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ONA and the tools landscape


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Brief description of ONA (Organizational network analysis) followed by a summary and comparison of the emerging SAAS vendors who provide support for network surveys and analysis.

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ONA and the tools landscape

  1. 1. ONA and the Tools Landscape Patti Anklam December 15 2015
  2. 2. First, Some Background • Beginning in the 1990’s computer science made it possible to map and analyze large social networks. 2002 2002 2002 2003 2004 2004 2009 • By 2009, network science and analysis are accepted practice in science and management • Insights became accessible to the public. 2 2005 2007 2009
  3. 3. Meanwhile… by 2013 3 Big Data! • People are mining the our public personas in the internet to understand networks • Concepts from social network analysis are creeping into contact and relationship management applications • Techniques for gathering social interactions become instrumented 2015 2013
  4. 4. What is Network Analysis? • Social network analysis (SNA) is a collection of techniques, tools, and methods to map and measure the relationships among people and organizations • Organizational network analysis (ONA) often refers to the use of SNA methods in the context of organization dynamics and development • In practice, we use these tools to map connections among people and ideas, issues, and other entities as well as the social and organizational connections 4
  5. 5. Network Analysis in Organizations 5 Management Practice Examples (Short List) Talent Management Personal Leadership Succession Planning Staffing key roles Innovation Identify energy sources Bridge boundaries Knowledge management Expertise management Communities of practice Improving information flow Organizational Change and Development Change management Mergers and acquisition Organizational Performance Team building How has it been applied?
  6. 6. Looking at Results: Structure Matters 6 • There is science to support the understanding of network structure • The structure of a network provides insights into how the network “works” • Once you understand the structure, you can make decisions about how to manage the network’s context • Network analysis tools help you understand the structure
  7. 7. Impact on Business of Connectivity • Bank management was trying to understand the differences across branches in sales at credit and deposit figures • Using network analysis, the bank was able to understand where to direct mentoring and “best practice” exchanges across banks 7 Figures show the performance differences in bank branches based on the density of their relationships Total credit / person Total deposit / person Low density branches High density branches Low density branches High density branches Source: Maven7
  8. 8. Looking at Results: Centrality Matters 8 • Network analysis can be used to identify key information & opinion conduits • These individuals can be leveraged in change programs • Goal: find the smallest number of people who can reach the largest number of employees in the smallest number of steps
  9. 9. Key Opinion Leaders: Step-by-Step 9 Source: Maven7
  10. 10. Impact of Finding Key Opinion Leaders 10 Source: Maven7
  11. 11. Impact of Finding Key Opinion Leaders 11 Dunbar’s number: 150 • Strong ties: – Close, frequent – Reciprocal – May be embedded in a strong “local network” • Weak ties – Infrequent interaction – Likely embedded in other (diverse) networks – Accessible as needed Source: Maven7
  12. 12. Network Analysis: The Method in a Nutshell 12 Step Activities/Tools Design Understand the business problem Identify boundaries Clarify and design questions Collect Data Surveys Interviews Facebook, LinkedIn Email logs Analyze data to generate maps and metrics DIY tools Integrated SaaS tools Review data Validate; look for questions Prepare evaluation Match network results with context and stories Move into action
  13. 13. Survey Example – Demographic Component 13
  14. 14. Network Questions Probe Relationships 14
  15. 15. Sophisticated Algorithms Reduce Survey Time 15 Select the names of up to four colleagues with whom you communicate the most to get your work done. Source: Maven7 Employee names access via drop-down or fill-in. Survey respondents need to pick only four names for each question.
  16. 16. The Important Data • Relationships 16 • Demographics
  17. 17. How Do We Manage Knowledge? Accessible knowledgeAcknowledged Expert Colleague Group with no direct access to a knowledge center Questions visualized on the map: 1. Whom do you turn to for professional advice regarding your daily work? 2. Who is the most acknowledged professional in your field? Non-accessible knowledge Source: Maven7
  18. 18. Organizational Networks Summary 18 • The science of networks has brought insights into the structure of organizational networks • Organizational network analysis lets us map relationships to: • Identify patterns of connection, disconnection, and flows of knowledge and ideas • Understand the roles that individuals play and their potential for enhancing organizational effectiveness • Developing and sharing maps and metrics helps organizations to ask good questions and design targeted interventions
  19. 19. Interventions Ways to change patterns in networks Practices from the KM/OD Repertoire Create more connections Make introductions through meetings and webinars, face-to-face events (like knowledge fairs); implement social software or social network referral software; social network stimulation Increase the flow of knowledge Establish collaborative workspaces, install instant messaging systems, make existing knowledge bases more accessible and usable Discover connections Implement expertise location and/or; discovery systems; social software; social networking applications Decentralize Social software; blogs, wikis; shift knowledge to the edge Connect disconnected clusters Establish knowledge brokering roles; expand communication channels Create more trusted relationships Assign people to work on projects together Leverage the connectors Create awareness of the impact of an individual’s place in a network; educate employees on personal knowledge networking Increase diversity Add nodes; connect and create networks; encourage people to bring knowledge in from their networks in the world 19
  20. 20. Change Management (Maven7) 20 Selection criteria of Key Opinion Leaders Involve your identified KOLs in: Measurable results Identification of Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) via online survey on After KOLs are identified, they are invited by the consultant to take part in change facilitating workshops. A list of only those KOLs who accept this invitation is handed over to the client. • Innovators; • Initiators; • Professional experts; • Problem-solvers; • Energizers; • Popular employees; • Information hubs; • etc. • Promoting the new vision; • Providing input in the initial phase of the project; • Validating initiatives; • Communication activities; • Participating in pilots; • Fine-tuning programs; • Action planning; • Employees learn faster about new operational processes; • Employees adapt more quickly to changes; • Less employee resistance; • Constructive suggestions; • Innovative ideas from KOLs; • KOLs will be the representatives and ambassadors of change;
  21. 21. Mapping Networks: Tools
  22. 22. What Sorts of Tools Are There? 22 • Range in complexity of function & cost • NodeXL maps Twitter, Facebook networks • Logfile Analysis Social Media Graphing and Analytics “Do it Yourself” Mapping & Analysis Tools Vendors • Provide a range of choices • Gartner Market Guide (2015)
  23. 23. The Landscape in 2010: Do-It-Yourself Mapping and Analysis Tools
  24. 24. Tool Basics – the Dataset (0s and 1s) 24 Information about the nodes (vertices) and the ties (edges)
  25. 25. Load and Draw…1 25
  26. 26. Load and Draw…2 26
  27. 27. Load and Draw…3 27
  28. 28. Short List of Resources for SNA/ONA Tools 28
  29. 29. Kumu: Shared Maps 29
  30. 30. Mapping from Social Media • Social network platforms: – A Facebook Friend – A LinkedIn Connection – A Twitter Following • Social media content platforms: – Likes, posts, replies, shares, and uploads – Mentions or “retweet” #hashtags • In-house: – Email 30
  31. 31. Mapping from ESNs 31
  32. 32. Networks in Social Media 1. Krugman tweets a link to an article 2. There are a number of Tweeters who publish links to the article but these are not connected to other Tweeters 3. There are two densely interconnected groups of people who share the link and discuss it 32 Analyzing Twitter networks with NodeXL: Broadcast Networks
  34. 34. 34 • Survey tools are integrated with analysis tools in SAAS programs. • Organizational development methodologies are integrated into the survey and analysis via templates and groupings. ONA Tool Landscape 2015
  35. 35. Vendors I have looked at Vendor If you are looking for… Working with Them Maven7* OrgMapper/ ChangeMapper A tool and consulting support for a specific organizational network diagnosis, including change management, talent management, team development, knowledge management, or performance improvement. Licensing is per survey, based on # of participants and whether or not you are certified and doing the project with them in consultation. DNA-7* Automates surveys and analysis., focusing on change management, onboarding and workforce optimization. Licensing based on # of participants. No consulting services. Polinode Basic survey and analysis functions. (Still somewhat Beta mode). Allows you to publish a network map for others to browse. Priced per use based on the number of survey respondents. At present, software only. Syndio Social* A dashboard-oriented tool to map progress in large-scale organizational change, addressing problems with talent management. Combines SNA, log files, and sentiment analysis to give a full enterprise analysis. Be their “customers for life” – bring in the tool, develop expertise and use it throughout the enterprise to manage large-scale change. Sociometric Solutions Uses the Sociometric© badges to detect employee activity, merges with log file data to develop organizational diagnostics. No SaaS – all projects are custom. Keynetiq A tool that provides 12 different survey templates, analytics, and interactive network maps with members’ profiles that employees can navigate and use to search for expertise. Monthly fee based on number of people in the company. Custom pricing for networks with more than 1000 employees. Provides custom consulting. SYNAPP Survey-based, online web tool that creates maps and analytics and provides managers and employees with reports to visualize and work with the network data. Offers consulting as well as use of survey and analytic software, priced per person. *Included in the Gartner Market Guide for Social Network Analysis †I have worked extensively with this vendor
  36. 36. Other Vendors Reviewed in Gartner Market Guide (2015) Vendor Comments Optimice† Provides ONASurveys Software and project consulting. Currently they are working on a product – Swoop Analytics – that mines information from enterprise collaboration tools to identify network structures and central people. TrustSphere Based entirely on electronic artifacts, provides communication pattern maps, risk analytics and people analytics. Morphix Analyzes email metadata. Cyram NetMiner, NetExplorer, NetViz, NetMetrics are high-end social network analysis tools. Software only price $22K/year. 36 †I have worked extensively with this vendor
  37. 37. Maven7 OrgMapper • Methodology embedded in the analysis and mapping tools – Change management – Knowledge management – Team performance – Talent management – Organizational performance • Customizations managed through the consulting services • ChangeMapper identifies key opinion leaders (KOLs) and automates inviting them to participate in change programs 37
  38. 38. Keynetiq – Create a Survey 3
  39. 39. Polinode 39
  40. 40. Syndio Social 40 Syndio Social Uses SNA to Build Management Dashboards
  41. 41. Syndio Social 41 …by combining social network platform data with surveys Highest social capital Most favorable to change
  42. 42. 42 SYNAPP Sample Report
  43. 43. Sociometric Solutions • Employees wear badges that detect who they are talking to, what level of work they are doing • Provides views from the individual to teams to the organization as a whole 43
  44. 44. Discussion • Potential applications in your work? – Knowledge management strategy? – Change management? – ESN analytics? • Will ONA ever take off? 44
  45. 45. • Independent consultant and thought leader in knowledge management and organization network analysis for 15 years • 30 years in software engineering/information architecture • 10 years in professional services knowledge management & methodology (Digital, Compaq, Nortel) • Charter member of Change Agents Worldwide • Partner in ONA training courses with Optimice 45