OkiTracki(Distribution Logistics)


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Presentation about our solution for distribution logistics

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OkiTracki(Distribution Logistics)

  1. 1. solution <delivered to> Partner of: <site, date> Traceland presentation OkiTracki.ppt © Traceland sas - all rights reserved
  2. 2. company genome Traceland constantly pursues and leverages on: • technology and innovation • process competency • flexibility (organization, offer) • integration Traceland presentation OkiTracki.ppt 2 © Traceland sas - all rights reserved
  3. 3. the offer is our mainline ASP “packaged” solution for: • tracking & tracing • fleet localization • assets localization (containers, trailers, ..) (** new !! **) The service involves: o all software licenses involved o technical administration and help desk o proactive usage monitoring and support o mobile HW selection support Other ITS (Intelligent Transportation Systems) themes can be addressed upon request on a case-by-case basis. Pres20080312-T.ppt 3 © Traceland sas - all rights reserved
  4. 4. target market • transportation companies and freight forwarders (of any size and geographical organization) • companies providing logistics support • companies managing transportation in-house • senders highly sensitive towards T&T of their inbound / outbound shipments • for non-logistics applications (as multi-purpose mobile and real- time field event tracker): various businesses and organizations Traceland presentation OkiTracki.ppt 4 © Traceland sas - all rights reserved
  5. 5. benefits – 1 An effective and extensive Tracking & Tracing solution: • replaces obsolete manual procedures helps save clerical labor • helps prevent mishandlings, losses, thefts, delays • adds values to the logistics and transportation services ( better customer satisfaction) • provides a rich set of analytical data for cost and performance control activities The field force automation features included help the employee perform more effectively, reducing the discomfort associated to uncertainty / lack of precision. Traceland presentation OkiTracki.ppt 5 © Traceland sas - all rights reserved
  6. 6. benefits – 2 The satellite localization: • helps filling trucks • helps save fuel consumption • helps manage effectively complex / critical situations • enhances T&T and field force automation modules The other “ITS” features that can be associated to the OkiTracki own modules further boost the benefits of tracking and localization. Traceland presentation OkiTracki.ppt 6 © Traceland sas - all rights reserved
  7. 7. structural characteristics • rather than merely selling a software, we render a service : o NO investments in software / desktop hardware o NO need for the customer to provide technical assistance • fast to be activated, easily usable, effectively supported • modular and suitable to sustain business growth and evolution • cost directly associated to actual usage volumes Traceland presentation OkiTracki.ppt 7 © Traceland sas - all rights reserved
  8. 8. functional characteristics - 1 • can track the entire logistics chain thanks to: o ASP mode vs. local installation and specifically oriented data model o multiple end-user interfacing and data collection modes: o usage of mobile devices (Windows Mobile or Windows CE devices) o usage of generic cell-phones o web-based user interfaces for data entry and reporting o fully connectable to other systems (inbound and outbound) o capability to collect and store or simply link to optical images of paper documents associated to the tracked shipments o multi-language and time-zone self adjusting • it is flexible (e.g.: allows customizing events lists, tracking modes, organizational structure, notifications procedure, …) • allows 100% real-time tracking and localization Traceland presentation OkiTracki.ppt 8 © Traceland sas - all rights reserved
  9. 9. functional characteristics - 2 • directly assists drivers and stockroom personnel • wide spectrum of integration opportunities (see graph at the end of this file) • allows tracking of post delivery events (eg.: returns, consignment stock consumption recording, ..) • can track ADR classes of each shipment and perform load level compatibility checks • allows specific tracking of containers and trailers Traceland presentation OkiTracki.ppt 9 © Traceland sas - all rights reserved
  10. 10. functional characteristics - 3 • can use either barcode or RFID as load unit ID • can track shipments of any transportation mode • collects and processes shipment paperwork (e.g.: PODs) • can also store image files manually associated to specific shipments by users (pictures, videos, ecc). • the front-end can be graphically customized to host customer logos and/or backgrounds Traceland presentation OkiTracki.ppt 10 © Traceland sas - all rights reserved
  11. 11. competitive advantages • it is a highly specialized “niche” packaged application hardly any competitor can offer a comparably powerful solution, ready to be used and for a price set targeting a wide installed base !!! • it can be an investment-free solution, without any contract duration commitment for the customer ! • it can be tried upfront on a pilot basis for an adequate time with Traceland support and assistance Traceland presentation OkiTracki.ppt 11 © Traceland sas - all rights reserved
  12. 12. to know more • visit site www.traceland.com • or send an email to info@traceland.com • try the application with us • ask for a quote Traceland presentation OkiTracki.ppt 12 © Traceland sas - all rights reserved
  13. 13. graphs Traceland presentation OkiTracki.ppt 13 © Traceland sas - all rights reserved
  14. 14. functional scheme – shipments T&T module shipment creation transportation planning tracking of subsequent pick-up Trip plan events, up to display & delivery execution direct inquiries notifications statistics and warnings Traceland presentation OkiTracki.ppt Partner of: 14 © Traceland sas - all rights reserved
  15. 15. ownership e position along supply & distribution chain Traceland presentation OkiTracki.ppt 15 © Traceland sas - all rights reserved
  16. 16. integration: mapping of potential linkages Traceland presentation OkiTracki.ppt 16 © Traceland sas - all rights reserved
  17. 17. integration: contents (examples) positions from fleet loc module (for event delivery pre-alerts, info recording and about returned goods planning details (exp operational control shipment shipment signed or empty containers to pick-up time, ETA, over field force and event and event PODs to be picked-up, .. shipment manifest, …) activity) details details (IN/OUT) (IN) (IN/OUT) (IN/OUT) (IN/OUT) feedback post- on shipment ETA delivery shipments details , pick- statistics current additional (OUT) event incl. PODs up pre-alerts (OUT) positions event details details (OUT) (IN/OUT) (OUT) e.g. putaway (IN) event position (IN) details, borderaux statistics POD content transp. lead- feedback on shipment (OUT) image files (IN) time / returned details temperature goods (IN/OUT) (IN) curve, etc. shipments (OUT) (OUT) Traceland presentation OkiTracki.ppt 17 © Traceland sas - all rights reserved