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Papatong group


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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Papatong group

  1. 1. Reizandy Ramadhika My full name is Reizandy Ramadhika. You can call me Zandy. My birthday is on January First. My hobbies are playing basketball, video games, swimming, browsing and chatting. My email Next profile
  2. 2. Ahmad Yafie My full name is Ahmad Yafie Ibadurrahman. You can call me Yafie. My birthday is on February 3rd. My hobbies are reading and playing games. My email is ahmadyafie399@yahoo.c om Next Profile
  3. 3. KarinaArdianti M. My name is Karina Ardianti Muliana. You can call me Karina. I’m 12 years old. My hobby is drawing. My birthday is on April 29th. My email is Next Profile
  4. 4. NatasyaChandra S. My full name is Natasya Chandra Silaban. You can call me Natasya. My birthday is on June 14th . My Hobbies are Playing soccer, playing game, and reading comics. My email is Next Profile
  5. 5. Fadela Listi N. My name is Fadela Listi Nugraha. You can call me Fadela. I am 12 years old. My birthday is on September 15th. My hobby is swimming. My email is
  6. 6. It’s About Us, Thank You