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Use BI to Beat the Competition


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Key Challenges in BI for Retail Industry and how Panorama NovaView Business Intelligence Suite deals with them.

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Use BI to Beat the Competition

  1. 1. Use BI to Beat the Competition Special Guest Speaker: Jan de Jong Board Member of the National Retail Foundation
  2. 2. Agenda • Key Challenges in Retail Organizations • How BI can Solve them • Usage Scenario: Baltika Breweries • Demo • Q & A
  3. 3. Retail: Key Challenges
  4. 4. Challenge #1 Real-Time Operations Management • Retail has the highest turnover rate and the lowest margin in comparison to other industries • First industry to react to changes in consumer needs and behavior • Geographically-spread distribution network
  5. 5. Challenge #2 Vast amounts of Data reside in different places • Retail organizations tend to operate huge amounts of Data : 100 TB and more • Different IT systems are used for that Data to be managed in various departments and/or geographical locations
  6. 6. Challenge #3 No consistent view on data throughout the organization
  7. 7. Solution Provide real-time visibility into corporate performance through self-service Business Intelligence
  8. 8. Business Intelligence can give insight into: • Customer Intelligence Identify, acquire, activate, serve and retain profitable customers • Merchandise Intelligence Drive revenue, protect margins and earn customer loyalty • Operations Intelligence Intelligent use of working capital and operating expenses to effectively manage inventory • Performance Management Analyze, forecast and maximize profits by monitoring cost and performance of multiple business units
  9. 9. Marketing/MM Store Manager Sales Assoc. Customer Business Scenarios - Retail • Store Profitability • Sales Performance • Stock Control • Loss Prevention • Task Management • Customer Insight • Sales and Service Performance • Profitability • Loyalty and persistency • Market basket analysis • Campaign results • Assortment Planning • Demand planning Supply Chain • Inventory optimization • Out-of stock prevention CFO/CEO • Financial Reporting • Business KPIs • Strategy & Planning
  10. 10. Panorama NovaView for Retail
  11. 11. Panorama NovaView Self-service BI suite • Powerful yet easy-to-use Analytics & Reporting for business users • Real-time operations control ability • On-top of any data source • Unified BI solution that creates consistent enterprise view on the data using unique for the entire organization metrics
  12. 12. Intuitive & Interactive Panorama NovaView BI Suite Analytics Reporting Dashboards KPI’s Visualization (i.e. treemaps) Office Integration
  13. 13. Universal Data Connector • Instantly connect to any data source with no IT involvement (Self-Service) • Automatically transform dull data into interactive and live insights • Benefit from the unified platform, management and security
  14. 14. Panorama NovaView 6.2 Architecture NovaView Server - Business Logic - Unified Data Security Model Analysis Services Universal Data Connector and / or MS SQL SAP Oracle Flat Files Applications Web Services PowerPivot and / or Source, operational raw data Modeling, aggregations, semantics Intelligence Layer End User Client Smart ReportingMS Office ClientsSpotlightDashboardsAnalytics
  15. 15. Demonstration
  16. 16. Usage Scenario: Baltika Breweries Background: • Second largest brewery in Europe • Recently merged with several other breweries • Revenues of €2 Billion • Doing business in 60 countries • Working with over 100 terabytes of data
  17. 17. Challenge: To build a unified BI infrastructure to support and lead their market expansion after the merger, integrating different IT structures of 12 breweries, managing over 10,000 employees, 350,000 points of sale and a massive logistics network. Usage Scenario: Baltika Breweries
  18. 18. Solution: • Baltika integrated Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services for: • Its complete BI platform (from OLAP to Reporting and ETL) • Best total cost of ownership • Baltika extended Microsoft platform with Panorama NovaView for: • Self-service and ease of use for the business users • Light web-based environment • Rich data visualization • Tight integration with MS BI stack Usage Scenario: Baltika Breweries
  19. 19. Benefits: • Consistent view on data throughout the organization • Improved collaboration between the diverse logistics groups • Self-service access to data for managers across the company to improve efficiency and agility • Reporting time takes minutes instead of days Future Plans: • Expanding Panorama NovaView + Microsoft BI platform into marketing, manufacturing, sales and supply-chain management Usage Scenario: Baltika Breweries
  20. 20. About Panorama Software • 15 years of experience in Business Intelligence • Original developer of Microsoft Analysis Services and MDX • Long standing partnerships with Microsoft, SAP and Google • Over 1,500 customers worldwide
  21. 21. • Get in touch with us: • Follow us on Twitter: • Panorama Software on LinkedIn: • Panorama blog: Q & A