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What are t
Linked Ope
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Linked Ope
and reuse. 
 A tool f
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Portals and 
How to wo
The Social G
Tool can be
The Social G
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Linked open
Access and r
Access and r
Managing En
Multiple SP...
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Linked Open Graph. Relations in a Click, browsing LODs


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Linked Open Graph ( , the LOG.DISIT.ORG tool and service) is a unified solution for problems and cases.
Linked Open Data, are complex structures to be understood if you just access to them for their exploitation and reuse.
• A tool for browsing LOD selecting relationships among URI elements and their attributes can be a solution for developer for data and knowledge engineers. Therefore, services that allow you to insert URI of LOD to navigate on their structure over multiple RDF stores and LD sources are very useful tools for shortening the development phase.
Portals and services need to cope with relationships among Users, Contents and external sources. Thus the users need to have a clear view about the relations among entities to better understand context at a glance, such as:
• Who has provided a given content: group, user, etc.; How a given content has been used by other users: promoted, played, uploaded, updated, etc.; Which are the geographical locations mentioned by a content, and where is located, may be connected with external geoname, and GPS coordinates; Which are the person names cited into a content: vip names related to dbPedia, users of the portals, other person names cited in many other content; Who has been contact with how, what they have done, etc. The users need to discover and navigate among these relations by selecting those of interest for each specific case.
For these cases the LOG.DISIT.ORG provides algorithms and tools to solve the problem dynamically showing the relationships and resolving connections. The Users can play with graph elements moving and zooming, turning on/off connections, searching, filtering and expanding, exploring and playing to see more information, exploiting connection with other RDF Stores, LOD/LD, et c. Social Graph is a simplified Linked Open Graph for social networks, and example of its usage is in

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Linked Open Graph. Relations in a Click, browsing LODs

  1. 1. Relation What are t Linked Ope problems an Linked Ope and reuse.   A tool f solution URI of L for shor Portals and  users need  glance, such  Who ha users: p a conte Which a other p done, e for each For these ca the relation turning  on/ information Open Graph How LOG.D The  LOG.D browsing th the RDF en kinds  of  no represent  e etc.) while  relations,  t Directed ed relation  no entity node Regarding t able to: sav to get a lin configuratio Embed  the Expand and case  the  g focused nod node; use t view; Hide/ that is prese this case, p node  is  add classical pag   ns in a C the problem n Graph (htt nd cases.   n Data, are c or browsing  n for develop LOD to navig rtening the d services nee to have a cle h as:   as provided a promoted, pl nt, and whe are the perso erson names etc. The users h specific cas ases the LOG nships and re /off  connec n, exploiting  h for social n DISIT.ORG ISIT.ORG  al he structure  tities. The g odes,  rectan entities  (con circular shap that  can  be dges connect ode  and  a  r e.   the user inte ve on cloud  k via email  on  and  sha e  graph  prod d Focus on a graph  is  cle de is shown  the Back but /show types  ented when  roviding all  ded  to  the  r gination use Click, bro ms addresse tp://log.disit. complex stru LOD selectin per for data a ate on their  development ed to cope w ear view abo a given conte layed, upload re is located on names cit s cited in ma s need to dis se.   G.DISIT.ORG  esolving con ctions,  searc connection  networks, an works lows  display and relation graph is mad ngular  shape ntent,  term ped nodes r e  exploded  t an entity n relation  nod eractions the graph config to recover t are  with  co duced  in  we n entity, in t eared  and  o with its rela tton to go b of relations t in a relation nodes could relation.  Clic d to present owsing/r ed by Linke .org , the LO uctures to be ng relationsh and knowled structure ov t phase.   with relations out the relati ent: group, u ded, updated , may be con ted into a co any other con scover and n provides alg nections. Th ching,  filteri with other R d example o ying  and  ns among  e of two  ed  nodes  s,  users,  epresent  or  not.  node to a  de  to  an  e User is  gurations  the same  lleagues;  eb  page;  his latter  only  the  ations; Open back to prev to reduce th n are presen  be infeasib cking  on  it  o  long lists in  represent ed Open Gra G.DISIT.ORG e understood hips among U dge engineer ver multiple  ships among  ons among e user, etc.; Ho d, etc.; Whic nnected with ntent: vip na ntent; Who h avigate amo orithms and e Users can  ing  and  exp RDF Stores, L of its usage is , that is the  ious states o e complexity t many node le thus a lim other  nodes HTML.  ting LD/L aph and So G tool and se d if you just a URI elements rs. Therefore RDF stores a Users, Cont entities to be ow a given co ch are the ge h external ge ames related has been con ong these rel  tools to solv play with gr panding,  ex LOD/LD, et  c s in www.ECL play of the  of the graph y of the grap es (e.g., the  mited numbe   are  added  LOD htt ocial Graph rvice) is a un access to the s and their at e, services th nd LD source ents and ext etter underst ontent has be eographical lo eoname, and d to dbPedia, ntact with ho ations by sel ve the proble raph elemen xploring  and c. Social Gra  page or cont h (e.g. after  ph. A special  content asso er of nodes i to  the  relat tp://log.d nified solutio em for their e ttributes can hat allow you es are very u ternal source tand context een used by  ocations me d GPS coordin , users of the ow, what the lecting those em dynamic nts moving a d  playing  to ph is a simp tent associat a focus); Zo node is the  ociated with s provided a tion  in  a  wa on for  exploitation  n be a  u to insert  useful tools  es. Thus the  t at a  other  ntioned by  nates;  e portals,  ey have  e of interest  ally showing nd zooming, o  see  more lified Linked ted with the oom/Pan the 'More' node a group). In and a 'more' ay  similar  to g  ,  e  d  e  e  e  n  '  o 
  2. 2. How to wo The Social G Tool can be The Social G minutes of w Linked open Access and r Access and r Managing En Multiple SPA Making keyw Inspecting  e Showing rela globally  Representing Discovering  and queries  Discovering / relation , or  Expand all re Close all rela Closing / hid Counting nu “sameAs” m Blank nodes  Undo action Save and Loa Share and co Re‐layouting Focusing on  Zooming the Centering th Panning the  URI attribute Map allocati URL to resou Open play re Representing Web based t Embed in we Graph Invok Connecting a OD cloud  Notes on us The  Linked  O Sentient  Mu mentioned  (http://pro.e According to interacted w at a recomm and then to  since the soc Contact: P DISIT Lab: D DINFO: Dipa Università de Via S. Marta, http://www.d ork with Graph consis e easily interf Graph catego work.  n graph feat Access and Q rendering of LD  rendering URI fro ntry Points with d ARQL entry points word based query entry point for se Relationships v ationships, turnin g relationships (m inbound/outbou /searching single samples  elationships  ationships, close s ing the single ent mber of element anagement  rendering  General Manip s performed, “ba ad LOD graphs  ollaborative LOD  g the graph  an URI  e graph  he graph  graph with mous URI Deta es (showing info o on of URI  urces  esources  g entities  Non Functi tool  eb pages of third  ed by URL  and browsing mu ser advantag Open  Graph  ultimedia  Netw as  a  valuab o the user’s in with the social  mendation, to  see the More cial graph was Paolo Nesi Distributed Dat rtimento di In egli Studi di Fir 3 - 50139 Fir disit.dinfo.unif ts of a Drupa faced with R ories of node ure Query m SPARQL entry  different URL in U s  y  arching classes  vs entities  ng on/off, singula managing comple nd relationships, e element from 1 single relationshi tity  ts  pulation  ack”  graphs se/finger  ails  or an URI)  ional party service: EC ultiple  RDF stores ges is  presently  u work  portal.  ble  tool  by  /web/guest/t nteraction ana graph. The m see the cont e related con s activated.  ta Intelligence gegneria dell' renze – Schoo renze, ITALY al Module pr EST call to an es and relatio point  URI.   rly or  exity)  URI  :N  p  CLAP  s in  used  as  Socia The Social  Gr Europeana  T houghtlab/ne alysis of the so most requested ent of other  tent (18%), th e and Technolo Informazione ol of Engineer roviding info ny other por onships can  al  Graph  on  t raph  is  also  u ThoughtLab  ew‐ways‐of‐se ocial graph an d operation h users), then t he Focus ope ogy Lab ring ormation to a rtal according be easily exp he  Home  pag used  as  admi page  on  ne earching‐and‐ nd of the who has been to O to Expand a n eration is at a E-m Off Ce DIS a client tool.  g to the prot pended and c ge  of  http://w nistrator  tool w  ways  of  browsing#Soc ole portal, the pen a node (4 node (29%, m bout 10% on  mail: fice: +39-055- ll: +39-335-56 SIT Lab: +39- Fax.: +39 The Social G tocol defined customized w www.ECLAP.E l  in  APRETosc searching  a cialGraph ).   e 5.8% of the  43%, for exam mainly a media  the operatio -2758 515 66-86-74 -055-2758517 9-055-2758570 Graph Client  d.   with few  EU  and  in  the  it is nd  browsing unique users mple to access a object 17%) ons requested 7 /516 0 e  s  g  s  s  )  d