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Didactic unit animals (corrected)


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Didactic unit animals (corrected)

  1. 1. Paola Urbizu & Ayelén Schneider Morales Didactic unit: Unit 4 “Animals” Expected level of English: Elementary level, 9-10 years old Objectives: To consolidate prior knowledge. To teach animal names and their physical characteristics and abilities. To provide children with oral input of English pronunciation. To create a cooperative and motivating atmosphere. Grammar: Receptive skill: Vocabulary: Present simple Articles a/an Can/can’t Listening to a song. Listening to words to learn pronunciation. Reading and listening to a short story. Animal names Vverbs (run, jump, swim, fly) Adjectives Pronunciation: Didactic unit Topic: Animals Productive skill: Oral production of sentences using present simple related to animal abilities. “It is a …” ,“It can jump”. Writing sentences using verbs related to the animals abilities. Pronunciation of the different animal names. Pronunciation of specific verbs and adjectives. Methodology: Functions: CLIL (Natural Sciences) PPP Project Suggestion: Are you going to work on a Project? Resources: Flashcards Handouts Songs/cd player To name animals. To describe some of the abilities of the animals and their physical appearance.