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Necto 16 training 16 workboard properties and advanced features


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Necto 16 training 16 workboard properties and advanced features

  1. 1. Necto 16 Training Workboard Properties and Advanced Features
  2. 2. Objective By the end of this lesson you will be able to • enhance your workboard by configuring properties • Complete exercise 8 – Working with Workboard Properties
  3. 3. Accessing Workboard Properties Select Properties Components are available for a selection After modifying properties you can save skin Can select one of the saved skins Set language If you don’t like animations, can disable them Allow use of customized properties Maximize Minimize mode (for a component)
  4. 4. Workboard Properties - Workboard Change workboard size. Larger will include scroll bars Slicer of previous workboard can be applied to this one when it opens Graphical properties Note: you can save skin at any level Click to add a script will be executed at WB level
  5. 5. Workboard Properties - Component Name of component Component definition dialog Auto-refresh data settings. Never or number of minutes Create Actions on WB like Drill to new WB
  6. 6. Workboard Properties – Adding Buttons to a Component Click Buttons Define button properties Select a Component Can add a JavaScript Modify tooltip text
  7. 7. Workboard Properties – Adding Actions to a Component Click Actions Add Action Define Action properties Select the Workboard Modify caption text Set the context of the Action
  8. 8. Workboard Data Properties Show nulls as blank Make sure all three are set to “yes” to impact slicing Show percent Show percent and values