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Socket programing


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Basics of Soket Progrming with help of .NET technology.

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Socket programing

  2. 2. Introduction  Does it possible to do a socket programming in .Net?  Does it run on web- Server?  Does any Medium is needed to do a Socket Programming
  3. 3. Socket Programming  Some Basics of Socket Programming  How Use Full this kind of application  What about security
  4. 4. Communication
  5. 5. Socket Programming  Tools  Platform Independent  Compeability issues
  6. 6. TCP UPD IP  Why we used TCP/UDP in socket programming  Why we used IP addresses in Socket Programming
  7. 7. How To Create a Chat Application  Create Connection Between Communicator  Heart of the Socket Programming in .Net is System.Net.Sockets namespace  Port Number and local address
  8. 8. Some Term and Conditions  The server must be able to create connections with multiple clients.  The server must be able to asynchronously read data from the client and be able to send messages to the client at any time.  The client must be able to asynchronously read data from the server and be able to send messages to the server at any time.
  9. 9. Multiple Clients  One Server and Multiple Clients can chat at same time  Security  Should able to connect to internet