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Call To Change 1

  1. 1. Call to Change Are You Ready? Presentation by Maureen Kelsey and Paola De Vecchi Galbiati 28 October 2010
  2. 2. Call to Change Where are We Now? • Italy ranked #40 by IMD World Competitiveness Yearbook 2010 • Italian work efficiency rating 138 out of 148 • IMD predicts Italian debt relief only in 2060, 30 years after the other European countries • 4.5M Italian SMEs, represent 46% of all workers in 2009 • Unemployment 8.5% in 2nd Qtr 2010, increase 1+% over 2009 • Italy Holds the bad record of brain drain to EU zone and US-.Accelerating flight of talented youth. References: 1. IMD Report: World Competitiveness 2. ISTAT 3. Time, Arrivederci, Italia, Why Young Italians are Leaving: article/0,9171,2024136-2,00.html 4. Brain drain in Italy: /e242/e245/e2209/quad35.pdf/
  3. 3. Call to Change What Do We Need? Social Business - rethinking innovation, organization and leadership • Collaborate and cooperate—a strategic initiative focused on increasing productivity and product and process innovation for the engine of the Italian economy—SMEs. • Strategic approach—leverage our resources and align our common objective and goals with private, public and government sectors focusing on “the biggest bang for your buck”.
  4. 4. Call to Change What Do We Need? • Cultural transformation—achieve highest levels of quality, performance and innovation by going through the door of culture and wedding work with spirit. • Holistic and systematic—utilize timeless best business performance practices to solve the human and systemic national crisis without the politics of right vs. left.
  5. 5. Call to Change Where Do We Focus? "Besides providing powerful incentives for companies to deliver their traditional products and services more efficiently, the new environment may make selling productivity—finding marketable ways to “do it smarter”—the most transformative business model of the next decade." McKinsey Report October 2010   SME’s Ignore Business Basics At Their Peril “The future of many small businesses is in jeopardy because their managers are failing to adopt basic business practices, according to recent research.” UK SME Business News, September 2010’s-ignore-business-basics-at-their-peril/802/  
  6. 6. Call to Change How Can We Do It? Together We Change Business Organizations Leadership We Collaborate Cooperate Share Resources We Rethink Sales Marketing R&D Customers Products and Services WE Innovate
  7. 7. Call to Change Management model = Back to productivity Simplify the business model - Simpler for customers - Accessible to customers “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” – Leonardo Da Vinci
  8. 8. Call to Change How Do We Rethink? We change the Mindset “THINK GLOBALLY, ACT LOCALLY”
  9. 9. Call to Change Human diversity begins with understanding one's constructive differences with "Self" and "Others" ... as our work lives become more stratified (layered) and specialized... it is now more important to recognize one's individual contribution to the larger global need for creating balance and harmony that lead toward building "sustainable holistic organisations" through individual creativity and "stakeholdership“. There is an Art to this new way of thinking... Professor Harris Ghersin: International Business Vision
  10. 10. Call to Change How Can We Improve Our Productivity and Sales?   A holistic approach to achieve overall company optimization and increased sales and productivity:  Strategy—market based solutions, business case, marketing and branding, social media and internet integration  Organization—cultural change, structure, functions, personnel development and training integrating on-site action learning  Process and product innovation—BPR, customization of products to market, supply chain Vision
  11. 11. Call to Change How Can We Improve Our Productivity and Sales?  Productivity improvement—baseline and improve KPIs, align all the above to achieve overall optimization  Ecosystems—create them where and when possible An economic web–a community of organizations and stakeholders (players) operating within a particular environment. Networks of players that go far beyond traditional competitors, customers and suppliers and comprise communities of organizations that collaborate and compete in an economic web of relationships. Example: New Mexico Ecosystem Report Vision
  12. 12. Call to Change Engage all sectors o private o public o academia o government Who Can Help the SMEs?
  13. 13. Call to Change Utilize best business performance improvement practices Establish joint goals and objectives for improved productivity—sales, services, product customization, product and process innovation and increased accessibility via internet.
  14. 14. Call to Change Consider a strategic national initiative one that leaves no one and no region behind
  15. 15. Call to Change Deploy astute commercial professionals with solid international and domestic market experience Use a holistic, systematic approach and innovation centers of excellence methodologies.
  16. 16. Call to Change Centers of Excellence MIX - Information Management eXchange: MIT Center for Organizational Learning: SoL - The Society for Organizational Learning: INSEAD - INStitut Européen d'ADministration des affaires:
  17. 17. Call to Change Our Contact Information Maureen Kelsey Paola De Vecchi Galbiati Skype id: maureen.kelsey1 Skype id: paoladvg Cell +1 407 782 2974 Cell +39 335 746 2475 Facebook Call to Change!/pages/Call-to-Change/159881987362799