WPC 2012: Panorama Software for SQL Server 2012


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  • The world we live in today is all about being social. Even the automakers are trying to show off the ability to hear Facebook statuses or tweetsdirectly through your car.And in this new paradigmeverybody is a publisherYou decide what to read/watch and whenComments on an article have sometimes more information than the articleEverybody contributes to the world information content and everybody delivers news By clicking on the “Like” button in Facebook you influence what other people readAnd if you think about it - the adoption was pretty smooth – very few users know or care about the web servers they use or the database that captures information. The end user adoption did not require a work-breakdown-structure describing the software installation, verification, testing or training plan. Users liked it because it served a purpose, was easy to use and required no formal training.
  • Previously, we used dictionaries with a very structured search and you had to have a precise question to find the right answer. Today, it’s all about the contextual discovery. The relevant information is handed to the user without the need to even search for it.When you go and buy a book on amazon, you expect amazon to learn your reading habits and to find the next best book for you to read. When you watch youtube, you expect youtube to understand your viewing habits and suggest the right video for you. If you use google, you expect it to understand what you are looking for and suggest the right content for you.In BI, you need a system that understands the user and knows what’s the right data to suggest to the user. Instead of users searching for insights and reports, the reports will find the user. Instead of teaching the user what are the right questions to ask, the system will create patterns, based on the user profile and the data that he reviewed, and automatically suggest the relevant information to the user.
  • Building Intuitive and Self-Service EnvironmentSimple and intuitive Workboard organization of the systemHighly visualized and responsive graphic interfaceEnd users are encouraged to build their own workboards for data exploration and analysisIncreasing adoption rate of technology among all employees of the organizationEmbracing Collaboration and MentoringUnique State of Art Necto Social BI Layer takes collaboration to the nest level Users are encouraged to: FOLLOW,SHARE, LIKE, DISCUSS, COMMENT, ASSIGN, MAKE DECISIONEngaging system that analyzes social graph of every user to make BI more relevant and user friendlyMentoring and Knowledge transfer have never been that simple and funCreating Unique Corporate Knowledge SystemDiscussions, Comments, Likes and any other form of collaboration will never get lost againKnowledge of all employees is being accumulated over time to create a system of corporate knowledge and experience everybody could easily use later for making better decisions
  • Panorama has recently been awarded silver in theBest Business Intelligence and Reporting Tool category by SQL Server magazine
  • WPC 2012: Panorama Software for SQL Server 2012

    1. 1. Delivering relevant data without the need to search
    2. 2. ADVANCED ANALYTICS SOCIAL BI Easy-to-use analytics for business users and advanced analytical capabilities for Engaging platform for power users collaborative decision making Self Service CONTEXTUAL DISCOVERYIntelligent BI engine that automatically pushes relevant insights by understanding user’s behavior
    3. 3. Challenge • Consolidate BI solutions • Support thousands of users (Business & Analysts) • Provide better visibility into business situation • Improve communication relating to issues Solution BI Solution • Various data warehouses (SAP and SQL Semantic Layer) broughtWorkboards: 96 togetherModules: 14 • Simple and fast Flat Data Analysis with NectoOLAP Cubes: 28Cubes & ODS in BI: 120/62 • Delivered in single easy to use interfaceBW Datasize: 1.8 TBUsers: 2,700 Benefits • Reduces the time to find information • Increase collaboration and communication • Unified solution • Ease of use in building new Workboards • Provides information and insight otherwise not known
    4. 4. Intuitive & Interactive for Business UsersAnalytics Social BI Automated Insights WorkBoardsReporting KPI’s Visuals Mobile BI (i.e treemaps)
    5. 5. Self-Service Panorama Necto Architecture Application On Any Device and Delivery Web AccessNecto BI 3.0 Social BI Contextual discovery Advanced Analytics Engaging platform allowing users to Intelligent BI engine that automatically pushes Easy-to-use analytics for business usersIntelligence use, work and share data for relevant insights by understanding user and advanced analytical capabilities for Layer collaborative decision making behavior power usersData Modeling Universal Data Connector SQL OLAP PowerPivot SQL In Memory Pre-Structured User AddedData Sources Other Databases Excel Files Reporting Services Web Services Applications SQL
    6. 6. The Only BI Tool Specifically Designed for Microsoft• Empowers SharePoint • Create and manage • Provides advanced BI content with Social BI OLAP cubes analytical tools for the• Integration to feeds, automatically power users profile and search • Automatic analytics • Gives the ability to• Connect BI data and capabilities and cause spread BI to the SharePoint Documents & effect algorithms masses through to allow quantitative and • Expands the use of innovative interface & qualitative analysis, Analysis Services with integration with Office using Fast Search relevancy mechanisms and SharePoint
    7. 7. Building Intuitive and Embracing Creating Unique Self-Service Collaboration and Corporate Knowledge Environment Mentoring System
    8. 8. Making a Step to Social Enterprise
    9. 9. Benefit with Business Intelligence 3.0Faster move from Faster and better Find additional decisions through social insights locked withindata to action decision making your dataImprove knowledge Real Time access to Increase BI Userretention data anywhere you go Adoption Rate
    10. 10. 2012 – Introducing the Social Enterprise 2011 - Introducing a new concept of BI 3.0 2010 - Panorama makes PowerPivot ‘Enterprise Ready 2009 - NovaView 6 brings together the best of SQL, Office and SharePoint 2007 - Integration with Microsoft Office – ‘Spotlight’ 2006 - Partner with SAP, Advise on MDX 2003 - Redefine how Users Explore Data 1996 - BI technology sold to Microsoft, basis for Analysis Services & MDX1995 - Panorama’s first BI solution was created