DISIT lab and research group, 2015-2016 overview for the next calls


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DISIT lab and research group is one of the most active ICT labs of the University of Florence, metropolitan Tuscany area. DISIT successfully developed a relevant number of International and National research, development and innovation projects. DISIT has coordinated a number of large EC projects, in others has covered the role of partner performing research, development and innovation. DISIT has received a relevant number of awards and is directly involved in top level international conferences. DISIT provides an infrastructure for cloud and distributed computing.
DISIT lab develops original solutions in RIA project as well as solutions grounded on available DISIT tools for specified TRL for IA, innovation action projects.
DISIT research areas: big data, semantic models and computing, knowledge mining and representation, artificial intelligence, natural language processing, distributed systems, high performance, content and data licensing and protection, ontology modelling, formal models, metrics definition and assessment, data mining and understanding, digital rights management and conditional access.
DISIT Techniques: data analytic, clustering, indexing and search, link discovering, regression, holistic regression, machine learning, prediction, inference, deduction, recognition, disambiguation, prediction.
DISIT solutions for: smart city, user behaviour analysis, recommendation, multilingual and cross media indexing, user and collective profiling, indoor/outdoor navigation, media synchronisation, matchmaking, decision support, sentient and autonomous agents and tools, open data, linked open data, audio transcoding.

See DISIT: ontologies and models http://log.disit.org, Publications: http://www.disit.org/5487
Tools: http://www.disit.org/5489, open source on GitHub and on DISIT portal.

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DISIT lab and research group, 2015-2016 overview for the next calls

  1. 1. DISIT lab a Florence, me Internationa coordinated performing r of awards an infrastructur DISIT lab d specified TR DISIT rese artificial inte licensing and and underst DISIT Tech regression, m DISIT solu indexing, us decision sup See DISIT: o Tools: http: DISIT com Please visit D Big Data, d  mas mod  noS ded  data min  big  lear ana dete  reas spac Smart City http://www  Sma  OD algo  data harv  data licen  ded  sens  indo Eme  Flor http://w and researc etropolitan T al and Nation a number of research, dev nd is directly re for cloud a develops orig RL for IA, inn earch areas elligence, nat d protection, tanding, digit hniques: da machine lear utions for: s ser and collec pport, sentien ontologies an ://www.dis mmitment DISIT web s data analyti ssive and par dels and tool QL distribute uction, multi a analytics, c ing, data fus data structur ning algorith lytics, patter ection soners for: te ce, etc. y models an w.disit.org/km art City mode and LOD: cr orithms, reas a mining, dat vesting sched a protection nsing ucting and le sors network oor/outdoor n ergency http rence data se www.d ch group is Tuscany area nal research, f large EC pr velopment a y involved in and distribut ginal solution ovation actio : big data, s tural languag , ontology m tal rights ma ata analytic, c rning, predic smart city, us ctive profiling nt and auton nd models h sit.org/548 for the next ite for additi ics: rallel comput s ed RDF store iple custom i causality vs c sion and reco re and tools hms and met rn recognition emporal, spa nd applicatio m4city  els, tools, en awling, rend soners ta fusion and duling and property earning meth ks, internet o navigation sy ://www.disit et: see http:/ isit.din one of the m a. DISIT succ developmen rojects, in oth nd innovatio top level inte ed computin ns in RIA pro on projects. semantic mo ge processing odelling, form nagement an clustering, in tion, inferenc ser behaviou g, indoor/out nomous agen ttp://log.d 89, open sou t European onal info, rep ting for big d es for big dat ndexes for R correlation, d onciliation for smart cit thods for dat n, prediction atial, natural ons:  gine and rea ering, link di d reconciliatio y manageme hods for data of things ystems: Mob .org/5501 //LOG.disit.o nfo.uni most active I cessfully deve nt and innova hers has cov on. DISIT has ernational co ng. oject as well odels and com g, distributed mal models, nd conditiona ndexing and s ce, deductio r analysis, re tdoor naviga nts and tools, disit.org, Pu urce on GitHu Commissio ports and pu data: ta RDF stores data ty ta , condition language, asoners iscovering, on, data ent and a analytics bile rg and http:/ fi.it CT labs of th eloped a rele ation project vered the role s received a onferences. D as solutions mputing, kno d systems, h metrics defi al access. search, link d n, recognitio ecommendat tion, media s , open data, blications: h ub and on DI on Calls are ublications. //Servicemap http: he University evant numbe s. DISIT has e of partner relevant num DISIT provid grounded on owledge mini igh performa nition and as discovering, on, disambigu ion, multiling synchronisat linked open ttp://www ISIT portal. reported bel p.disit.org //www.d y of er of s mber es an n available D ing and repre ance, conten ssessment, d regression, h uation, predi gual and cros tion, matchm data, audio w.disit.org/ low. disit.org/k DISIT tools fo esentation, t and data data mining holistic ction. ss media making, transcoding. 5487 km4city or .
  2. 2. Smart clou  Sma  Clou reso  Dyn  Clou  Clou heri  Clou  Clou Collective A  Soci sugg  Scal http  Ope http  Onto com  mat  app  natu proc med  inte Creative in  med http  reco  cros  cros http  inte  colla  mob  natu und Examples  Service app. Ge interest, http://se  Smart D objective dashboa  Geores Mobility  Dates d identifyi docume (see htt  CoSKOS manage http://o languag ud: art cloud eng ud simulation ources, config namic Service ud optimizati ud applicatio tage, knowle ud and big da ud interopera Awareness ial media too gestions and lable social m p://www.disit en data and l p://Servicema ologies for co mpetences, tchmaking (s lications on: ural language cessing, com dia analysis. llectual prop ndustry, cre dia computin p://www.disit ording experi ss media agg ss media mu p://www.disit lligent cross aborative wo bile and table ural language erstanding s of DISIT e Map: smar oreasoning o , forecast, pa ervicemap.di Decision su e views on d ards, system solution and : http://www disambigua ng, mining a ents, navigati p://www.ecl SAM: Collab ement, autom penmind.dis es: English, gine, http://w n, verification guration, sca e Level Agree on tools for ns for: educa edge manage ata computin ability and fe s Platforms: ols and platfo d recommend media platfor t.org/5699 inked open d ap.disit.org ollective com see APRETosc mobile, sma e processing mments unde perty right mo eativity, eLe g, non linear t.org/5502 iences: navig gregation, pla ltilingual inde t.org/5636 media conte ork models an et tools for le e processing tools, see rt city develo of knowledge arking status isit.org upport syste decision supp thinking (htt d navigation: w.disit.org/5 ation and Ti and disambig on in tempo ap.eu/17759 borative tool mated produc it.org), Natu Italian, Germ www.disit.org n and validat aling, migrati ements for c resources, cl ation, busine ement ng integratio ederation : orms, Collect dations rms, LOD for data: tools (h ), algorithm mmunities, kn cana), crowd art TV, tables algorithms a rstanding, af odels and too earning: r story playe gation, collab ay lists and c exing and ret ent http://ww nd tools: mo earning and tools, for so http://ww opment tools e in the city: s, bus status, em: integrat port trees, Ba tp://smartds geo location 5478 ,   http:/ ime Line Na guating dates ral line 96) for SKOS and ction of onto ral Language man, Spanish g/5604 tion of ion, etc. loud loud monitor ess, cultural n tive profiling r cultural her http://LOG.d and reasone nowledge an d sourcing s, etc. and tools for ffective analy ols: see IPR r, MyStoryPla boration, etc courses etrieval ww.disit.org/ obile, smart T impaired peo ocial media, b ww.disit.o for web and mobility, po , etc. ting subjectiv ayesian supp s.disit.org ) n, LOD, etc. //servicemap avigator too s contained i d ontology ologies (see e processing h, Francoise ring computing, ritage disit.org , ers d r profile ysis, social wizard and m ayer tool . 5667 TV, etc. ople blog, and hu org/5489 f d mobile oint of ve and port, see Sii- p.disit.org ol for n textual Sm model, http:/ man discuss for more a My art Cloud S Sma //www.disit.o sion analysis nd TRL www.ec yStoryPlay Engine & m Service M art Decisi org/5509 and clap.eu yer monitoring ap ion Supp. g
  3. 3.  Twitter vigilance situation competi  Data In processi real time (http://w  RDF In verificat  Multim social m Europea cultural  VIP Na and Man synonym vip nam  Linked browsing Europea  Origin D GPS, spe traffic flo  XMedia search a algorithm and con similarit (http://w  MatchM match fr http://w  IPR Wi data and rights on http://w  Mobile moving interven (http://w  Smart C  Smart C SC r Vigilance: e, sentiment n, participato tive analysis ngestion Ma ing managem e data, recon www.disit.or dexing Man tion and valid edia Crawl media portals ana, a tool fo institutions. me Extract nager to cop mous manag es, user nam Open Grap g, and aggre ana, geonam Destination ecific mobile ow assessme aCBIR Conte and recomme ms integratin tent descript ies and retrie www.disit.or Making to su rom offers an www.apretosc zard assistiv d content lice ntologies and www.eclap.eu Emergency on maintena ntion manage www.disit.or City App: ht Cloud Engin CE, DIM a Social medi analysis, pre ory assessme , etc. (http:/ anager, DIM ment tool, op nciliation, int g/6732 ) nager, RIM dation (http:/ er to search as VIMEO a or the creativ (see http:// tor, recogni e with name ement, creat mes, etc. (see ph, LOG, con egation. Appl es, Sii-Mobil n Matrix: es application ent (http://w ent Based In endation ng both textu tors for eval algorithm g/5484 ) upport the nd demands cana.org/522 ve tools for I ensing and p d relationship u/4021) y: indoor and ance and em ement, Apple g/5501) ttp://www.d ne, SCE: htt and RIM a Vigilance, edictions, de ent, opinion l //www.disit.o M: data inge pen and priva tegration and : RDF store v //www.disit.o and mining nd aggregato ve industry, f /www.eclap.e ition, link d es recognition ting links wit e http://www nnecting LOD lied on data ity, etc. http stimation of O for OD estim www.disit.org formation Re ual ms 21 IPR permission se ps (see d outdoor na ergency cond e Store. isit.org/km4c tp://www.dis C S blog and twi etection of cr leaders, influ org/tv ) estion paralle ate data, sta d update, sca versioning, R org/6708 ) media conte ors connecte for teachers, eu/177627) discovering, n and identif th dbpedia, g w.eclap.eu/1 D/LD, mining of dbPedia, p://log.disit.o OD math via mation, peopl g/6694 ) etrieval for p etting accord avigation too ditions autom city sit.org/6715 CBIR Smart Cit tter itical uences, el tic and alability. RDF ent from ed to and , Resolver fication, geonames, 77605) g & org WiFi and le and producing ding to ls for mated ty App Mobile E Open Linked Tw Origin D Emergenc nmind.dis Open Gra witter Vig Destinatio Dashbo cy it.org aph ilance on Mat oards
  4. 4. Km4City f Other refe Smart City  REPLIC  RESOLU  Sii-Mob  Coll@b Knowledge English, G  OSIM (  SACVAR Smart Clou behaviou  ICARO Social med semantic  ECLAP Train Cont  TRACE-  RAISSS  TESYSR DISIT Inf DISIT Lab, D DISIT has g knowledge.c Contact Paolo Nesi, DISIT Lab, D Università d Via S. Marta http://www. Ver 3.6.doc framework erences of y, resilience CATE SCC1: UTE DRS7: bility (http:/ ora (http://w e mining an German, Fra http://openm R (http://ww ud computi ur, verificatio Smart Clou dia, social s c computing, social netwo rol Systems -IT autonom S interlocking RAIL train si frastructur DISIT Cloud enerated Eff com DINFO: Dipa egli Studi di a, 3 - 50139 F .disit.dinfo.u k for smar f DISIT pro e, data and (http://ww (http://www //www.sii-mo www.disit.or nd semantic nce; indexin mind.disit.org ww.disit.org/5 ng, cloud au n of configur ud project (h emantic to cross media ork and tools s projects on mous drivers g, verification ignal control res and Fa and data ce fective Kno @ rtimento di I Firenze - Sch Firenze, ITAL nifi.it , http t city, http ojects, htt tools w.disit.org/6 w.resolute‐e obility.org) o g/5479) on s c reasoners g, querying, g), commun 5483), mass utomation an ration consis http://www. ols, cultural a recommend for performi n formal met for high spee n and validat system, high cilities nter owledge sta @paolonesi Ingegneria d hool of Engin LY p://www.disi p://www. tp://www 6778 ) smart eu.org) resilie n transport s support for f s, semantic c similarity, m nity knowledg ive big data nd intelligenc stencies, pred disit.org/548 heritage ope dations, data ing arts (http thods ERTMS ed trains and tion, logic rea h speed train art up of the dell'Informazi neering it.org disit.org/k .disit.org/ t city project ence for tran systems serv family with d computing; n matchmaking ge mining an crawling and ce, monitorin diction of crit 82  ) en data and a mining, tec p://www.ecla S, CBTC: d metro (http asoners (htt n (http://ww e University o ione E-m Offic Cell: DISI km4city 5501 : ICT, mobilit sport system vices, open d isables and d natural langu , reasoning i nd understan d competenc g and reason tical cases, e LOD, social n hnology adva ap.eu ); p://www.disi tp://www.dis w.disit.org/5 of Florence, h ail: paolo.ne ce: +39-055- : +39-335 IT Lab: +39- Fax.: +39 ty, energy ms in the city data, smart c data protecti uage process in time and s nding ce matchmak ning about c etc. network, soc anced learni it.org/5485), sit.org/5481) 5530) http://www.e esi@unifi.it -2758515 5-566-86-74 -055-275851 9-055-275857 y ity engine on. ing in Italian space. king loud cial media, ng, e-learnin ), effective- 17 / 516 70 n, ng: