Senior Parent Night 2012


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Senior Parent Night 2012

  1. 1. W ELCOMES ENIOR PARENTSThe Journey Begins Here!
  2. 2. PARENTS… Is this your first child entering college? Are you nervous? Overwhelmed? Don’t know where to begin? We are here to help! Use your resources! Start early! Watch your deadlines! They are closer than you think!
  3. 3. I MPORTANT P EOPLE Janelle Appleby- A-Cla Debbie Harding- Cle-Gi Cindy Stanford- Gla-Le Kimberly Schmidt- Li-O Debra Roland- P-Se Kristina Holder- Sh-Z Elsa Cruz – Career Center Technician
  4. 4. M ORE I MPORTANT P EOPLE Monica Bennett- Counseling Secretary College Representatives Military Representatives
  5. 5. 2012-13Sandra Day O’Connor High SchoolHelotes, Texas
  6. 6. O PTIONS A FTER H IGH S CHOOL Going for Further Training  Going into the Military  Private trade  Can provide career skills training  Technical  Can provide funding for college  Business  Vocational Schools  Going to a 2 or 4 year college Going Immediately to Work Associate’s Degree  Research job outlook and future marketability Bachelor’s Degree Post Graduate Study
  7. 7. I MPORTANT I NFORMATION Graduation Status Report (GSR) and Transcript Diploma Forms AAR/Transcript Release Forms JR/SR Guidebook SAT/ACT Dates Senior Portfolio Visits to Career Center begin this week!
  8. 8. COLLEGE APPLICATIONSThe Common Application Apply Texas  Accepted by over 400 private and  Accepted by every Texas Public public college and universities University, plus some private and nationwide two-year schools. REMINDERS:*Check websites of individual schools for deadlines & specific information regarding scholarships, housing, etc. *Application fees apply for each school
  9. 9. NISD C OLLEGE N IGHT When: Monday, October 29, 2012 Where: UTSA Time: 6:00pm-8:30pmCome speak to College Representatives from hundreds of private and public universitiesShuttle buses will run from Farris Stadium
  10. 10. N ORTHWEST V ISTA C OLLEGE C ONNECTIONS•Thinking of starting out locally and then transferring to a four year university?•Thinking of taking courses during the summer before leaving for college?Participate in College Connections!November 7 – NWV will assist students with their applications at O’Connor.
  11. 11. SAT TESTING DATES REPORT TO THE FOR MORE INFO. OHS Testing Dates: October 6, 2012 December 1, 2012 March 9, 2013Sign Up Today on:
  12. 12. OHS ACT TEST DATES ACT DATESOctober 27, 2012April 13, 2013 SO WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? ACT NOW!You Can Sign up for the ACT at:
  13. 13. F EE WAIVERS Fee waivers are available for students who need assistance with the fees associated with the SAT or ACT. Fee waivers also good for college application fees. Please see Mrs. Cruz in the Career Center for more information.
  14. 14. Students entering a Texas 2 or 4 Year public college or university may be required to take a placement test PRIOR to enrolling in college level courses. If you feel you are eligible for an exemption from this test, visit the testing or advising office of your college before you register for the test so that your status for exemption can be determined. Check the College Readiness standard on your transcript listed with your TAKS scores.
  16. 16. O RDERING A T RANSCRIPT Request transcripts in the registrar’s office. Consent for Release forms must be signed by a parent if student is under 18 years old. Senior Schedule will be included with transcript. SAT/ACT/AP test scores will NOT be included on transcript (only included for scholarship purposes). Know your deadlines: 3-5 day processing time for transcripts. 1st transcript is free, after that they are $2.00 each. 6th semester GPA & rank used for applications will be released in September. Mailing transcripts is the student’s responsibility unless the school accepts electronic submissions.
  17. 17. C OLLEGE E SSAY A Reflection of You… Communicate effectively. Be honest. Always read and follow instructions. Write to the prompt. Proofread your essay. Meet the deadline for submission.
  18. 18. L ETTERS OF R ECOMMENDATION Complete “The Packet” (available in the counseling office). Include as much specific information as possible (unique experiences, overcoming difficult circumstances, etc.). Include a resume, student brag sheet, parent brag sheet, teacher evaluation sheets. Request a letter at least two weeks in advance. Only send a letter if the application requires it.
  19. 19. NATIONAL COLLEGIATE ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION All Student-Athletes must register with the NCAA Eligibility Clearinghouse Requirements: - Graduation from high school - Have a minimum GPA of 2.0 in 14 core academic - Must take SAT or ACT
  20. 20. T YPES OF F INANCIAL A IDGrants ScholarshipsLoans Work Study
  21. 21. F REE A PPLICATION FOR F EDERAL S TUDENT A ID (FAFSA) The FAFSA is your key to getting financial aid. Here are some things you should know in order to be ready! Fill out a FAFSA even if you think you won’t qualify for federal aid. Some schools will not consider a student for the school’s merit scholarships until the student has submitted a FAFSA! Most scholarships require you to fill out a FAFSA! Before January 1st: Get a Federal Student Aid PIN Write it down! You need this to “sign” your online FAFSA. Keep it safe! After January 1st: Complete the FAFSA online at
  22. 22. RESOURCES: Free scholarship matching service Matches users to scholarships based on their qualifications Also provides information and current news on financial aid, scholarships, college, jobs and internships, and student life. Fastweb is tailored to your needs and is committed to providing every student with the tools necessary to fund their higher education goals.
  23. 23. RESOURCES:A new place for you with all the information and support you need to make going to college a reality. *College Admission Assistance *Financial Aid Guidance Café College *Career Exploration 131 El Paso Street *College Applications *Advising *SAT & ACT Preparation
  24. 24. OC CAREER CENTER RESOURCES:SAT/ACT InformationScholarship InformationCollege ApplicationsFinancial Aid – FAFSACareer & Interest InventoriesMilitary CareersAnd Much More!!!
  25. 25. S CHOLARSHIP S CAMS H OW TO TELL THE GOOD FROM THE BAD !Scam: Legitimate Service: You’ve won an award for  Sends information about which you didn’t apply. awards when you request it. Does not supply valid  Makes contact information contact information. available upon request. Guarantees you will win an  DOES NOT guarantee you award. will win an award. Requires personal financial  Should not direct you to a information (credit card fee-based provider because numbers, bank account they know info is available number) to “hold” a for free. scholarship. Scam Site - Legitimate site –
  26. 26. S ENIOR S CHOLARSHIPS… Monica Bennett- Counselor Secretary- Turn in all awards to Mrs. Bennett One scholarship will be announced at graduation Copy of confirmation letter with dollar amount offered is required Dollar amounts are not listed or announced at graduation Listen to announcements for deadlines!!! Report all awarded scholarships EVEN if you do not accept.
  27. 27. S ENIOR P ORTRAITSOnly one month left to have Senior Portraits taken to meet the Yearbook deadline! Make an appointment by going to or by calling (210) 690-1476. Information about Senior Portraits is also available in room M111.
  28. 28. P ROJECT GRADUATION 2013An all-inclusive, all night event after grFun and games, all the food you can eWhere? Time Warner Park Transportation provided from O’CCost: $50. per student before Dec. 31 PTA representatives here tonight in with more information!
  29. 29. S ENIOR Y EAR R EMINDERS Know your college application instructions & deadlines. Know SAT/ACT registration deadlines. Request test scores directly from testing agency to your college. Know your financial aid application requirements & complete your FAFSA after January 1st. Request transcripts (3-5 days to process) early. Request letters of recommendation in a timely manner. Check in Career Center for scholarship opportunities. All Texas colleges require that students have proof of a Bacterial Meningitis vaccination before they can register for courses.
  30. 30. Q UESTIONS ?Ask the OCCounselorsSpeak withcollegerepresentativesin the lobby