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Shot List


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Shot List

  1. 1. Scene 1: Child in playground<br />Shot 1- Establishing shot of boy in park, long shot, red bus behind to establish that the location is London.<br />Shot 2- Long shot to medium shot of boy on swing. Using the cutting technique. Camera moving forwards.<br />Shot 3- Low angle close up of the boys facial expressions.<br />Shot 4- Panning from a diagonal view to reveal other swing.<br />Shot 5- Cut to close-up of Paperchain resting in hand.<br />Scene 2: Desk <br />Shot 1- Tracking forwards from behind character and desk. <br />Shot 2- Low angle medium shot of desk.<br />Shot 3- Over the shoulder shot of character starting to cut out a Paperchain. <br />Shot 4- Extreme close up of the organization of the stationary on the desk and him maneuvering it into perfection.<br />Shot 5- Cutting to him making the Paperchain at different angles<br />Shot 6- Close up of images of woman he has murdered.<br />Shot 7- Panning from desk to lamp<br />Shot 8- Close up of bulb of lamp<br />Scene 3: Hype Park<br />Shot 1- Medium shot of character walking into park<br />Shot 2- Behind character shot. Character is central. He walks away from camera to the lake <br />Shot 3- Panning the lake <br />Shot 4- Ground shot of feet moving towards lake. Close up. Panning.<br />Shot 5- Close up, from behind character. Character looks over shoulder.<br />Shot 6- Match/ellipsis shot. Of what the character is looking at. <br />Shot 7- POV shot of man bending down and looking into briefcase, pulls out Paperchain.<br />Shot8- Close up of Paperchain in hand.<br />Shot 9- Over the shoulder shot of character placing Paperchain into the lake.<br />Shot 10- Extreme close up of Paperchain drowning in lake.<br />Shot 11- Female jogger runs past. Camera tracks her. <br />Shot 12- Over the shoulder shot of man looking at her.<br />Shot 13- Medium/long shot of man walking after her calmly.<br />