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The Competition

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The Competition

  1. 1. Nea Smyrni Livorno PROGETTO COMENIUS Agia Varvaras Villaviciosa de Odòn Vila Real Thisted Viversel
  2. 2. a.s.2007-08 Miti, leggende e fiabe Scuola secondaria di 1° “Giosuè Borsi” Classe 2N Livorno
  3. 4. Livorno In Italy lots of different fruits grow in every season of the year, but, as it’s a long, narrow country, there are different types of fruits in different places .
  4. 5. One day an apple, who grows in the north, said: I’m nice and juicy people can always find and buy me at the market during the year. I’m the fruit that truly represents Italy !
  5. 7. That’s not true, I’m coming from Sicily, I’m full of vitamins and protect people from colds and flu in the winter. I’m the King of Italy!
  6. 9. Hold an a minute.You’ve forgotten about us. We are red and sweet and bring in the good season. People would never want to stop eating us. We are the most beautiful and the tastiest of all fruits!
  7. 10. At the moment, as they were speaking, a water melon rolled slowly toward them. Every body laughed, because it was so funny, all fat and round,just like a ballon. I…..I want to be in the contest too!!
  8. 11. Ha..Ha…Haa!! But you can’t take part in it: you’re too heavy and clumsy, and anyway you haven’t got anything that represents our country .
  9. 12. That’s what you say! Cut a slice and you’ll see! !
  10. 13. So everybody did just that, and quickly realised that the water melon was right: as soon as they had cut a slice from it, they saw something they had never noticed before. The peel, green on the outside, became white inside… then there was the flesh, sweet and so red.  
  11. 14. But it looks just like our flag! Green, white and red: here is a fruit which has all the colours of our Italian flag!”
  12. 15. I’m the fruit that represents ITALY!
  13. 16. I’m the winner!!!
  14. 17. Scuola secondaria di 1° Grado ” Giosuè Borsi” Livorno Italy
  15. 18. Disegni Bacci Leandro Bani Federico D’Alessio Sara Di Liberto Laura Di Scala Roberta Sighenzi Mattia Tassara Camilla Voci Bacci Leandro Bogi Francesco Caluri Francesca Di Scala Roberta Ghelardi Francesca Mencacci Alessia Pascarella Vittorio Tassara Camilla Musica Vivaldi-Le quattro stagioni Consulenza linguistica Patrizia Salutij Montaggio Maria Bacci di Capaci