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Innovative system for autonomous charging of Road toll and parking fee.


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Innovative system for autonomous charging of Road toll and parking fee.

  1. 1. Futuregroups - FCOMNETInformation Communication Technology Consultants A Presentation on Pre-paid Vehicle Parking Charging using e-payment Technology over Wireless network P. Abraham Paul 69Kakkanad Lane, Pattom.P.O, Trivandrum, India, P.I.N 695004 Phone: 0471 2446644. E-mail:
  2. 2. SCOPEDevelop and Implement a Service Provision basedBusiness which benefit the Public, the Authoritiesand the Service Providers.This presentation contain:The Concept,the Technology, the Features and Advantagesthe Benefits for the Municipal Authorities,the Service Providers, the General Public,and the vast Business Potential; ofthis Innovative and first of its kind State-of-the-art systemfor Charging, Collection and Sharing of Car Parking feeon Pre-paid basis across the country using the lateste-Payment Technology over Wireless Network.
  3. 3. The concept.The proposed system is an application system using Intelligent Networkservers implemented over GSM network.Autonomous charging and collection of parking Charges is done by lateste-payment method..The system can be established owned / operated by:- the Municipal/Road Traffic Control Authority itself. They can establish, own and operate the system with revenue sharing or other arrangement with the GSM Service Provider /Network Operator.- the GSM operator/service provider on behalf of the Municipal/Road Traffic Control Authority on lease or revenue sharing basis.- an external Service Provider licensed to set up and provide facility on contract or lease or revenue sharing basis between them, the Municipal Authority, the Network Operator and owners of private parking areas.
  4. 4. Principle of operation (Schematic) GPS Satellite Vehicle owner s phone Main City Public Parking spaces Village Roads and parking areas Private Main City roads & Parking Core parking areas spaces system Sub Urban & Residence areasLFS IN ABS LFS Location Finder server IN Intelligent network system ABS Administration and Billing system Vehicle with GPR receiver device
  5. 5. One System for entire country One system for the entire country: A single Intelligent Network Server based ServiceProvider system established in one city can provide CarParking charging service in other Cities across the Country. This is achieved by routing the signaling from distantnetworks to the Intelligent network server in the maincentre. This way the facility could be leased out to otherMunicipal Authorities or can be run on revenue sharingbasis.
  6. 6. Exclusive Network Option.In Metropolitan cities like Mumbai and Delhi, it desirable to haveexclusive GSM system owned and run by the Government/ Municipalities.1. As a Support system for local governance and security needs.In addition to Control and Charging of Vehicle parking, thisexclusive network can be used with tremendous advantage forSecurity and control, Traffic management and internaladministrative telecom uses, in the normal situation and fordisaster management during emergency situation.2. As a Support system for Public Services and Other Value addedServices.It is also possible to implement and earn revenue from many othervalue added services over this network.
  7. 7. The TechnologyThe technology involve:A Wireless Telephony Application system using an exclusive Intelligent Network technology server enabled by high speed signaling between the system and the device in the vehicles, over GSM Network.Network elements involved:GSM Network: - Common GSM Network which provide coverage in the parking premises. - Standalone STP to route the signaling.Intelligent Network System: - Exclusive IN system comprising SSP and SCP for signal processing and charging. - Exclusive special purpose GSM mobile device in the vehicle.Parking Space Owners. - A server with GSM access with every Parking Space owner . - A Bluetooth device for checking of payment authorisation and fraud detection. - Additional GSM Micro cells for private parking spaces where necessary.
  8. 8. Inter workingSignaling:CCS7 signaling between GSM Network and;- Special purpose GSM Mobile device in the Car,- Intelligent Network Servers,- Servers of Car parking Premises owners.Signaling of the system is transparently transited through GSMNetwork with negligible extra load on telecom network.Bluetooth signaling:-Between exclusive device of inspecting /security person and mobile device in the car.
  9. 9. Benefits for the Parking Space Providers. Low overall investment and operation cost. No parking ticketing machines needed thereby:1. Saving on the parking machines costs and distributed maintenance costs.2. Transparent system: Less resources for operation, maintenance, administration and management.3. Centralized charging and pre-paid payment collection so no need of coin collection and accounting staff. More revenue: - No hassles of machine failures and so no revenue loss. - No intermediary. Direct income, means higher net earnings. - all vehicles parked in public places in towns and suburbs can be brought under charging net. So substantial increase in revenue - advance payment collection by automatic accounting under prepaid arrangement.
  10. 10. Benefits for the Parking Space Providers.(2) Flexible tariff plans and features.- Location based charging.- Occasion based charging.- Time dependant charging.- Monthly and annual charges.- More tariff plans based on many different criteria. Easy for checking by patrolling officials.- Less fraud, less litigation.- Discourages un-necessary occupation of public roads.
  11. 11. Benefits to the PublicNo Parking ticketing machines and so:No need to move away from the car to get the parking ticket.can initiate start and end of parking request from the Car itself.No searching for coins.No need of prepaid cards.No need to come to the parking place for extending Parking time.Automatic timing and Charging based on actual duration of parkingin terms of minutes and seconds.Convenience of Pre-paid Payment by with different recharging facility.Parking subscription can be used all over the country.Facility available during roaming in other places.Technology eliminate manual processes and shall bring down cost of parking.
  12. 12. Charging in Private parking spacesSpecial arrangement of charging for the Private Parking space providers. Identification of private parking space with exclusive code. Parking allowed only with parking space owners approval. Individual tariff plans and exclusive charging options for every parking space provider. Customer dependant charging. Revenue sharing facility with the GSM and Parking system Service providers. Payments gets debited directly to the parking providers account. Verification by parallel accounting with data collected on own servers. Provision for exclusive GSM cell sites in the parking lots.
  13. 13. Additional Advantages for GSM Operators.More revenue for GSM operators from: Inter connection network charges. More mobile subscriptions, Share of revenue with Parking Service Providers. Roaming charges. Revenue from Value added services.
  14. 14. Revenue Potential of Value Added ProductsThe system along with the mobile device can be used as normal mobile phone.In addition, other Value Added products/services can be developed and marketed using thesame application system and micro and macro e-payments technology:For example:- Taxi Fare Payment Collection and control. Road / Bridge toll payments. Control of traffic of vehicles in restricted routes, areas and spaces. Detached Mobile device can be used for access permission in restricted entry areas. Other Micro/Macro e-payments such as getting serviced from food and beverage vending machines, different ticket vending machines etc. Linked with external servers, many more value added services could be made available to the mobile device in the vehicle, such as: Interactive location based services, information of climate, traffic situation, and entertainments such as music, jokes, astrology, video, or live chat service to avoid monotony of solo driving.
  15. 15. The Business PotentialAssumptions:1. Parking in Cities and towns:a) 50% of the vehicle population are taken on the road during the day.b) Parking space is used by these vehicles for an average of 3 Hours a day.2. Idle parking in public roads: (other in main parking areas)(A nominal charge of 50 paise per hour during night and Re.1 cents per hour during day)a) 25% of the cars are parked on the public roads during night for 10 hours (8 PM to 6 PM)b) 10% of the cars are idle parked in public roads during day time for average of 10 hours3. Business revenue from every 1 million vehicle population per day:i). 3 hour Parking in Cities and towns charged at Rs. 2 per hour: 500000 x 2 x 4 = Rs. 40,00,000ii) 10 hours night parking in public roads at Re. 0.5 per hour: 250000 x 0.5 x 10 = Rs. 12,50,000iii) 10 hours day idle parking on public roads at Re.1 per hour 100000 x 1 x 10 = Rs. 10,00,000 -------------------Total revenue for one day: Rs. 62,50,000Annual revenue: Taking 90% for adjusting for low revenue on holidays + Rs.205,31,25,000 The business will generate an annual revenue of Rs.200 Crores from every million vehicle population. I.e. Rs.2000 per vehicle population. Revenue from other value added products and services will be equally substantial.
  16. 16. How to make this happen?1. Close understanding and cooperation is needed with GSM Service Provider:a) For routing the CC7 signaling of the parking related calls originated from their GSM mobile subscribers to Service Provider s IN system.b) For routing of signaling across different cities. May be done by a revenue sharing understanding with a GSM service provider.2. Special purpose GSM Mobile Device embedded application software.Tie up with Mobile Phone Maker to develop and supply the special purpose Mobiledevice with tamper proof Lamp unit with embedded application software for direct interworking to IN servers using advanced CC7 signaling and Blue tooth signaling.3. Intelligent Networking system.Tie up with the IN system suppliers to develop applications for Car ParkingPre-paid charging and other products.
  17. 17. Role of FuturegroupsWe provide, consultation and guidance and project support for: Business Planning and Business development. Educating the technical and product team the basic idea and working Coordination between various parties involved in the project. Survey, design, planning and engineering and drawing the specifications Billing and charging and payment collection methods. Defining and implementing the tariff plans. For collaboration of other cities and different Stake holders. Developing and implementing value added products.
  18. 18. FCOMNET -FuturegroupsContact detailsContact for a detailed presentation and discussion:P. Abraham Paul,Managing Partner,Futuregroups.comCurrent Address:No. 69, Kakkanad Lane,Pattom P.O, Trivandrum,India P.I.N 695004.Phone: 0471 2446644Mob: 9446326644E-mail: paul1438@gmail.comThe idea contained herein is free for any one to use. THANK YOU