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Paper Bags


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Leisure Coast Packaging Supplies has been operating since 1995 at Warilla on the NSW south Coast. Over this time, the company has built a reputation as a reliable supplier of a broad range of quality food packaging and related products.

More recently we have focused on the need to make environmentally responsible choices and carry a comprehensive range of environmentally sustainable products. Wherever possible we purchase Australian Made products whilst remaining conscious of the cost to our customers.

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Paper Bags

  1. 1. Paper Bags
  2. 2. According to research, only five billion Paper Bags are employed each year in contrast to the 92 billion plasticbags that are used in supermarkets, shops and even malls. Each kinds of carriers impact the surroundings withtheir very own approaches. Yet, paper is recyclable so it has significantly less impact on the earth unlike plasticwhich takes roughly thousands of years until they break down. When you use a paper bag, youre actually helpingout limit the issue with pollution.
  3. 3. There exists reason why plastic-made bags possess a poor reputation. For starters, its going to take betweenthousands of years and even decades before this degrades. And also since it wont break down very easily, thisends up filling up our own landfills and even increasing the pollution. Paper Bags, however, decomposes fasteras well as a whole lot simpler. A lot of people complain that using paper created bags hurt mother earthbecause it demands trees in order to produce them. Then again, trees happen to be replenish-able hencetheres certainly hardly any harm made to the ecosystem. Adding to that, many paper suppliers have begangenerating recycled paper bags which are constructed from re-cycled paper.PAPER IS RECYCLABLE And even REUSABLEPaper Bags are often produced from around 35% recycled material. Paper made bags are composed of mainlyre-cycled paper or tree fibres. Which means they can be recycled all over again soon after use. You may also ripall these up into little pieces and then add these to your own compost pit.
  4. 4. Many businessmen have found Customized paper bags to be advantageous in terms of advertising and marketing.They could have their own company brand, logo and also motto imprinted on the exterior of these carriers. Asidefrom that they could include the company home address and other relevant details like phone numbers plus e-mail address on it. These kind of personalized bags are trendy as they definitely are available many colours, shapesand sizes.Paper Bags are actually much better than plastic-made carriers. If youd like to buy wholesale paperbags, wholesale brown paper bags and even discount paper bags, check out Leisure Coast Packaging and Supplies.When it comes to good quality paper created goods you can never get it wrong with this particular company. Theyoffer merely the very best quality paper bags wholesale in all of Australia.