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Technical data sheet about our proprietary software platform, configurable into several different applications (for IT readers!)

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DataSheet (SW platform)

  1. 1. “Tracki” Suite - Application Data Sheet release 08 09/01/2010 Confidential and proprietary documentation Contents and purpose of the offer Contents: The Tracki suite is a modular, powerful, innovative and cost-effective suite of solutions featured by Traceland based on a deeply configurable proprietary software platform, enabling customers to perform a real-time and comprehensive Tracking & Tracing of their operational processes, along with Fleet / Field Force / Assets Localization plus Automation coverage. If used in ASP/SaaS mode, the entire technical management and end-user support are rendered by Traceland, whilst operational usage of the software and associated procedures is customers and customers’ partners responsibility. The suite of solutions or the platform itself in customized configurations can be used to address business requirements from several industries of many kinds, inclusive but not limited to distribution logistics, field operations, construction, public services, agriculture and food processing traceability, telemedicine, sport and leisure, events management, and many more. Customers can benefit from higher effectiveness of their operational activities, as well as from a material reduction of internal cost deriving from: a much better control over their employees and their partners’ daily activity, granting higher quality and thus lower inaccuracy-related expenses; more efficient usage of production resources (fuel, personnel, assets, etc.); a strong reduction of the clerical activities associated with manual research and provision of data and documents associated to the operational work. More details about the applications and the benefits that they can bring please visit our website or ask for specific documentation or demos / trials. Key functional characteristics Our Tracking & Tracing + field force automation module: is real-time; is deeply configurable in term of level of detail, reason codes, batch and on-line controls, etc. involves multiple data collection channels and tools (portable WIN-CE devices, smatphones, cell-phones, web-based data entry screens, fax transmission or scanning of paper-based documentation combined with automated processing of their content, interfacing with external information system through standardized “webservices”); can let mobile users communicate simply through incoming / outgoing SMSs; involves optical archiving features helpful to add document images to the history of shipments. Such feature includes barcode recognition capabilities, so that the documents can be submitted to OkiTracki through fax machines (for occasional Pag 1 di 4
  2. 2. “Tracki” Suite - Application Data Sheet release 08 09/01/2010 Confidential and proprietary documentation distributed transmissions) or professional scanners (for systematic batch processing) and automatically referred by the latter to specific shipments based on the content of a barcoded label read automatically by the processing module; allows defining flexible and dynamic reference organizational structures based on which customers will be able to allow their own personnel as well as users belonging to 3rd party companies to operate on the system on their behalf (each user having his/her own permission parameters, such as senders, recipients, operational partners); for what precedes, effectively helps customers to track operational actions, status, events throughout the entire supply chain or distribution chain, even in network-based or in general collaborative environments, whether static or dynamic; allows to optionally associate to each activity tracked several descriptive or control “attributes”, selectable and configurable at individual customer level; allows definition of “trees” of activities in order to allow cross referencing and drill- down online reporting along the defined structures; thanks to the bi-directional data flow between mobile devices and central database, allows activation of several real-time interactive field force automation features1, like: o displaying day/week action plan details on the device screen and thus guiding users in operating and properly recording the key details of what they are doing; o displaying activity-specific or event type-specific messages while user is operating on a given task and/or recording a given event type; o automatic verification of correctness of the actual activity location versus scheduled one; is wide open to integration with other systems, including (the (*) symbol indicates that for such functionality Traceland has established partnerships with selected specialized vendors where feasibility of the integration has already been verified in depth): o load, trips and itinerary automated planning features (*); o specialized solutions for fleet localization and security management (*); o transportation management systems (*); o SAT navigation software solutions suitable for sharing mobile hardware with our mobile front-end (*); o foreign T&T modules of features (our platform is fully compliant with European guidelines for open multimodal T&T systems CWA 14356); can be connected to and thus integrate external devices such as sensors, meters, printers, etc.; can adopt either barcode or RFID technology to read labels; allows a deeply configurable user-specific set authorizations. About satellite localization its activation is anyway optional and can be very well replaced by shared usage of localization data collected by other existing systems this module is highly synergic with the T&T module as: 1 Part of these features are already developed for a wide-usage basis; further features will be developed after joint analysis of individual requirements con a case-by-case basis (their development would take approx 4-6 weeks). Pag 2 di 4
  3. 3. “Tracki” Suite - Application Data Sheet release 08 09/01/2010 Confidential and proprietary documentation o is shares the same mobile devices, the communication protocol and the GPRS connectivity with it; o it provides to T&T module current position data which allow to easily and precisely determine the position of an event (saving data entry time and preventing errors about); o it enables authorized users to know exactly where a given shipment is also event the road trip (relevant inquiry functions are designed in to facilitate this analysis). due to the fact that it is based on usage of portable devices (from inexpensive smartphones to “rugged” Windows CE devices) o does not imply fix installations on the vehicle, and thus allowing to instantly enable for localization even rented or third party vehicles; o allows localization of substantially any transport mean (from bycycles to helicopters, without forgetting boats ....) or any type of travelling worker (from postmen to ambulance crew); it is accurate: the geocoding of addresses into geographical coordinates and vice-versa is powered by a primary industry player selected after careful testing; position capturing and transmission frequency are configurable at the individual device level; allows calculating average lead time by route; by using a recently integrated “black box” GPS-GPRS device powered by long lasting batteries (either disposable or rechargeable), we can now protect and localize also movable assets such as containers or trailers lacking own power circuit or anyway missing permanent availability of power supply. All modules are 100% multilingual and the language can be assigned at the individual user level (we have the Italian and English versions available; other languages can be released upon request in due course). Notes about cost Our solutions can be purchased as software packages according to the traditional approach, but they are all available (and recommended – at least initially) in SaaS/ASP mode (i.e.: as a service which incorporates the provision of all technical management and support activities, the temporary software usage licences, the required training). In such case, customers may opt between 100% “pay per use” or “flat fee” contracts. On top of fees owed to Traceland, customers would need to calculate the cost for: o where used, purchasing or renting mobile hardware (we have certified multiple HW configuration options, including low-cost smartphones, and also we have developed a client module allowing usage of regular cell-phones when thee is no specific need to use smartphones or PdAs); o if and when applicable, purchasing or renting one or more document scanners to make use of the document image processing and archiving features of our system (here too Pag 3 di 4
  4. 4. “Tracki” Suite - Application Data Sheet release 08 09/01/2010 Confidential and proprietary documentation we can propose entry level options whose cost would be comparable to the purchase of a regular desktop PC); o a cost of GPRS traffic which anyway tends to be extremely low, thanks to the specifically oriented software design; o any extra-effort at project stage (customizations, special training exceeding standard level, etc.), taking into account that under normal circumstances this would normally not be required. On the contrary there will be NO NEED for them to: o buy other party’s software (but for the need to expand OkiTracki’s functionality by adding for instance a route navigator to the PdA, or an extensive document management and optical archiving solution) o make any investment other than what might be required to purchase mobile hardware (see above) o be bound to contract minimal duration; o (buy and/or) dedicate any fix hardaware component. To know more please visit our web site or send an e-mail to Pag 4 di 4