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Paper Bags


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Leisure Coast Packaging Supplies has been operating since 1995 at Warilla on the NSW south Coast. Over this time, the company has built a reputation as a reliable supplier of a broad range of quality food packaging and related products.

More recently we have focused on the need to make environmentally responsible choices and carry a comprehensive range of environmentally sustainable products. Wherever possible we purchase Australian Made products whilst remaining conscious of the cost to our customers.

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Paper Bags

  1. 1. PAPER BAGS
  2. 2. For the environmentally conscious people, employing a Paper bag rather then a plastic one is definitelyan incredibly good selection. For businesses and even companies utilizing Paper Bags as alternatives to plasticcarriers is an effective approach to advertise environmental preservation for the citizens. Making use of paperproduced carriers allows corporations efficiently market their particular brand to the general public too. Recent improvements in technologies have lead to the advancement in the production of papergoods, like Paper Bags. Now, paper produced items are much stronger as well as long-lasting. They can be bought indifferent stores and be used for a variety of reasons! Their uses vary from being durable bags of shoppingacquisitions to carrying promotional and even gift items. They also come in various patterns, figures and colours!Whatever reason you want to make use of a paper bag for, you can be assured that it is definitely not made frompoor as well as low quality materials.
  3. 3. Paper Bags, contrary to their plastic alternates, are earth-friendly. They are made out of 100% natural resources.Adding to that, the resources utilized in creating these products are easily replenished. For example, brown paperbags are actually produced from recycled paper bags, therefore there isnt any danger of harming mother earth bycutting down more trees.Businesses can benefit a lot from Paper Bags. By making use of these bags instead of the plastic procuts, you willnot only be giving a good picture of your organisation, but you will even give your customers with quality bags.Businesses can buy customized paper bags where theyll have the company brand, home address, store divisionsas well as contact numbers branded on it. Paper Bags such as these can also be one of the greatest ways forbusinesses in promoting their very own product without paying out so much.
  4. 4. Paper Bags at the same time are available a variety of styles. If youd like to give away giveaways or even companyoffers and need to win over your customers, don’t make use of cheap paper bags; rather you can use excellentPaper gift bags. You also have the option to make use of paper bags with handles, as they are more trendy.If you are interested in receiving Paper Bags on your company requirements, you shouldnt look further. LeisureCoast Packaging and supplies can provide you with that. Whether or not it be wholesale paper bags, wholesalebrown paper bags and / or discount paper bags, Leisure Coast Packaging and supplies provides everything for you.They have quality paper bags wholesale to their consumers through out Australia.