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Prop 1


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Prop 1

  1. 1. The high street seller dictates the trendof toy production industry, not lettingparents and kids tailor playing learningexperiences as unique as themselves.
  2. 2. Costumed imaginary toy product.
  3. 3. Problem:1. What if it’s too abstract for kids in certain age?2. What if the parents are not good at storytelling.3. How would you improve the shopping experience?Solution:1-Unfortunately plus toy has it’s own age limitation accordingthe toy industry; it may not be suitable for kids in certain age dueto the safety reason. And for teens, sometime being abstract itleaves more imagination; also it could make the receiver to par-ticipate the story telling of this creation.2-It could have an exquisite corpse story system that people couldchoose from.3-By making it a user-friendly software, make it more interactive.
  4. 4. Action plan:1: create a group of basic toy components that people couldchoose from, for example: 5 versions of eyes, nose, ears, legs,hands and body, so people could combine the way they want it.2: create a basic mockup for the software interface.3: create a brand.4: find a group of people to test the interface and get the feed-back from their navigation experience, and also observing thefeedback from the receiver.Success Metric:Get 1 buyer from every 100 traffic.