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2012 alive! imagine u promgram


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2012 alive! imagine u promgram

  1. 1. Fraternity & Sorority Life at Washington State University
  2. 2. Terminology• Fraternal or Greek-Letter Organizations• Chapter• Potential New Member (PNM)• Residential or Non-Residential• Fraternity Men• Sorority Women
  3. 3. Presence on Campus• There are over 50 Greek-letter organizations at WSU.• There are over 3,300 fraternity/sorority members, making up about 17% of the undergraduate student population.• Members are represented in Registered Student Organizations, ASWSU, Alive!, and athletics.
  4. 4. Benefits of Membership • Membership can provide a home away from home. • The support system inherent in a chapter is a factor in the retention and success of students. • Students will belong to one of the largest communities on campus.
  5. 5. Lifelong Relationships• The cornerstone of fraternity and sorority membership is the development of lifelong friendships.• Men and women have a strong bond that carries beyond their undergraduate experience into the workplace and family ties. Kappa Alpha Theta Big and Little Sisters 1979 (top) and 2012 (bottom)
  6. 6. Leadership DevelopmentThere are multiple leadership positionsin every chapter that allow students togain hands-on experience.•Leading committees•Managing budgets•Running meetings•Event planning•Interaction with faculty, staff andadministrators•Leadership seminars and workshopsare offered throughout the year
  7. 7. Community ServiceFraternities and sororities commit togiving back to the local community byparticipating in year-round serviceprojects.•The Center for Civic Engagementreported 1,911 fraternity/sororitymembers performed over 15,000hours of service during the fall2011 semester alone.•Every chapter has a member solelyresponsible for community service.•Fraternity/sorority members areheld in high regard by manycommunity members for the levelof service they provide.
  8. 8. Success in College • National studies and WSU data show that fraternity/sorority students are more likely to persist in college and graduate than non-affiliated students.
  9. 9. Campus Involvement• Fraternity/sorority members are leaders in many student organizations on campus.• Fraternities and sororities often organize teams for intramural sports leagues.• Fraternity/sorority students typically hold top ASWSU leadership roles and work on campus.
  10. 10. Academic AchievementAs academics are a pillar offraternity/sorority life, members areexpected to meet a GPA standard toremain in good standing with theorganization.•Chapters provide a scholarshipprogram for their members and asupport network to help studentsachieve.•Spring 2012 Community GPAs • All-Fraternity: 3.21 • All-Sorority: 3.22
  11. 11. The CouncilsThere are 4 governing councilsfor fraternal organizations atWSU:•National Pan-Hellenic Council(NPHC) (historically AfricanAmerican)•United Greek Council (UGC)(culturally based organizations)•Interfraternity Council (IFC)•Panhellenic Council
  12. 12. Culturally-Based Organizations
  13. 13. Culturally-Based OrgsThere are currently 9 culturally-based organizations and 6historically African-Americanchapters on campus.•Non-residential•Community service based•Organizations are diverse andrecruit members regardless oftheir ethnic background•Chapter sizes range from 5 to 20members
  14. 14. NPHCNational Pan-Hellenic Council(NPHC) chapters are historicallyAfrican American organizations.•NPHC organizations at WSUfocus on service to thecommunity, and oftencollaborate with their chaptersat Eastern WashingtonUniversity for events andactivities.•There are 5 men’s fraternitiesand 1 women’s sorority.
  15. 15. United Greek AssociationUnited Greek Associationorganizations are historicallyconnected to Latino(a), Chicano(a),or Asian American Pacific Islanderbackgrounds.•UGA organizations at WSUfocus on building family bondsand serving the community.•There are 5 women’sorganizations and 4 men’sgroups.
  16. 16. Greek Row Fraternities & Sororities
  17. 17. IFC & PanhellenicThere are currently 13 Panhellenicsororities and 24 fraternities locatedon Greek Row.•Residential, similar to a verylarge family home•Fraternity chapter sizes rangefrom 30 to 115 members•Sorority chapter sizes rangefrom 81 to 154 members
  18. 18. Fraternity & Sorority Recruitment
  19. 19. Qualities of a PNMAll chapters are looking for newmembers who will contribute to allthat we’ve covered thus far: service,academics, involvement, andleadership.•Individual chapters haveestablished their own minimumGPA requirements.•Chapters adhere closely to theirgrade cut-off, exceptions are rare.•Students who aren’t serious aboutcollege, and here only for the socialscene aren’t the students chaptersare seeking.
  20. 20. How You Can Join• Membership Intake• Women’s Formal Recruitment• Men’s Summer Recruitment• Men’s Formal Recruitment• Continuous Open Recruitment
  21. 21. Membership Intake• NPHC and UGA conduct a process called membership intake to invite new members to join.• The intake process is different for every chapter but usually involves an application, interview, community service projects, study tables and education about the history of the organization.• The process is 4 to 12 weeks at the end of which participants become lifelong members of the organization.
  22. 22. How to Join: IFC/Panhellenic • Chapters utilize a mutual selection process to invite men/women to join. • PNMs have the opportunity to visit all chapters on Greek Row, in both the men’s and women’s recruitment process. • Women continue throughout the week by narrowing down their preferences. At the end of the week, women learn which chapter has invited
  23. 23. Sorority Recruitment Details• The week will consist of educational programming, making friends, and visiting all 13 sorority chapters.• The dress is casual, except the final day when a shirt and skirt or sundress is appropriate. (A new wardrobe is not necessary!)• Letters of recommendation from sorority alumna serve as a nice introduction to the alumna’s sorority, but are not required.
  24. 24. Fraternity Recruitment• Summer recruitment Fraternities contact incoming students and invite them to a BBQ, sporting event, or a community service event.• Fall recruitment Chapter house tours and invite-only events occur during the week prior to the first week of school.• Year-round recruitment Men can join a fraternity at any time during the year after getting to know a chapter.
  25. 25. Men’s Housing • To live in a fraternity house as a first-year member, men must join a chapter over the summer and break their hall contract. • Men who choose to go through fall or year-round recruitment will live in the residence hall for at least one semester before moving into the chapter house.
  26. 26. Residential Fraternities & Sororities
  27. 27. Chapter Facilities • Residential fraternity and sorority properties are privately owned and operated by alumni corporations or inter/national organizations. • On average, 2-4 people share a day room with desks, dressers, and closets. Most students sleep on a sleeping porch. • All houses have wireless internet and expanded TV.
  28. 28. Chapter Facilities• Laundry services vary, but many chapters offer the use of washers and dryers.• Chapters provide meals via a cook, catering, or dining plans for their members.• Fraternities have Live-In Advisors and Sororities have House Directors.• Parking varies and first year students are discouraged from bringing a car.
  29. 29. Living Expenses • Average cost of living in a chapter facility (including membership fees) is about $650-750 per month • Sorority one-time fees range $650-$800 • Fraternity one-time fees range $400-$600 • One-time fees include: pledging fee, initiation fee, building fund, etc.
  30. 30. Freshman Housing• Chapters granted University Approved Housing status are able to invite freshmen to live in the facility.• Because of chapter sizes, not all fraternities/sororities choose to or are able to house new members.• Most women will live in the residence hall until they are able to move in the fall or spring semester of their sophomore year.
  31. 31. How to Learn More & Get Involved
  32. 32. Learning More • Women: Read a copy of Rush Right by Sunday Tollefson at • Visit the council and chapter websites to learn more about the individual organizations, grades, and recruitment. • Sign up for Greek 101! The course is an upper-division elective, and starts September 10th. Look for UColl 497 sections, listed under J. Harrison to register.
  33. 33. More InformationCenter for Fraternity & Sorority Life / /WSUIFCCUB 315 / /UnitedGreekAssociationWSU509-335-5433 @WSUGreeksCouncil Office @WSUPanhellenicCUB 323 @WSUIFC509-335-5929 @WSU_UGCPanhellenic Councilwww.wsusororities.companrecruitment@wsu.eduInterfraternity Councilwww.wsufraternities.comifcrecruitment@wsu.eduUnited Greek