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  1. 1. Frenzy
  2. 2. Want to be cool What a beating How boring I didn't think it was so difficult to be it
  3. 3. Are you tired to be alternativs at any cost? Who prevent you from doing it? Perhaps theiy? The market? The trendsetters? This shit of globalization?
  4. 4. What a stress, what a boredom, what a wholehearted, that sucks!
  5. 5. Followed your spirit. ...your time, even if you do not answer to facebook or to your e-mail in real time, exists all the same
  6. 6. Unhinges the structures
  7. 7. Look beyond the wall
  8. 8. where the art is mixed up with the artist
  9. 9. so finally you'll be free
  10. 10.