Papaya webinar: leveraging lifecycle


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Leveraging games lifecycle to increase revenue & retention

There is no longer any argument that mobile games have shifted from Premium to Freemium business models.

However, there are few who understand how to deliver this model effectively.

In this Webinar Papaya Mobile's Oscar Clark will take a look at the
> different life stages of games and how developers can leverage this to increase the engagement and enjoyment for their players.

He will talk about how designers can predict the user-lifecycle stages of Discovery, Learning, Earning and Churning to get the most out of the flow of the game.

These are the design techniques employed by companies who have created mobile social games generating 15% conversion and ARPPDAU of $30+

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Papaya webinar: leveraging lifecycle

  1. 1.
  2. 2. Syllabus: Leveraging Lifecycle
  3. 3. Technology Adoption Lifecycle
  4. 4. Player Engagement Lifecycle
  5. 5. Syllabus: Leveraging Lifecycle
  6. 6. Delivering Discovery
  7. 7. Context Creates Anticipation
  8. 8. Permission to Play
  9. 9. First Time Nerves
  10. 10. Get A Second Date
  11. 11. Show some appreciation
  12. 12. No gamer is an island
  13. 13. Syllabus: Leveraging Lifecycle
  14. 14. Mind The Gap
  15. 15. Building Bridges
  16. 16. The First Crossing
  17. 17. Syllabus: Leveraging Lifecycle
  18. 18. Not Just A One Night Stand
  19. 19. Old Fashioned Service
  20. 20. In For The Long Run
  21. 21. Squeezing Every Drop
  22. 22. Everything ends
  23. 23. Syllabus: Leveraging Lifecycle
  24. 24. Social SDKSocialize your game and connect to millions ofengaged, active users1.Integrated social features2.Virtual currency3.Support major develop tools4.Language support
  25. 25. Social Game EngineA Cross-Platform Social Game Engine for Mobiles1.Integrated social features2.Virtual currency3.Script based language4.Advanced 2D graphics5.Cross platform6.Cloud server hosting7.Language support
  26. 26. Acquire new users at zero cost A cross-promotion network for Android developers in need of a cost-free solution to user acquisition• Open cross-promotion network for all developers• Flexible and seamless cross- promotion formats• Buy and sell excess traffic 100% commission-free• Fast track setup and free extra credits for every app
  27. 27. …Its all about love!
  28. 28. Any Questions? @AthanateusThank you :) @PapayaMobile