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Pansw nibp cuff


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nibp cuffs with all sizes.... infant, neonate, adult, pediatric,

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Pansw nibp cuff

  1. 1. NIBP Cuff Product Catalog Part No compatible NBC-10001A NBC-10001B NBC-10001C NBC-10001D NBC-10001E NBC-10001F NBC-10001G NBC-10001H NBC-10001I NBC-10001J NBC-10001K NBC-10001L Large Adult Dual tube NIBP Cuff (33-47) Thigh Dual tube NIBP Cuff (46- 66) Original Part number: Datascope: 0998-00-0003-32 0998-00-0003-52; Ohmeda: 572428; Spacelabs: 714-0020-00 Child Arm Circumstance: 12—19 cm/4.72 to 7.48 inches 714-0021-00 Small Adult: Arm circumstance 17—25 cm/6.69 to 9.84 inches 714-0022-00 Small Adult Arm Circumstance 17—26 cm/6.69 to 10.24 inches 714-0023-00 Adult Arm Circumstance 23—33 cm/9.06 to 13 inches 714-0024-00 Adult Arm Circumstance 24—32 cm/9.45 to 12.60 inches 714-0025-00 Large Adult Arm Circumstance 31 to 40 cm/12.20 to 15.75 inches 714-0026-00 Large Adult Arm Circumstance 32 to 46 cm/12.20 to 18.11 inches 714-0027-00 Thigh Circumstance 38 to 50 cm/14.96 to 19.69 inches Edan: adult M15-40029; large adult: M15-40074; adult thigh: M15-40043; Child M15-40018; Infant M15-40020; Please contact Pansw for more compatibilities. Description Picture Neonatel Single tube NIBP Cuff; 6cm~11cm Neonatel Dual tube NIBP Cuff; 6cm~11cm Infant Single tube NIBP Cuff; 10cm~19cm Child Single tube NIBP Cuff; 18cm~26cm Adult Single tube NIBP Cuff; 25cm~35cm Large Adult Single tube NIBP Cuff (33-47) Thigh Single tube NIBP Cuff (46- 66) GE Medical Datex Ohmeda Dinama plus: XL,SX/XP,8100 series,GE corometrics; Critikon; Datex-Ohmeda; CAS; Welch Allyn Vital signs models Reusable NIBP cuff, Nylon cloth outside, TPU bladder inside; TPU tube 78352A/C,78354A/C,M1008A/B M1176A,M1350B,M3000A M3001A (with M1598B,M1599B, tubing) Datascope Passport, Acutor;Densh; Spacelabs all;Welch Allyn Models with locking luer connector Infant Dual tube NIBP Cuff; 10cm ~19cm Child Dual NIBP Cuff; 18cm~ 26cm Adult Dual tube NIBP Cuff; 25cm ~35cm