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MYagonism basketball analytics innovation -public-


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Public "Deck" about MYagonism project, a 360° software/hardware service for basketball coaches.

With MYagonism small budget coach gets big leagues capabilities.

Thanks to our innovative algorithms and analytics sports world can find real hidden-value of every player.

MYagonism has been selected by the NCAA for season 2016/17 and presented at the MIT Sloan Sports Analytics conference in 2016.

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MYagonism basketball analytics innovation -public-

  1. 1. advanced sports analytics democratization
  2. 2. 80% of coaches use pen & paper… NO TIME NO KNOWLEDGENO MONEY COACHES PROBLEMS Minor-club coaches have analytics and management issues…
  3. 3. SOLUTION Basketball analytics IN - A - BOX
  4. 4. Advanced sports analytics services where coaches can track, manage and analyze data & performance. SAVE TIME KNOWLEDGESAVE MONEY SOLUTION
  5. 5. VISION - Sports analytics democratization - the power of sports analytics to every coach in the world.
  6. 6. SOLUTION NCAA approved MIT selected Software/Hardware services
  7. 7. Assistant coach app free app instead of pen and paper to log private data during the game NCAA approved
  8. 8. Strength & Condition app professional app for trainers: track and analyze games/practice physical efforts and workloads.
  9. 9. wearable tracking First 3D tracker in Europe, 50 time per second tracking. Great for trainers and media partners of every club.
  10. 10. Analytics Platform The house of all data. For coaches, recruiters, players, journalists. Easy to use platform for advanced analytics (PROPRIETARY ALGORITHM that innovates the talent ranking). Small-budget users get big league capabilities. Share and analyze the talent into the sport business.
  11. 11. TECHNOLOGY – proprietary algorithms We are changing the paradigms of talent evaluation and definition of new players positions. MIT selected
  12. 12. Data POTENTIAL in a nutshell (year) 62 k Addressable teams 1 M Basketball Games 300 M Actions 4.5 B variables 950 k Players profiles 190 k Basketball Coach 6,000 Basketball Recruiters 50 M Unexploited active fans + 60 k Local media on sport
  13. 13. AFFORDABLE Big data, technical, PRO data analytics Non-professional data. Communities “for fun” EXPENSIVE Fitness personal apps info Fans/fun startups QSTC SPORTIQ COMPETITORS
  14. 14. 108 171 206 284 374 411 438 474 520 585 648 765 891 1158,3 50 107 178 211 374 523 564 604 745 893 959 1043 1324 1721,2 4Q13 1Q14 2Q14 3Q14 4Q14 1Q15 2Q15 3Q15 4Q15 1Q16 2Q16 3Q16 4Q16 EXP. 1Q17 teams games First marketing campaign started in 4Q15 09/1509/1409/13 03/14 03/15 1.721 374 1.158 games teams 03/16 09/16 GROWTH IN TIME 03/16 est.
  15. 15. 9 PRO Silver GROWTH IN TIME 5 PRO Gold 3k users +7,8% Average quarter growth ( dec/14 to dec/16 ) 50 Active teams 2016 18% 10% UNTIL 2016 800 k actions 1.3k games 12 M sports data
  16. 16. Influencers B usiness ambassadors > 1,000 teams from 40 countries OUR WORLD IN 2016 B = coaches or players already helping us
  17. 17. talk while watchingBasketball live PARTNERS We give to every club our fan engagement app to MONETIZE from their audience, enlarging the fan base thanks to a live-stats-streaming smartphone app. We love to look at value generation.
  18. 18. THE SERIOUS ONE SALES&PR GURU PRODUCT GENIUS Andrea Facchi Paolo Raineri Lorenzo Lanzieri Tullio Facchinetti ROCK STAR SOFT. ENGINEER COOCEOPROJ. MAN. CTO All with a strong expertise in their area. The dream team Law master degree at Bocconi Law School. Managerial background. Former basketball professional. Scientific background, sales & PRs expertise. Former basketball professional. Master in sport science. Engineer Professor at University of Pavia. Software / Hardware background.
  19. 19. 10 people average staff, actual €15k average monthly burn rate. The crew
  20. 20. Affordable coaching analytics that win We go mad for Sports data