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62316942 dotnet-net-applcation-vb-net-asp-net-c-ado-net-application-system-networking-cloud-computing-data-mining-datamining-distributed-computing-silverlig

  1. 1. DOT NET SI.No Topic Field PSDOT1 Automated Testing of Silverlight and Moonlight Applications PSDOT2 Online Voting System Powered By Biometric Security Using Steganography PSDOT3 A Graphical Password Authentication System Silverlight | Cloud Computing |Mobile Computing | Distributed Computing PSDOT4 A New Security Model Based on Fingerprint Recognition for Distributed Systems PSDOT5 Internet-based Management and Consumption of Digital Assets PSDOT6 Security Using Colors and Armstrong Numbers PSDOT7 Web-Based Billing System Exploits Mature and Emerging Technology PSDOT8 Integration of Sound Signature in Graphical Password Authentication System PSDOT9 Data Integrity Proofs in Cloud Storage IEEE 2011PSDOT10 Monitoring Service Systems from a Language-Action PerspectivePSDOT11 One Size Does Not Fit All Towards User- and Query-Dependent Ranking For Web DatabasesPSDOT12 The Awareness Network, To Whom Should I Display My Actions And, Whose Actions Should I MonitorPSDOT13 E-Assessment as a ServicePSDOT14 Cloud Computing: a New Business Paradigm for E-learningPSDOT15 Customer Relationship Management Based on DataPSDOT16 A Trustworthy E-learning Based on Trust and Quality EvaluationPSDOT17 Anatomical Structure Segmentation in MRI brain ImagesPSDOT18 Customer Relationship Management Based on Data Mining techniquePSDOT19 An Adaptive Steganographic Technique based on IWTPSDOT20 Multi-level intrusion detection system and Log Management in Cloud ComputingPSDOT21 Motion human detection based on background subtractionPSDOT22 A Self-Organizing Approach To Background Subtraction For Visual Surveillance Applications Image Processing | Data Mining | NetworkPSDOT23 Harvesting Image Databases from the WebPSDOT24 A Web Based Image Transmission System Using DWTPSDOT25 Improving Web Image Search by Bag-basedPSDOT26 An Adaptive Steganographic Technique Based on Integer Wavelet Transform IEEE 2011 SecurityPSDOT27 Service with an E-Smile: Employee Authenticity and Customer Usage of Web-Based ServicesPSDOT28 Remote display solutions for mobile cloud computingPSDOT29 Optimal service pricing for a cloud cachePSDOT30 Secure Service-Oriented Architecture for Mobile TransactionsPSDOT31 Multicast Authentication Based on Batch Signature I ©2011 Pantech Solutions Pvt Ltd I
  2. 2. DOT NET email:dotnet@pantechmail.comPSDOT32 Personalize Search EnginePSDOT33 Building Small-World Peer-to-Peer Networks Based on Hierarchical StructuresPSDOT34 Efficient Computation of Range Aggregates Against Uncertain Location Based QueriesPSDOT35 Efficient Resource Allocation For Wireless MulticastPSDOT36 Fuzzy Keyword Search over Encrypted Data in Cloud ComputingPSDOT37 Exploiting Dynamic Resource Allocation for Efficient Parallel Data Processing in the CloudPSDOT38 Improving Aggregate Recommendation Diversity Using Ranking-Based TechniquesPSDOT39 Exploring Application-Level Semantics for Data CompressionPSDOT40 Visual Surveillance System based Self organizing ApproachPSDOT41 Web-Based Laboratory “A System for Saving Information on the Learners”PSDOT42 Efficient Skyline Computation in Structured Peer-to-Peer SystemsPSDOT43 Information Transmission in Crime Branch Using Steganography and RSA Algorithm IEEE2010-Image Processing | Mobile Computing| Distributed SystemsPSDOT44 Intrusion Detection In Homogeneous And Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor NetworksPSDOT45 Learning Scene Context for Multiple Object TrackingPSDOT46 Continuous Stereo Self-Calibration by Camera Parameter TrackingPSDOT47 Predicting Missing Items in Shopping CartsPSDOT48 A Unified Relevance Feedback Framework for Web Image RetrievalPSDOT149 Automated estimation of the upper surface of the diaphragm in 3-D CT imagesPSDOT50 Selection of Web Services with Imprecise QoS ConstraintsPSDOT51 Exploiting WSRF and WSRF.NET for Remote Job Execution in Grid EnvironmentsPSDOT52 Research and Design on ERP system Supply Chain ManagementPSDOT53 Interactive Multimedia for Adaptive Online EducationPSDOT54 RFID-Based Jewellery Inventory Management SystemPSDOT55 Reliable QoS Monitoring Based on Client FeedbackPSDOT56 Finger Print Based Authentication and Controlling System Of DevicesPSDOT57 RFID Based Toll Gate SystemPSDOT58 Real Time Implementation of Library Management and Survey Counting System using RFID and GSM TechnologyPSDOT59 A RFID-enabled Event Management SystemPSDOT60 A regression-based predictive model of student attendance by implementing Wireless TechnologyPSDOT61 Ability Assessment based on CAT in Adaptive Learning SystemPSDOT62 Design and Implementation of Self-Help Web Based Course I ©2011 Pantech Solutions Pvt Ltd I
  3. 3. DOT NET email:dotnet@pantechmail.comPSDOT63 Market-Based Resource Allocation for Content Delivery in the InternetPSDOT64 Security Analysis of Two Password Authentication SchemesPSDOT65 The Electronic Passport and The Future Government – Issued RFID-Based IdentificationPSDOT66 An Extensible Development Platform for SOA-Based E-Learning SystemPSDOT67 Development of the Decision Support System for Software Project Cost EstimationPSDOT68 Applying a component behavior model to MVC patternPSDOT69 Automatic Travel Acknowledgement Receipt Generation System sing Active RFID Distributed Computing | Image Processing | Distributed SystemsPSDOT70 Developing GIS Software with Component TechniquePSDOT71 A Dynamic E-commerce System Based on Middleware TechnologyPSDOT72 System Design and Implementation of a RFID-based Exercise InformationPSDOT73 A Domain Engineering Approach for the Development of Tendering E-Marketplace ApplicationsPSDOT74 Establishment of Containers Management System Based on RFID Technology IEEE 2010PSDOT75 Smart Parking Applications Using RFID TechnologyPSDOT76 Dynamic Composition of Service-Oriented Web User InterfacesPSDOT77 Research on the Autonomous Learning System Based on Ontology ModelPSDOT78 RFID-enabled Operation Management System in Logistics/WarehousePSDOT79 RFID Based Shopping CartPSDOT80 A Design and Implementation of Data Access Control in Digital Campus System Using the RBAC MethodPSDOT81 Rights Management for Role-Based Access ControlPSDOT82 Role Based Reengineering Of Web ApplicationsPSDOT83 Role Based Cross-Project Collaboration in Multiple Distributed Software Design ProjectsPSDOT84 Intelligent Heart Disease Prediction System Using Data mining TechniquesPSDOT85 A Novel Wavelet Medical Image Fusion MethodPSDOT86 An Improved Method of Content Based Image WatermarkingPSDOT87 Micro calcification Detection Using Wavelet TransformPSDOT88 Digital Image Watermarking in the Wavelet Transform DomainPSDOT89 A PDA Phone that will take care of your healthPSDOT90 PDA based Point-of-care Personal Diabetes Management SystemPSDOT91 PDA-based Restaurant Management SystemPSDOT92 Mobile Sales Tracking System (MSTS)PSDOT93 Mobile to PC Communication & Vice VersaPSDOT94 SMS Transmission Management Portal I ©2011 Pantech Solutions Pvt Ltd I
  4. 4. DOT NET Distributed Computing | Image Processing |PSDOT95 Cryptography in GSM Mobile Communication (Mobile Cryptography) Mobile Computing | Distributed SystemsPSDOT96 Smart Phone & Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Solution for Shopping MallPSDOT97 A RFID-based Material Tracking Information SystemPSDOT98 Hotel Management SystemPSDOT99 Pawn Broker (Jewels Management System)PSDOT100 Library Automation System based on Barcode SystemPSDOT101 Ajax Enabled Performance Counter Web ControlPSDOT102 AJAX Student Internet BlogPSDOT103 Dynamic Query AnalyzerPSDOT104 Intranet Knowledge Portal (WEB PORTAL): FORUMPSDOT105 Intranet Mail ServerPSDOT106 Intranet Activity SurveyorPSDOT107 Auto Garage Management Using OLAP Distributed Computing | Image Processing | Mobile Computing | Distributed SystemsPSDOT108 Patient Monitoring System Using Web servicesPSDOT109 Military E-Mailing System with Cryptography Security Using Web ServicesPSDOT110 Online Ticket Reservation for Multi-Travels Using AJAX TechnologyPSDOT111 Multi-channel Solutions for CRM using Web services.PSDOT112 Alert Application Using Web ServicesPSDOT113 Online Evaluation System | Data Mining | NetworkPSDOT114 ELearning – A Strategy of learning and test your skills through onlinePSDOT115 Dual Solution for CRM using Web servicesPSDOT116 E-Tracker – Project Tracking on resourcePSDOT117 Advance Bus ticketing using RFID tag in VB .NetPSDOT118 Book Bank Management System With SMS Alert Using RFID TagPSDOT119 Language Translate Board with Voice Module Using VB .NetPSDOT120 Networking Based Online PurchasingPSDOT121 Hard disk Partition Locking System In Vb.NetPSDOT122 Internet Cafe Maintenance System Using VB .net with SQL ServerPSDOT123 Enterprise Resource PlanningPSDOT124 Online Automation Of AttendancesPSDOT125 Smart Level Recruitment System Using Virtual TechniquePSDOT126 Hiding Text in Audio By Audio Stenography TechniquePSDOT127 Online Shopping I ©2011 Pantech Solutions Pvt Ltd I
  5. 5. DOT NET email:dotnet@pantechmail.comPSDOT128 Online Quiz using GSM ModulePSDOT129 Networking Online shopping using ASP.NETPSDOT130 Online ExamPSDOT131 Advanced Satellite TV in VB.NETPSDOT132 Distributed Network SystemsPSDOT133 Virtual Network ComputingPSDOT134 Network Traffic MonitoringPSDOT135 Enforcing Security Using RSA Algorithm in Net BankingPSDOT136 Polling System with Biometrics Authentication (Finger Print)PSDOT137 Polling System with RFID AuthenticationPSDOT138 Remote Monitoring SystemPSDOT139 IRIS Recognition System Software ApplicationsPSDOT140 Face Recognition SystemPSDOT141 Segmentation of 3D Brain MR Using an Adaptive K-means Clustering AlgorithmPSDOT142 Information Transmission in Crime Branch Using SteganographyPSDOT143 A Communication Perspective on Automatic Text CategorizationPSDOT144 Neural Networks for 3-D Motion Detection from a sequence of Image FramesPSDOT145 Salt-Pepper Impulse Noise Detection and Removal Using Multiple Thresholds for Image RestorationPSDOT146 Character Recognition Using C#.NETPSDOT147 Online multimedia database for communities of Practice in Biology: a real use challengePSDOT148 Industrial Leave Management System in This Corporate WorldPSDOT149 Online Examination SystemPSDOT150 Employee Leave Management System in a Corporate WorldPSDOT151 Virtual Interview & Recruitment System Using VB .netPSDOT152 Intelligent Student Mark System Using ASP.Net with SQL ServerPSDOT153 Consultancy Management System I ©2011 Pantech Solutions Pvt Ltd I