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NACCDO Successful Collaboration in Matrix Fundraising Environment - L. Ferraiolo - T. Dillon - M. Maxwell


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NACCDO Successful Collaboration in Matrix Fundraising Environment - L. Ferraiolo - T. Dillon - M. Maxwell

  1. 1. Challenges of Collaborative Development in Matrix Cancer Centers Presented by: Terri Dillon, Robert H. Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center Laura Ferraiolo, Abramson Cancer Center Moderator: Mary Maxwell, IU Simon Cancer Center
  2. 2. Partners or Competitors? ? ? ? ? ?
  3. 3. The Challenges of Collaborative Development in a Matrix Cancer Center Laura Ferraiolo Director of Development Abramson Cancer Center
  4. 4. Abramson Cancer Center – Matrix on
  5. 5. Abramson Cancer Center Development Team Sr. Exec. Director & Principal Gifts Officer Assoc. Dir. of Annual Giving Admin Coordinator Director of Major Gifts Associate Director of Development Neuro- oncology and GU cancers Associate Director of Development Head and Neck Oncology Director of Development, Co mmunications and Community Engagement Associate Director of Development Blood, Thyroid and Gastroenteroloy Oncology Admin Asst. Admin Asst. Director of Leadership Giving and Philanthropic Outreach Director of Development Breast and Gynecologic Cancers, and Melanoma Assistant Developmen t Officer Associate Director of Development Thoracic Oncology Admin Asst. Associate Director, Events Senior Writer FUNDRAISING GOAL: $40 MILLION DOLLARS in FY14
  6. 6. Development Reporting Structure Sr. Exec. Director & Principal Gifts Officer Abramson Cancer Center Development Abramson Cancer Center Director Penn Medicine Development CAO Dean & Health System CEO University Development VP University President
  7. 7. Challenges and Complexities: University and Doctors • Approach Time – very different • HIPAA • Affinity: • University connection • Doctor(s) • Care Experience and Outcomes • Sensitivity • Penn Doctor, CFRE • Development Officer, MD
  8. 8. • Asked to raise $$ like a free-standing Cancer Center  President doesn’t have singular focus  Too much time navigating politics  Square peg in a round hole Example: Inaugural Bike Ride • Human Resources  Held to same standards as University colleagues  Apples and oranges! Challenges and Complexities: Expectations
  9. 9. Challenges and Complexities: Complex Health System • Patient sees many doctors: Med Onc Rad Onc Surg Onc Radiology • Donor-driven Process!!
  10. 10. Opportunities: Basser Research Center for BRCA
  11. 11. Opportunities to Enhance Collaboration: Health System • Disease-focused portfolios that cross departments and divisions • Dual reports for consistency within health system • Reporting – dual counting • Faculty Philanthropy Council • Finding existing collaborations
  12. 12. Opportunities to Enhance Collaboration: University • Make things happen • Hosted central colleagues • Pipeline: primary and additional staff • Prospect management teams • Meet once a year with colleagues across University to build relationships and discuss potential collaboration
  13. 13. Prospect Assignment Policies • All prospect assignments are reviewed by the Prospect Management Committee • Non-alumni friends • Alumni • Not often we find alumni who haven’t been cultivated at some point – can be challenging to get on teams
  14. 14. Creating More Stories of Hope!
  15. 15. THE CHALLENGES OF COLLABORATIVE DEVELOPMENT IN A MATRIX CANCER CENTER Terri Dillon Assistant Dean for Development Robert H. Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center of Northwestern University
  16. 16. Lurie Cancer Center Overview Cancer Center Director • As a Center Director, reports to Dean of the Medical School and as a Clinical Director, also reports to CEO of Hospital Director’s Oversight • Responsible for integrating all cancer-relevant research and activity across Northwestern Medicine • Directs research enterprise through NCI Cancer Center Support Grant and institutional resources, including philanthropy • Authority over clinical enterprise • Can direct unrestricted support to cancer center to any clinical area related to cancer at his discretion
  17. 17. Lurie Cancer Center Overview The Fundraising “Team” Collaborative effort between Feinberg School of Medicine (FSM) Alumni Relations and Northwestern Memorial (Hospital) Foundation • Medical School focuses on fundraising related to biomedical research and medical education • The fundraising team at FSM reports through Assistant Dean for Development, Terri Dillon • University Central Development and Planned Giving partners with FSM on prospects they identify with interest in supporting cancer research • Northwestern Memorial Foundation (NMF) focuses on fundraising related to clinical program support and biomedical research • The fundraising team at NMF reports through VP for Philanthropy, Dave Sack
  18. 18. President and CEO of Northwestern Memorial HealthCare Assistant Dean for Development Center Director, Chief, Division of Hem- Onc, Department of Cancer Biology, Developmental Therapeutics & Early Cancer Detection Director, Robert H. Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center Executive Director, NM & Vice Dean for Development and Alumni Relations Assistant Director, Major Gifts Brain Tumor Institute, Sarcoma, GI Oncology, & 3rd Party Events Associate Director, Major Gifts Skin Cancer & Hematologic Malignancies Development Assistant Vice President, NMF Center Director, Chief, Division of Hem-Onc, Supportive Oncology, Surgical Oncology, Thoracic Oncology & Women’s Cancers Administrative Assistant NU President NU Development Office Dean of Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine President Northwestern Memorial Foundation (NMF) Philanthropy Associate Benefactor Relations, Integrative Oncology Communications Associate Hematologic Malignancies Philanthropy Director Urology
  19. 19. Our Challenges and Complexities Integration Recent integration through Hospital acquisition of faculty practice group creates greater need for coordination, integrated fundraising practices, and collaboration to pursue common priorities and goals for advancement of Cancer Center
  20. 20. Our Challenges and Complexities Vision and Leadership • Leadership transition – recruitment underway for new leader after recent departure of 23- year charismatic center director • New direction and change in vision with potential new leader who might be more research scientist than clinician
  21. 21. Our Challenges and Complexities Fundraising Culture • Lack of buy-in for institutional priorities; separate fundraising goals and approaches • Collaboration among programs based on good will, necessity • Development office culture; collaboration and teamwork are expected – easier for new hires than pre-integration gift officers • Duplication of effort; sole sourcing areas within cancer vs. joint leads and gifts officers learning to work well together
  22. 22. Our Opportunities Bring the right people together Regular meetings between fundraising staffs, faculty and leadership Joint planning and decision making Involvement of Cancer Center Director in goal and priority setting with development leadership and gift officers Dividing clinical and research areas/priorities with Cancer Center
  23. 23. Our Opportunities Transparency and Trust Sharing/comparing prospect and proposal lists Identifying/discussing overlapping relationships Resolve to Solve Conflict Attempt first to overcome conflict with colleagues openly and directly Share successful outcomes with teams to benefit the whole Bring unresolved issues to institutional leaders as a last resort for mediation and resolution
  24. 24. Rules of Engagement Prospect Management Scenario: 1. Gift officer is planning contact (visit, phone, letter, email, etc.) with a prospect 2. Gift officer checks their respective organization’s internal donor database to see if there is an existing relationship
  25. 25. Rules of Engagement If no relationship exists • Gift Officer proceeds w/planned contact • Gift Officer notifies the appropriate Operations contact (NMF/FSM) that he/she is the relationship manager for PROSPECT X
  26. 26. Rules of Engagement If a relationship exists • Gift officer calls the relationship manager to discuss PROSPECT X’s relationship status and history. • If this is an ACTIVE Prospect – Determine if the new strategy for the prospect can be combined or added to an existing strategy • If this is NOT an ACTIVE Prospect – Discuss the prospect’s history/organizational affiliation to determine a strategy for approach • If gift officers cannot resolve, may need to bring to attention of leadership for mediation or resolution
  27. 27. Rules of Engagement Joint Communication and Interaction Values By collaborating, we will increase the impact of Northwestern Medicine fundraising initiatives, provide seamless service to senior leadership, physicians, donors and prospects and create a collegial environment for fundraising professionals. To this end we espouse the following values to interacting between institutions:
  28. 28. Rules of Engagement • Assume innocence • Best surprise is no surprise • Person-to-person communication is best • Do not attempt to resolve difficult/complex situations via email • Resolve situations with colleagues – do not escalate • Check w/colleagues first (not physicians or other administrators)
  29. 29. “Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is process; working together is success.” -Henry Ford
  30. 30. Challenges of Collaborative Development in Matrix Centers Questions