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English project pre expert


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pre expert project

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English project pre expert

  2. 2. BEING A TOURIST GUIDE!You are going to make a Power Pointpresentation, talking about ten or moreinteresting places in your city. In eachslide, you must talk about the places and whythey are interesting.TUTORIALS TO ADD AUDIO TO POWERPOINT SLIDES can also record a video instead of thepower point presentation. If you have a cellphone or digital camera, and enough time, youcan go to the places and talk about them!I Hope you enjoy this project!
  3. 3. REQUERIMENTS1. To talk about 10 or more places of your city.2. You must USE YOUR OWN VOICE and speaking skills.3. You can upload a video from youtube and send the link to see it.4. Please read the tutorial carefully to upload the project to the platform.5. Please send the project during the SIXTH week of the course.6. Prepare a script to the video and write it before you make it.
  5. 5. • Look up the link ENGLISH PROJECT, clic on it This link!
  6. 6. • Scroll down the page until you can find this screen, clic on “examinar mi equipo” Buen día, envío mi Write a little proyecto  description CLIC AQUÍ para This link! buscar el archivo en tu computador
  7. 7. • Look for the file and upload it select Clic here
  8. 8. Clichere
  9. 9. • If you send a link from internet (youtube video) paste it here and send it. It’s not neccesary to upload a file. Buen día, envío mi Paste it HERE proyecto  CLIC AQUÍ para buscar el archivo en tu computador
  10. 10. And it`sdone!