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Traceland - introductive Presentation about our multi-purpose tracking Suite

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TrackiSuite(all applications)

  1. 1. The “Tracki” suite <delivered to> <site, date> Traceland presentation Tracki suite.ppt © Traceland sas - all rights reserved
  2. 2. the offer The “Tracki” suite groups our mainline packaged “ASP” solutions for: • tracking & tracing of field operations (inclusive of field force automation and optical archiving features) • fleet / assets / personnel localization • web-based reporting of above data The service involves: o all software licenses involved o technical administration and help desk o proactive usage monitoring and support o mobile HW selection support Traceland presentation Tracki suite.ppt 2 © Traceland sas - all rights reserved
  3. 3. the applications • distribution logistics (to track individual shipments and localize transport means) – suitable for senders or transportation companies • contract industry (to track labour and material cost + work progresses and localize assets and personnel) • other field-oriented services such as assets maintenance, and installation, environmental protection, … (cost & key operational aspects tracking) • healthcare (to track results of screening activities, to remotely notify individual’s health status parameters, …) • sport and leisure time (e.g. to track scores and positions, ..) • food processing (to track lots their histories) Traceland presentation Tracki suite.ppt 3 © Traceland sas - all rights reserved
  4. 4. company genome Traceland constantly pursues and leverages on: • technology and innovation • process competency • flexibility (organization, offer) • integration Traceland presentation Tracki suite.ppt 4 © Traceland sas - all rights reserved
  5. 5. benefits Whichever is the process to be tracked , : • replaces obsolete manual procedures helps save clerical labor • helps to prevent mishandlings, losses, thefts, delays • gives visibility and measurability to the processes ( better customer satisfaction, easier internal cost control) The localization features optionally available besides tracking: • enhance tracking accuracy and effectiveness • enhance readability of the information (map viewing) • helps addressing critical situations Traceland presentation Tracki suite.ppt 5 © Traceland sas - all rights reserved
  6. 6. structural characteristics Besides the “packaged” configurations our solutions are available in SaaS/ASP mode, implying: o NO investments in software / desktop hardware o NO need for the customer to manage and maintain the software In either case, they are • fast to be activated, easily usable, effectively supported • modular and suitable to sustain business growth and evolution • cost directly associated to actual usage volumes Traceland presentation Tracki suite.ppt 6 © Traceland sas - all rights reserved
  7. 7. functional characteristics - 1 Our solutions: • can cover cross-company processes thanks to: o ASP mode vs. local installation and specifically oriented data model o multiple end-user interfacing and data collection modes: o usage of mobile devices (Windows Mobile or Windows CE devices) o usage of generic cell-phones o web-based user interfaces for data entry and reporting o fully connectable to other systems (inbound and outbound) o capability to collect and store or simply link to optical images of paper documents associated to the tracked shipments o multi-language and time-zone self adjusting • are flexible (e.g.: allows customizing events lists, tracking modes, organizational structure, notifications procedure, …) Traceland presentation Tracki suite.ppt 7 © Traceland sas - all rights reserved
  8. 8. functional characteristics - 2 • allow 100% real-time tracking and localization • directly assists field personnel through validations, messages, road navigation, etc. • can be easily connected to other IT modules • can use either barcode or RFID as identifiers • manages recognition and optical archiving of paper documents referable to tracked processes • can manage multimedia files (pictures, videos, ecc.) • have a front-end that can be graphically customized to host customer logo and/or backgrounds Traceland presentation Tracki suite.ppt 8 © Traceland sas - all rights reserved
  9. 9. to know more • visit site • or send an email to • try the application with us • ask for a quote Traceland presentation Tracki suite.ppt 9 © Traceland sas - all rights reserved