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United Kingdom


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By Marco

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United Kingdom

  2. 2. The United Kingdom is an archipelago including England, Scotland,The United Kingdom is an archipelago including England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales and other teriitories around the worldNorthern Ireland, Wales and other teriitories around the world The United KingdomThe United Kingdom borders with theborders with the Atlantic Ocean toAtlantic Ocean to the North, with thethe North, with the North Sea to theNorth Sea to the East, with theEast, with the English Channel toEnglish Channel to the South and withthe South and with the Irish Sea to thethe Irish Sea to the West.West.
  3. 3. Physical AspectsPhysical Aspects
  4. 4. The United Kingdom has aThe United Kingdom has a territory largerly flat ,territory largerly flat , interrupted by hills abounding ininterrupted by hills abounding in pastures.pastures. The highest peaks are theThe highest peaks are the Cambrian Mountains, theCambrian Mountains, the Pennines, the Grampians andPennines, the Grampians and the Highlands mountains, inthe Highlands mountains, in which there are a lot of castles.which there are a lot of castles.
  5. 5. The British coasts are very varied:toThe British coasts are very varied:to the South linear,to the Norththe South linear,to the North jagged,with the presence of thejagged,with the presence of the fiords.fiords. The rivers are not very long.The rivers are not very long. The most important is the Thames.The most important is the Thames. The lakes are above all inThe lakes are above all in Scotland, where are also calledScotland, where are also called LochLoch
  6. 6. The climate of the United Kingdom is rainy. However, it is mild dueThe climate of the United Kingdom is rainy. However, it is mild due by the Gulf the Gulf Stream. The landscape isThe landscape is characterized bycharacterized by glasslands andglasslands and pastures.pastures. A typical British landscapeA typical British landscape is the the heath.
  7. 7. Historical eventsHistorical events
  8. 8. Ancient domainsAncient domains  CeltsCelts  RomansRomans  Angles, SaxonsAngles, Saxons and Vikingsand Vikings  DanishDanish  NormansNormans
  9. 9. The Hundred Years’WarThe Hundred Years’War and the Anglican schismand the Anglican schism Between the XIV and XVBetween the XIV and XV centuries, the Hundredcenturies, the Hundred Years’War against the FranceYears’War against the France removed the British from theremoved the British from the continent. With Henry VIIIcontinent. With Henry VIII started the absolute monarchy.started the absolute monarchy. The ties with the continentThe ties with the continent became more and more strainedbecame more and more strained when Henry VIII divided thewhen Henry VIII divided the Anglican Church by the CatholicAnglican Church by the Catholic Church.Church.
  10. 10. The Glorious Revolution and theThe Glorious Revolution and the Industrial RevolutionIndustrial Revolution  In the XVI century there wasIn the XVI century there was the Glorious Revolution, thatthe Glorious Revolution, that marked the end of the absolutemarked the end of the absolute monarchymonarchy • With the Industrial Revolution, the Country became the most powerful of the time.
  11. 11. The UK and the World WarsThe UK and the World Wars  In the XIX century, theIn the XIX century, the economic supremacy turnedeconomic supremacy turned into political dominance:in fact,into political dominance:in fact, the UK extended its empire inthe UK extended its empire in Canada, India, South Africa,Canada, India, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand.Australia and New Zealand.  During the First World War, theDuring the First World War, the UK was part of the union withUK was part of the union with France and Russia. At the end,France and Russia. At the end, the British won the war againstthe British won the war against Germany, Austria and theGermany, Austria and the Ottoman Turkish empire.Ottoman Turkish empire.  In the Second World War, theIn the Second World War, the UK won the war againstUK won the war against Germany and Japan.Germany and Japan.
  12. 12. From the Cold War to todayFrom the Cold War to today  During the Cold War, the UK wasDuring the Cold War, the UK was influenced by the USA.influenced by the USA.  In the 1973, the UK entered in theIn the 1973, the UK entered in the European Union.European Union.  Today the UK is a constitutionalToday the UK is a constitutional monarchy where the power liesmonarchy where the power lies with the Prime minister and thewith the Prime minister and the governement. The parliamentgovernement. The parliament consistsof two chambers, theconsistsof two chambers, the Lord’s chamber and the common’sLord’s chamber and the common’s chamber. The sovereign,chamber. The sovereign, Elizabeth I, is the leader of stateElizabeth I, is the leader of state and the Anglican Church.and the Anglican Church.
  13. 13. Population and citiesPopulation and cities
  14. 14. The populationThe population  The British population isThe British population is concentrated in Londonconcentrated in London and in the industrialand in the industrial cities, like Birmingham,cities, like Birmingham, Leeds, Manchester,Leeds, Manchester, Sheffield, Glasgow andSheffield, Glasgow and Bristol.Bristol.  The population isThe population is diverse: in fact cities arediverse: in fact cities are also abited by peoplealso abited by people coming from formercoming from former colonies.colonies.  The official language isThe official language is English.English.
  15. 15. English CitiesEnglish Cities - LondonLondon - Manchester,Manchester, - LeedsLeeds - LiverpoolLiverpool - BirminghamBirmingham
  16. 16. Scottish citiesScottish cities  EdimburghEdimburgh  GlasgowGlasgow  PerthPerth
  17. 17. Wales citiesWales cities  Cardiff,Cardiff,  SwanseaSwansea  FishguardFishguard
  18. 18. North Ireand citiesNorth Ireand cities  BelfastBelfast  LondonderryLondonderry
  19. 19. Culture and traditionsCulture and traditions
  20. 20. SportSport In the UK burned some of the most famousIn the UK burned some of the most famous sports of the world:sports of the world: - RugbyRugby - GolfGolf - TennisTennis - CricketCricket - The modern vision of the footballThe modern vision of the football
  21. 21. MusicMusic The pop and rock music of the UK has always been one of the most famous ofThe pop and rock music of the UK has always been one of the most famous of the world,since Sixties. Examples are:the world,since Sixties. Examples are:  BeatlesBeatles  QueenQueen  Pink FloydPink Floyd  PolicePolice  Elton JohnElton John  Depeche ModeDepeche Mode  Simple MindsSimple Minds
  22. 22. FashionFashion The UK is also famous forThe UK is also famous for some tissues,like thesome tissues,like the tweed, but also for thetweed, but also for the Scottish kilt and theScottish kilt and the Lord’s bowler.Lord’s bowler.
  23. 23. KitchenKitchen The british kitchen is notThe british kitchen is not one of the most deliciousone of the most delicious of the world. However,of the world. However, Britishes are famous forBritishes are famous for the breakfast with eggsthe breakfast with eggs and bacon, and for the riteand bacon, and for the rite of the afternoon tea.of the afternoon tea.
  24. 24. LiteratureLiterature In the UK burned a lot of writers, like Shakespeare, Swift, Scott,In the UK burned a lot of writers, like Shakespeare, Swift, Scott, Stevenson, Doyle, Rowling; Dickens and many others.Stevenson, Doyle, Rowling; Dickens and many others.
  25. 25. CarsCars The english cars are famous in the world for their elegance and forThe english cars are famous in the world for their elegance and for the unmistakable design. The main brands are: Mini, Bentley,the unmistakable design. The main brands are: Mini, Bentley, Jaguar, Land Rover, Rover, Aston Martin, Rolls Royce, Reliant andJaguar, Land Rover, Rover, Aston Martin, Rolls Royce, Reliant and others.others.
  26. 26. EconomyEconomy
  27. 27. Primary SectorPrimary Sector  Agricoltur:Agricoltur: not widelynot widely practiced because of thepracticed because of the scarcity of fertile lands;scarcity of fertile lands;  Breeding:Breeding: expeciallyexpecially ofof sheeps and cattles;sheeps and cattles;  Fishing:Fishing: thanks to seathanks to sea rich of of fishes.
  28. 28. Secondary sectorSecondary sector Main resource isMain resource is petrol oil, extracted inpetrol oil, extracted in the North Sea.the North Sea. The British industryThe British industry is at the at the forefront. Main sectors areMain sectors are textiles, automotivetextiles, automotive and steel industry.and steel industry.
  29. 29. Third sectorThird sector The UK is one ofThe UK is one of the principalthe principal economic centreseconomic centres in the the world. This sector is alsoThis sector is also helped byhelped by tourism, really atourism, really a precious resource.precious resource.
  30. 30. THE ENDTHE END