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Background of literature in italy ( 1971 El Decameron)


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Background of literature in italy ( 1971 El Decameron)

  1. 1. Background of Literaturein Italy
  2. 2. Literature in Italy Italy is in many ways viewed as the cradle of westerncivilisation. It comes as no surprise then that Italy has avastly rich history of which literature has always been animportant part throughout the ages. Here we’vehighlighted some of the most important contributors toliterature in Italy according to different literary periods.
  3. 3. Classical Italian literature Ancient Rome was the military and cultural centre of theworld for centuries. Literature was a well developeddiscipline in Italy during Roman times producing severalclassical works of literature that are still read today. It isamazing to think that such great works of literature werewritten in Italy as far back as 800BC. Some of thebiggest names in Italian literature from this periodinclude Horace, Virgil, Livy and Ovid. Perhaps the singlemost memorable piece of literature to come out of Italyfrom this time was Aenid written by Virgil. This piece ofliterature from Italy can be viewed as the forefather ofmany great heroic epics, and involves the protagonist ofthe story escaping from Troy and eventually becomingthe leader of Rome.
  4. 4. Literature in the Italianlanguage Although the above mentioned classical literature was allwritten in Italy by Italians, the Romans used to speakand write in Latin. The first noteworthy examples ofliterature from Italy written in the Italian language dateback to the 13th and 14th centuries. Among the verybest of names in Italian literature from this period isDante Alighieri who wrote the divine comedy. This pieceof literature is still widely read today and involves a tripthrough heaven and hell. Other significant names inliterature in Italy from the same period includeFrancesco Petrarza and Giovanni Boccaccio.
  5. 5. Renaissance literature in Italy Although the renaissance is rightly credited as the re birthof culture in Europe, it is strange to note that relatively fewadvances took place in the field of literature in Italy at thistime. The renaissance in Italy was more about art andarchitecture than literature.19th Century literature in Italy The 19th century saw the birth of a literary character thatwas to become a household name in all four corners of theworld. Carlo Collodi was an Italian author who inventedPinocchio in Italy during the 19th century. More seriously,literature in Italy during this time began to take on a moresocial and political role offering critiques of Italian society.One such author from Italy whose literature dealt with suchsubjects was Alessandro Manzoni.
  6. 6. 1971 El Decameron
  7. 7.  In the first story, Andreuccio byPerugia is cheated by a fraudNeapolitan which places him in a sea of excrement. The young man isfound in the pulp by two thieves who are attempting a coup at a nearbychurch to steal the jewels of the corpse of a bishop who died a few daysearlier. Andreuccio is persuaded and, with a brilliant ruse, manages tosteal for himself even the most beautiful ring of the deceased. In the second episode, a young man is instigated by some nuns in aconvent to have sex with them. In fact, the young man already had theidea of having hot adventures with the nuns, pretending to be deaf anddumb, but now he unleashes pure fun. However, the sisters proved tobe very horny and insatiable. So, exasperated, the young man startstalking and cursing. The mother prioress announces that a happymiracle has been bestowed by God on the young man, but in reality thisis an excuse to keep the young man with the other sisters in theconvent to make love every night.
  8. 8.  In the third episode, the commoner Peronella makes a cuckhold of herdimwitted husband. While having sex with the adulterer her husbandunexpectedly comes home for a holiday. The adulterer hides in a large potwhile the husband reveals that he has a buyer for the pot with him.Peronella quickly says that she already has a buyer and that hesinspecting the pot. The husband accepts this and goes to the pot roomwhere the adulterer says that the inside of the pot is dirty. The wife tellsthe husband to clean it before selling it, and while hes inside his wife andthe adulterer have sex outside. The dimwitted husband doesnt noticeanything. In France Ser Ciappelletto the merchant is sent to a deal by two of hisfriends. The man in his life he devoted his soul to sin, seduction andprofit, disregarding all moral and ethical values. In fact, God punisheshim with a serious illness that forced him to the bed and then death. ButCiappelletto wants to confess and call a monaco that tells a myriad of lies,consider making a true saint. After his death, Ciappelletto will be reveredas a martyr. In the story follows two lovers meet to organize a fraud against herparents and come together on the terrace. The next morning the parentsof the girl are the two lovers naked, but recognizing the man in the boy agood match to earn some money as dowry, allowing his daughter to marryhim.
  9. 9.  Later in Sicily the girl Elizabeth, attractive in appearance and possessinggreat wealth, falls in love with young servant Lorenzo. However, hisbrothers discovered and in deception kills the slave burying away fromhome. Elizabeth find the corpse of his beloved and not being able to haveeverything complete in itself cuts off his head that hides inside a pot ofparsley that water every day. In the next episode the commoner Gemmata is deceived by a doctor thatshe can be turned into horse and then back into a human. So she decidesto try, with the consent of the foolish husband farmer to sow the fieldswithout working much better. In fact, the doctors excuse has beenengineered to perfection to have sex with the woman, through an analintercourse at the time of magic ritual. The last story involves two characters from Naples that they will agree toinform each other about how the Paradise or the Hell when they woulddie. After a while time one of the two dies. But the other was terrified ofending up in the Underworld because she had too many sexual relationswith his wife. One night his friend in a dream, telling him that the placewhere he is, Limbo, not serving sentences for sexual acts. At the end of thestory of the painter Giotto completed his fresco, on which the episodes ofthe film alternated harmoniously. The painting shows the Madonna andbaby Jesus and brothers happy they start ringing the bells.
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