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Artist research for blog 2


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Artist research for blog 2

  1. 1. Researching the branding and marketing of artists who are from a different genre… Slipknot Slipknot is an American heavy metal band formed in 1995. Slipknot are known largely by their attention-grabbing image, aggressive music style and their energetic and chaotic live shows. As of May 2010 Slipknot has sold over 14 million records worldwide. The band has released one live album and four DVDs, this shows us that their marketing technique relies heavily on the image they put across to the audience and it also depends on their performances on stage. The band is known for its attention-grabbing image; the members wear matching uniforms, have unique masks respectively and have aliases which are simply numbers. Vocalist Taylor had this to say when questioned about the masks in 2002: "it's our way of becoming more intimate with the music. It's a way for us to become unconscious of who we are and what we do outside of music. It's a way for us to kind of crawl inside it and be able to use it.” Slipknot has been the subject of many controversies throughout their career, both for their image and their music. The lyrical content of some of Slipknot's songs has been linked to several violent and criminal incidents. So by this we can see that Slipknot has gained maximum exposure through their own styling, using the masks for example, an image that many people who may not be fans of the band will consequently still recognise. Also, the controversy may have gained them some exposure, just as it did Marilyn Manson. We can see here that Slipknot is advertising for a niche market of consumers who will relate to their image, and their songs. Christina Aguilera Christina Aguilera is an example of a pop star whose image was completely marketed by the music industry. She even admitted herself that she was displeased with her lack of input in her music and image. After parting from her management, Aguilera took creative control over her second studio album, Stripped (2002). The album's second single, "Beautiful," was a commercial success and helped the album's commercial performance amidst controversy over Aguilera's image. The constant theme in Aguilera's music and lyrics is love, although she has written on other subjects including spirituality, female empowerment, and grief. Christina Aguilera has also used various products and endorsement deals in which to boost her recognition. Throughout her career Aguilera has endorsed several brands, including Skechers, Mercedes-Benz, Verizon Wireless, and soft drink giants Coca-Cola in 2001, and Pepsi in 2006. This is a usual pathway that pop singers will undertake in order to receive more exposure. Aguilera's fourth studio album Bionic (2010), which incorporated aspects of R&B, electropop, and synthpop, was met with mixed reviews and poor sales.