several times per day. A total of 78% report texting at least once per dayOnly 6% report texting less than once a monthEmail is the third most common among smartphone activities.More than half of consumers (53%) use their smartphone to check email at least several times per day. 29% report they check email "constantly throughout the day," and a total of 66% check email at least once per day.Although teens are the least likely to check email on their smartphones, a majority still do so regularly. 20% of smartphone-owning teens report checking email throughout the day, 41% check email at least several times per day, and 65% check email at least once per day.Web browsing on-the-go is also a common activity among smartphone owners.18% of smartphone owners use their smartphones to browse the Internet "constantly throughout the day," and 58% do so at least once per day.Interestingly, web surfing is more common among 18-24 year olds than among their younger counterparts. This is likely due to the limitations placed on teens during the school day-it's much easier to sneak a text or check an email than browse your favorite website.Although ot as popular as the smartphone functions mentioned previously, Facebook is the only social media outlet used by a majority of smartphone owners on a daily basis.17% of those surveyed use their smartphones to check Facebook "constantly throughout the day," and 35% check Facebook at least several times a day. In total, 50% check Facebook at least daily.Both men and women check Facebook frequently-approximately two thirds of smartphone-owning men and women age 34 and under use their smartphones to check Facebook at least once per day.
  • QR bridges the gap between the real world and the digital world. This is your opportunity to take users beyond the print limitations and immerse them into the world of engagement, interaction and Involvement.
  • From Advertising Coupons, to Wild Vacation Giveaways, if you can dream it, it can be achieved. QR Codes are a fabulous way to extend the life and reach of static print messaging. I’m going to walk you through some examples of how QR codes can make your print material interactive and then share with you 3 simple steps to making your print material interactive.Here you can see that each of these samples create a new style of contest play allowingpeople to interact more closely with the brand, inspiring repeat traffic and brand loyalty instantaneously. Hold a contest. Deliver clues to a sweepstakes prize. Sponsor a giveaway with new entries every day to keep folks coming back.People love to win stuff, and mobile phones make entering contests and giveaways easier than ever. Think about adding a QR Code to your content or advertising that, when scanned, takes readers to a mobile website where they can enter a contest. Allure and Self magazines experienced record responses to their annual “free stuff” giveaways when they made Microsoft Tag the primary entry point; Allure’s contest received more than 400,000 scans, a 38 percent increase in entries over previous years.
  • Make your brand more modern and compelling to consumers by linking to rich digital content such as videos, reviews, enhanced product details, recipes…you name it. With a QR Code, you can tell your life story to the customer through their smartphone and make the sale while they’re standing in the aisle., or sitting at home on their sofa.Here you can see that RedPlum promoted their deals with a Microsoft tag allowing consumersto take advantage of the offers instantly. Macy’s used Jagtag to deliver special Christmas videos to consumers promoting their new holiday merchandise.
  • Make your brand more modern and compelling to consumers by linking to rich digital content such as videos, reviews, enhanced product details, recipes…you name it. With a QR Code, you can tell your life story to the customer through their smartphone and make the sale while they’re standing in the aisle., or sitting at home on their sofa.Here you can see that RedPlum promoted their deals with a Microsoft tag allowing consumersto take advantage of the offers instantly. Macy’s used Jagtag to deliver special Christmas videos to consumers promoting their new holiday merchandise.
  • Buying a car's a pretty big deal, but QR Codes can help reassure potential customers and move them toward a purchase by giving them info on their mobile phones – like detailed features, technical specs, color options, accessories, reviews, competitive analyses, “experience” videos, even Kelley Blue Book values. Even if your salespeople are busy, customers won’t walk away clueless, since they can access all the details on their own.Here are examples of using a QR Code on a auto to get specific information and an interactive Ford “showroom” that allows print readers to deepen the experience with the vehicle.
  • QR Codes can add depth to your content and brand your image as a forward-thinking company at the same time. Use QR Codes in features and news articles to lead to in-depth details, photo galleries, how-to videos, or post-publication updates. Because you can update the content at any time without changing the Tag, you can always offer the latest info. The San Diego Union Tribune used Microsoft Tag to create a deal of the week, and we kept the same print collateral and just redirected the tag each week to the new Service Deal.Here is a sample where Vans Warped Tour drove the sales cycle by linking product pieces to online details and purchase options where you could buy the digital song compilation by simply scanning the code. I’m sure they also gathered data that enabled them to recommend accessories and drive tickets sales for the next event.Some other things you can do with QR Codes: Link financial reports to real-time stock quotes, travel articles to destination videos and travel deals, and sports reports to player and team stats. Help customers find store locations with a Tag that takes them to an interactive map.Provide bios of company executives that detail their endeavors.Offer serial content to mobile readers. For example, a QR CODE in an article on golf tips could show videos of progressively challenging golf lessons. Each time the reader scans the QR Code, the device ID is recognized and opens a new lesson.
  • You’ve been Twittered, but have you been tagged? Here are examples of how we used Microsoft Tag to tap into social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and Linked in, expanding our audience and providing new opportunities to offer promotions, get feedback, and communicate directly with potential customers.This helps people find your social networks much easier, because as you know if you’ve tried to search for a page on Facebook, it’s not that easy without a direct URL or a QR code to help you navigate. We created a series of print ads and run them periodically throughout our paper, to promote what we’re doing in the social media space.Some other ways you could use QR codes socially: Run a non-profit/have charity events? Use QR Codes to make it easy for folks to make online donations and encourage friends to match them. Giving a presentation? Provide a Tag that links to a feedback page as well as your social sites. Have a restaurant or bar? Post a Tag on your storefront or inside and use it in conjunction with Foursquare or Groupon to drive customer traffic. Customers could share their location with friends to earn points and other rewards – for instance, you could offer a discount if customers bring in a certain number of friends during happy hour.
  • Printed materials are quickly outdated in the Internet age – unless they’re infused with a QR Code that connects to digital content that you can change anytime, so it never goes stale – keeping your subject matter current and compelling.During elections The San Diego Union Tribune used Microsoft Tags to keep readers up to date with the election results as they were coming in via our mobile site, where the reader could see the current poll standings and results, and link to related stories as well.The San Diego Union Tribune also developed interactive coupons that allowed consumers to scan a Microsoft Tag and receive the coupon & promotion code right on their handheld device, making it easy to go to the retailer without having to actually clip the physical coupon (although many redemptions were clipped as well as scanned)
  • A reader thumbs through a magazine or newspaper. Page after page of flat, static ads/content stare back. Except for one: yours. That’s because your ad/content has a QR Code– a stylish gateway to rich digital content. So while other companies focus on the same old, same old, you focus on sights, sounds, and a truly interactive experience that makes people remember your brand, revisit your content, and tell their friends.Here are samples where The San Diego Union Tribune pointed to interactive coupons and gave print readers the option to find Classified ads on their mobile device by scanning.USA Today featured photos of the day on your smartphone.
  • There's something about those musty yellow pages. Most people still prefer the look (and smell) of old-fashioned paper, despite the rise of e-readers. With QR Codes, you can provide robust content far beyond what a book can hold, adding deeper meaning to each chapter. QR Codes can link to audio, video, tutorials, podcasts, presentations and PDF files, online discussions, tips and techniques, and more.Computer and career books, not to mention textbooks, can quickly become obsolete. Not to worry with QR Codes – you can update the content behind it whenever you want, so the book is always up to date.Author bios are no longer relegated to the dust jacket – you can give them all the attention they deserve, linking to their websites or a mobile store where readers can buy their other works.You could even incorporate QR Codes linking to digital advertising as an additional revenue source.A book with QR Codes inside and out? Now that's a page-turner.
  • Great example of how promoting your product but taking it to the next level by giving you more than just a good product, but the ability and know how to use it.
  • These are just great simple advertisements with a call to action and simple messaging. I love how yum yum customized their Microsoft Tag.
  • These are just samples of how you can use QR codes on large scales, whether it be billboards or bus stop signage. Please do not scan a QR Code while driving!
  • Here is an example of how Forbes but a QR Code on their invoice allowing for instant mobile payments.
  • You can really get creative with samples, Use them in events, Edible business cards, decorate cupcakes at your next event, use them in printed signage etc.
  • I have heard rumor that someone has actually gotten a QR Code Tattoo….and although I wouldn’t recommend that, I would recommend using them in promotion matierials, T-Shirts, Name Tags, etc.
  • Anyone interested in the success of QR Codes must start thinking in terms of utility, giving the consumer something of value.I think one of the most obvious points of using QR codes is to drive incremental sales or give instantaneous access to the product or service being offered, a few examples might be directing the end customer to a mobile ordering system that allows mobile purchasing or perhaps leads the consumer to a discount coupon to be used at the time of check out whether that’s an in store or online purchase.
  • Everyone in the publishing business loves statistics, don’t’ we? I spend hours a week analyzing reports, reviewing data, and what I learn leads me to create better products, target markets, understand consumer behavior, uncover hidden opportunities……in many scenarios the one with the most statistical knowledge wins, and QR codes give you the ability to capture data behind the scenes-putting you on top….You can tell which offers/Deals are working the best, the location where the scan occurred….. For example some of the tags that the San Diego Union Tribune have run were monitored on Microsoft Tags Heat map showing where the location of the scan occurred, this gave us information to cross reference with consumer data from that area and put together a better profile of what type of San Diegan was interested in the product we were offering, and scanning the tags. We then went back to our target advertising list and made sure that the target clients matched the target consumers.
  • QR codes allow your clients to be the expert……They can create how to videos, informational guides, answer questions, create documentaries.For example- Real Estate Agents could create a video tour on their geographic area or specialty and by simply including a QR code in their print material linking to the video, add value by engaging, interacting and showcasing their knowledge and expertise with their subject.
  • Every company has a mission statement and goal, what better way for your clients to bring their brand to life but to…. Create employees in videos describing what they do and why they love their job? Feature a video of their CEO cleaning up the highway or beaches, promoting the brand as eco friendly? Showcase safety initiatives video, after all everyone wants to work in a safe, friendly environment All these branding videos can be accessible via a printed QR code.
  • Just like I mentioned in the beginning of my presentation about defining value- using a verb because Publishers are action takers….I’ll end with just one more thing. QR codes turn a static marketing piece into an interactive marketing piece with an appealing call to action. Consumers can quickly scan the barcode on any printed piece and be immediately taken to online content without having to type in a Web address. The codes are a great call-to-action that take advantage of the growth in consumersmartphone usage. It allows consumers to do something that people without smartphones can’t do which makes it even more appealing. Combining printand QR codes save time and money. Rather than having wait for a reply, consumers can take direct action to respond online in real time. This empowers the customers in how they can participate which makes them more likely to respond positively. Everyone likes having choices. The QR code provides a method of instantaneous, impulsive response taking a static marketing piece and making it interactive.
  • Microsoft Tag has some distinct advantages over QR Code (content paraphrased from multiplesources) -MS Tag can handle long URLs and allow for content to be dynamically changed. The creator of the Tag can control to which web page a Tag can be directed to. Tags can be one quarter the size of other two dimensional barcodes thus preserving precious real-estate on printed materialsSeamlessly works in Color or Black & White. Businesses can use their color logo.Designed to work with the limited capabilities of a typical camera phone.Enhanced Reed-Solomon error correction means Tags can still be read even if partially damaged.Optimized for both print and video display.On many phones can decode using a direct real-time camera video stream, you don’t even have to “click” to read the code.Tags are saved for later viewing and can be forwarded to someone else (no need to scan it again).MS Tag provides Analytics to publishers. The reporting data can help publishers tweak their campaign if required.
  • So how can you do this? I’ve broken it down into three simple steps. Develop a Workflow Process… Determine who will be creating the Tags, how the information about the scans will be delivered to the creator where the graphics will need to be delivered for printing.Training: Ensure that your users and creators understand the processes and the importance of using QR Codes to extend the reach of print and engage readers. Explain what the QR Codes are and where the customer can go to get the best experienceMarketing: Determine how this new product will be shared both internally and externally.
  • Immerse, Engage, Involve: Implementing a QR strategy

    1. 1. Immerse, Involve, Engage <br />How a QR strategy can add revenue, value, and enrichment to your print products<br />Scan the tag to import me into your mobile contacts<br />Get the App at<br />Brandy Stemen<br />Emerging Media Product Manager | San Diego Union Tribune<br /><br />@papr8tzi<br />619-293-1463<br />
    2. 2. Defining QR<br />QR codes enable a “Quick Response” from image to mobile device by using the camera to scan the image and issue a command based on what the QR code was programmed to do<br />QR codes can command the phone to deliver a web page, dial a phone number, upload a contact into the address book, or download an app<br />
    3. 3. Why is QR important?<br />
    4. 4. Why is QR important?<br />
    5. 5. What QR Means to Print<br />What if…<br />your print advertisements had the potential to link consumers to the digital world, where immediate needs could be gratified by instant information, purchases, specials and access right in the palm of their hands?<br />print advertising had the capability to link to real time information, such as Items that are on sale right now, or events happening at your advertisers tomorrow?<br />consumers could easily purchase products, enter contests, answer poll questionnaires or join your social networks using their mobile device right from the newspaper?<br />
    6. 6. Examples Of QR- Contests<br />QR Codes: Connecting the Physical World to the digital one<br />Promote Contests, Deals & special offers <br />
    7. 7. Examples Of QR- Real Estate<br />Promote Real Estate Tours and Videos<br />
    8. 8. Examples Of QR- Real Estate<br />
    9. 9. Examples Of QR- Real Estate<br /> Use QR for signage and promote in print as well<br />
    10. 10. Examples Of QR-Auto<br />Opening the door to a whole new world<br />
    11. 11. Examples Of QR-Auto<br />Create Special Offerings<br />
    12. 12. Examples Of QR-Auto<br />
    13. 13. Examples Of QR-Jobs<br />
    14. 14. Examples Of QR-Jobs<br />
    15. 15. Examples Of QR-Social<br />Start Social Conversations, Crowd Source<br />
    16. 16. Examples Of QR- Classified Coupons<br /> Develop Interactive Opportunities<br />
    17. 17. Examples Of QR- Misc <br />
    18. 18. Examples Of QR<br />Deliver more content & contact opportunities<br />
    19. 19. Examples Of QR<br /> Promote your use of QR Codes<br />
    20. 20. Examples Of QR<br /> Be the solution<br />
    21. 21. Examples Of QR<br /> Simple creative that speaks volumes<br />
    22. 22. Examples Of QR<br /> Curiosity, creates interest, go big<br />
    23. 23. Examples Of QR<br /> Include a QR code on invoices, allowing for payment, upgrades or subscriptions instantly<br />
    24. 24. Examples Of QR<br />Brand yourself<br />
    25. 25. Examples Of Printed QR<br />T-shirts, Stickers, & Tattoos- if you can print it: QR delivers<br />
    26. 26. Adding Value with QR Codes<br />SHOW Them The Money<br />Drive product sales for your clients via their mobile ordering systems<br />Secure reservations and event participation<br />Develop loyalty programs with discount offers or mobile coupons<br />
    27. 27. Adding Value with QR Codes<br />Everyone Wants a Piece of the Pie<br />Or at least to know: who made the pie, where it came from, how many ate it, where they ate it…..<br />Track specific statistics of a campaign<br />Gather data on client base of users<br />Geographic<br />Behavioral<br />Technological<br />
    28. 28. Adding Value with QR Codes<br />Be the Expert<br />How-to videos optimized for mobile screens (near limitless potential!!!!) <br />Links to FAQs, user groups, or instructional videos on technical documentation<br />
    29. 29. Adding Value with QR Codes<br />Promote the Brand<br />Companies to share their green message, history, certification, initiatives<br />Employees share why the company is the best place to work<br />
    30. 30. Adding Value with QR Codes<br />Calling for Action<br />Static Marketing Pieces become interactive marketing pieces with QR codes<br />QR codes provide a method of instantaneous, impulsive response<br />
    31. 31. Recommended Vendor<br />Microsoft Tags<br />Tag benefits over standard “QR Code” <br />Provides ENTIRE System-Code generator, reader and Reporting- FREE<br />Ability to redirect tag at any time- no need to generate another tag, just point it to a new url<br />Size of tag .78” versus QR standard 1.38”<br />Reporting- Heat Map, scanning stats, daily, monthly by category<br />Black/white , Color & Custom capability<br />
    32. 32. How to Implement a QR Strategy<br /> How can you make your print material interactive? It’s Easy….<br /> 1. Develop Workflow Processes<br /> 2. Implement Staff Training<br /> 3. Market Yourself (share your new capabilities with potential customers)<br />
    33. 33. Don’t make these mistakes<br />Too small to scan/Or skewed QR image!<br />Doesn’t point to a mobile website!<br />Not tracking if people are scanning!<br />No compelling offer or incentive to scan!<br />No clear instructions!<br />
    34. 34. Questions?<br />Scan the tag to import me into your mobile contacts<br />Get the App at<br />Brandy Stemen<br />Emerging Media Product Manager | San Diego Union Tribune<br /><br />@papr8tzi<br />619-293-1463<br />