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08 necto working_with_kpi_ready

  1. 1. Necto TrainingModule 8: Workingwith KeyPerformanceIndicators (KPIs)
  2. 2. Objectives By the end of this lesson you will be able to perform basic analytics by: Using KPI to see if you have met your goals Defining your own KPIs
  3. 3. Agenda Introduction to KPIs Defining KPIs Using the Wizard
  4. 4. Introduction to KPIs
  5. 5. Case Study I’d like a quick visual way to see which of my regions is not reaching their targets Linda Taylor VP Sales
  6. 6. What are KPIs? Key Performance Indicators Clear indication of performance compared to goal Trend Goal Value Minimum Maximum Value Value
  7. 7. Advantages of Panorama® Necto™ KPI Distill information into indicators Monitor progress towards goals Highlight variances from targets Dynamically update with slicing and drilling Drill through to analyze Customize to suit any requirement
  8. 8. KPI Types Single KPI Status Value Pre-defined KPI Status Values Multiple KPI Status Values
  9. 9. KPI LayoutDashboard KPI Layout Crosstab KPI Layout
  10. 10. Defining KPIs Using the Wizard
  11. 11. Defining KPIs Each store’s target is to increase sales by 10%. Can I define KPI’s that will show me if they reach their target?
  12. 12. What Needs to be Defined? KPI is part of a view Trend Goal Minimum Maximum Value Value
  13. 13. Using the KPI Wizard 3. Select layout 5. Click Add..1. Select a view 2. Select Tools > Define KPI 4. Adjust display options
  14. 14. Selecting a KPI . Select Category 2. Select a KPI from the category Description of the KPI is available
  15. 15. Define Parameters
  16. 16. Define Goal
  17. 17. Define Trend
  18. 18. Define Minimum
  19. 19. Define Maximum
  20. 20. Select Images Select image for KPI Click to assign colors to value ranges Select image for trend
  21. 21. Modifying KPI Color Range
  22. 22. Select Set Used for Dashboard KPI Click for advanced set definitions Used to simulate drill down
  23. 23. Advanced Set Definition
  24. 24. Finish – Define Name and Description Name and description
  25. 25. KPI Definition Summary
  26. 26. Summary KPI Definition Containing View Goal Minimum value Maximum value Display method Trend Definition tool: Desktop Client
  27. 27. Exercise Define KPIs that will show If sales goals have been reached If target number of customers has been reached
  28. 28. Thank youAny Questions?