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Paolo Bellosillo - MARKMA Personal Logo


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Paolo Bellosillo - MARKMA Personal Logo

  1. 1. PoSsiBle S BPaolo S. Bellosillo CE Bellosillo,
  2. 2. Is it PoSsiBle todo 1,000 push-ups in one shot?
  3. 3. Yes, it is PoSsiBle.I was a CAT Officer in Ateneo High School.
  4. 4. Is it PoSsiBle tograduate in DLSU Engineering within 4.5years?
  5. 5. Yes, it is PoSsiBle.I graduated within 4.5years in DLSU Engineering with an Honorable Mention Award.
  6. 6. Is it PoSsiBle tobe in the top 10 of the Civil Engineering Board Exam?
  7. 7. Yes, it is PoSsiBle.I was Top 6 in the 2009 Civil Engineering Board Exam with an average of 94.75%.
  8. 8. Is it PoSsiBle torotate your name and still read the same name?
  9. 9. Yes, it is PoSsiBle. My personal logo.
  10. 10. Anything is PoSsiBle If you are…P = Passionate and PersistentO = OptimisticS = Self-ConfidentS = SelflessI = ImaginativeB = Brave and BoldL = Limitless EnergyE = Extraordinarily Creative
  11. 11. PoSsiBle