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Papabogner Forward Festival Keynote

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Papabogner Forward Festival Keynote

  1. 1. figuring out the agency of the future papabogner forward festival
  2. 2. Content 1. About us
 A brief history of papabogner 2. The cool part
 „Figuring out the agency of the future“
 What we do,why we do it
 and the fact that it works 3. The odds of what we do
 Why change is hardest part papabogner
  3. 3. A brief history
 of papabogner. papabogner
  4. 4. Who we are & what we do papabogner is a creative
 consultancy for the digital age.
 We work for brands and 
 organizations that understand the
 power of purpose driven marketing. papabogner
  5. 5. As a company we are rooted 
 in digital marketing,journalism and a generation that disrupts and redefines everything about modern day consumerism and brand perception. We’re up for something new. papabogner
  6. 6. With 26 years of age,Philipp Papapostolu 
 has almost 10 years of experience working in digital and creative communications,
 working as creative director for agencies
 like Cheil worldwide or Vice. Philipp Papapostolu
 Co-Founder & Creative Director David Bogner has led and grown the digital presence of VICE in Austria for many years. Leaving the company as managing director and Head of Content. David Bogner
 Co-Founder & Head of Content papabogner © Daniel Gebhart de Koekkoek Hi.
  7. 7. papabogner
  8. 8. 1.Figuring out the agency of the future
 starts with papabogner the why
  9. 9. papabogner seriously,why would anyone launch an agency
 brand today?
  10. 10. papabogner A short summary:
 the crisis of brand communication.
  11. 11. papabogner While the world keeps
 changing,the marketing industry does not.
  12. 12. papabogner „The great
 killing spree.“
  13. 13. papabogner „Millennials
 are killing 
 Coca-Cola.“ The Observer, 2019
  14. 14. papabogner Millennials
 kill cars.* For e-mobility, shared Economy and car-free cities.
  15. 15. papabogner Victoria's Secret will close 
 53 stores as struggles mount 
 – CNN Business „Damn these angels and the image of women they represent.“ and Victoria
  16. 16. papabogner This is not the time to stick with the status quo.
  17. 17. papabogner This is not the time to stick with the status quo. And yet,it’s what our industry has been doing.
  18. 18. papabogner Stuck in an
 infinite loop of bullshit. Clients Agencies TVC’s Virals AD & CWs Creative Excellence ATL BTL
  19. 19. papabogner And it’s not really 
 meant to survive
 what’s next. Ad Agencies are like sloths on a
 pizza traveling through space:
 Slow and out of this world.
  20. 20. papabogner But then: Brands and companies still need help.
  21. 21. papabogner That’s where
 come in. New York Times, April 2019 „Accenture Is Buying Droga5“
  22. 22. papabogner “You can have the best advertising out there,but if the e-commerce is not good or the relationship with the customer and the experience isn’t great, then that’s irrelevant,” David Droga, New York Times
  23. 23. So what would make
 a next gen agency? 
 A whole new perspective. papabogner
  24. 24. papabogner Philipp Papapostolu and David Bogner are papabogner Design, Advertising, Creative Direction Journalism, Media, Content Marketing a creative consultancy for the digital age
  25. 25. 2.Prototyping papabogner a project
  26. 26. papabogner
  27. 27. papabogner
  28. 28. papabogner The result is Better,faster,
 more productive. + some awards
  29. 29. papabogner
  30. 30. papabogner
  31. 31. 3.The papabogner Odds
  32. 32. papabogner „The idea of papa-
 bogner is great work 
 and a good life.“ – Both Papapostolu and
 Bogner in December 2017.
  33. 33. papabogner 4-days work week No employees.
 No office.
 10 months of work, 2 months off.
 Ego free zone. The„greatworkgoodlife“
  34. 34. papabogner We want meaningful work, recognition and money. And this: 
 At the same time.
  35. 35. The „great work / good life“ 
 spectrum by papabogner €€€ JOINTS SUCCESS where the good life is TIME where
 we at
  36. 36. What if the agency of the future is the one that does not exist?
  37. 37. papabogner GmbH
 Högelmüllergasse 2/17-18
 AT-1050 Wien
 FN 485357 We’ll find out. Sign up!