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Necto 16 training 9 navigation component


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Necto 16 training 9 navigation component

  1. 1. Necto 16 Training Navigation Component
  2. 2. Objectives • By the end of this lesson you will be able to: • Explain the how to use a Navigation component • Create all types of Navigation components • Use parameters with the navigation components
  3. 3. Navigation Component Horizontal or vertical display Title LocationCreate or edit parameters
  4. 4. Navigation Component Definition Set type related parameters Select parameter type
  5. 5. Navigation – Dimensions Members Selecting a member in the Navigation component will slice view accordingly
  6. 6. Navigation – Dimensions Members - Continue
  7. 7. Navigation – Numeric Range Visualization options Value selected can be accessed by placeholder Apply button is selected from the ‘home’ Navigation area
  8. 8. Navigation – Exception and Value Filter Navigation component of Exception and Value types are explained in their own modules
  9. 9. Navigation – Pick List Placeholders can refer to either name or value of selection
  10. 10. Navigation – Free Text
  11. 11. Navigation – Auto Calculated Enables entering free MDX
  12. 12. Managing Parameters Can add parameters Shows all parameters defined in Workboard Delete parameters Move up or down
  13. 13. Modifying the Component Properties 1. Select component 2. Click to edit properties Inherit properties from workboard=‘No’ Make the changes and click on ‘Apply’ DON’T FORGET TO SAVE YOUR CHANGES!