Reasons to choose Panworld University


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Panworld University strives to provide you with quality education through its world-class undergraduate and graduate educational programs. The University offers an extensive range of services to students and alumni, allowing them to pursue their education in an easy and hassle-free way. There are number of reason that makes Panworld University, the preferred choice of working adults across the globe. Some of them are summarized in this presentation.

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Reasons to choose Panworld University

  1. 1. Welcome to Panworld University, Where Higher Education is made Affordablew w w . p a n w o r l d u n i v e r s i t y . c o m
  2. 2. “Panworld University is thepreferred choice of working adults, all over the world”.
  3. 3. Let us explore togetherand find out what makesPanworld Universitya “top-quality” institutefor higher education…
  4. 4. The Journey begins…Panworld University strives to provideyou with quality education through itsworld-class undergraduate and graduateeducational programs. At PanworldUniversity students can pursue studiesat their own pace and choose from 1,100degree programs that no otheruniversity offers.
  5. 5. More than 1100 Programsto Choose fromFrom Accounts to Engineering to a degree inComputer Science or Mass Communication,the university offers around 1,100 programsthrough its academic departments.The diversified academic profile ofPanworld allows students to pursue theireducation in the field they desire.
  6. 6. Panworld Career CenterPanworld offers excellent career services tostudents absolutely free.These services includes; Job updates Placement opportunities Resume and cover letter writing Interview preparation Career based counseling
  7. 7. Tuition & FinancialAssistance Panworld makes sure that students acquire quality education at an affordable price. Therefore, we offer number of ways through which students can get a reduction in their fees, such as scholarship, interest free loan, credit transfer, fee payment options, and employer tuition reimbursement program
  8. 8. Free Study MaterialAt Panworld, you don’t have topurchase any study material; weprovide you with all the studymaterial you require to earn yourdegree online.Our virtual classrooms allow you totake your exams online whilethrough our library you can get allthe information you need to study forit.
  9. 9. Referral ProgramPanworld allows students to sharetheir educational experience atPanworld with friends, family andcolleagues through our referralprogram.Upon every successful enrollment,you will earn a 20% discount on yourtuition fees.
  10. 10. Latest and Up toDate Educational System Panworld University provides students with an E-learning facility, making it easy for them to pursue education from anywhere and at any time. From course material to classroom lectures, everything is online.
  11. 11. Exemplary Teachers Our faculty consists of highly qualified and experienced individuals from a broad spectrum of professional fields. Our academic programs and curriculums are designed by our faculty to ensure that you develop skills needed to compete in today’s complex world.
  12. 12. Easy Transferabilityof Credits You can earn college credit based on your past work experience. Also, if you have studied some courses before you can also transfer their credits by showing us their transcripts.
  13. 13. 24/7 AvailableStudent Consultants Panworld offers consultation and support 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, including public holidays. Our consultants are available to help and assist you every step of the way. Contact Us 1-877-265-9656 Or visit
  14. 14. Yes, you can earn yourcollege degreeBe a part of the winning team… Take the next step and call us today or better yet, fill out our online application form and be on your way of achieving academic and career excellence. Building Careers Call us at 1-877-265-9656 and reach for your goals! Together