Positioning of nirula’s in delhi and ncr


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Positioning of nirula’s in delhi and ncr

  1. 1. Presented by Pankaj
  2. 2.  The chain traces its origins to the "Hotel India" opened at L- Block Connaught Place, New Delhi (CP) in 1934, by "Nirula Brothers", LC Nirula and M Nirula; it had 12 rooms, a restaurant and a bar.  In 1940, it started running the Indian Coffee House for Indian Coffee Board at Janpath introducing espresso coffee, which became an instant success  In the 1950s, they started a 'Chinese Room' Restaurant, Delhi's oldest Chinese restaurant at the premises.  The 1970s saw the Nirula's venture into the fast food business with the opening of Delhi's first fast food restaurant in 1977 here, to which was later added a Pastry Shop, Snack Bar, Hot Shoppe and an Ice Cream Parlour
  3. 3. Nirula’s Family and Restaurant Hotel Potpurri Pegasus Bar Ice cream kiosks Pastry shop
  4. 4. They have 70 outlet Delhi - NCR and 12 restaurant Recently Nirula’ opened a new franchise in patna  Delhi: New Friends Colony, Punjab Bagh, Vasant Vihar, Connaught Place, Vasant Kunj, Karol Bagh, Preet Vihar, Greater KailashPart II  Haryana: Gurgaon, Faridabad, Panipat  Punjab: Pathankot Ludhiana  Uttar Pradesh: Meerut, Ghaziabad, Noida  Uttarakhand: Mussoorie  Bihar: Patna
  5. 5.  Navis capital bought Nirula’s from its founders for Rs 90 crore in 2006  Navis Capital has hired Deloitte for improving operations  Implemented SAP at backend  Facility up gradation  Total investment of 50 crore on modernization
  7. 7. PRODUCT Nirulas offers variety of products like savories and pastries, vegetable and non vegetable burgers and pizzas, sandwiches, cookies, footlongs, platters, condiments and syrups, Indian food in form of thali, nan, roti, tandoori and curries, ice creams, ice cream shakes, milk shakes, triple sundaes and various beverages. Thus Nirulas is one stop-eating joint for customers, which offers variety of food, i.e. both Indian and western with plenty of other items that can be consumed as snacks or as part of main meal. PRICE Nirulas offers its products at a fair price. Its vegetarian and non vegetarian burgers range from Rs. 20 to Rs 60. Regular pizzas range from Rs 65 to Rs 105 both in the vegetarian and non vegetarian categories. Vegetarian and no vegetarian thalis cost Rs 79 and Rs 89 to the customers. Footlongs range from Rs 60 to Rs 75n tandoori and curries range from Rs 40 to Rs 110n sandwiches cost Rs 46 and platters about Rs 60 to Rs 70. Condiments and syrups cost Rs 34 to Rs 60, ice creams Rs 20 to Rs 60. Soda fountain and beverages range between Rs 10 and Rs 60. Apart from these super meal deals ranging from Rs 60 to Rs 120 are offered to the customers.
  8. 8. PROMOTION: Nirula’s promotional activities are targeted towards children primarily. They offer complimentary cakes and complimentary present for the birthday child in children parties. Apart from this they have an ice cream of the month, which is different every month. In certain outlets, Nirulas offers free tea or coffee on orders in excess of Rs 50. Apart from these Nirulas has super value meals that provide greater value for money to customers. PLACE Nirulas outlets are evenly distributed throughout the Delhi and NCR region. Nirulas generally opens its outlets in commercial areas which are thickly populated throughout the day. Apart from this nirulas also offers free home delivery to its customers. PHYSICAL EVIDENCE: Nirulas interiors are simple and yet a decent and cleanliness is maintained in the nirulas outlets.
  9. 9. PROCESS The food processing process is visible to the customers i.e. if the customers desire they can view the food being manufactured. PEOPLE The people involved in the production and delivery process to the customers at nirulas have uniforms and aim to address to customers orders as quickly as possible.
  10. 10. STRENGTHS  Nirula’s is a strong brand.  A very old name in the food and hospitality industry.  Tie ups with IOCL and HPCL improve its reach  Operational effectiveness with Deloitte as consultant
  11. 11. WEAKNESSES  A weak brand differentiation.  Wide menu with wide range of price levels. The lowest being Rs 15 and the maximum Rs 4299.  Lack of brand positioning rather an unclear product positioning. OPPORTUNITIES  Increase in buying power of youth.  Exploring markets in Haryana, Punjab, and North East.
  12. 12. THREATS  Aggressive players in fast food segment like KFC, Mc Donalds , Pizza Hut, Dominos with a strong product differentiation and renowned niche products such as burger, pizza, chicken.  Competition from gourmet restaurants such as Sagar Ratna, Not Just Paranthas etc.  Competition in Ice cream segment from Gianis, Baskin Robbins etc.  Competition in Café segment from café Coffee day, Barista.
  13. 13. SEGMENT Anyone who wants to have hygienic and good quality food TARGETING Middle and upper middle class youth and families as well as kid- younger age 8-20 POSITIONING Indian fast food restaurant chain that serves hygienic, good quality food at affordable price specializing in Indian style western fast food
  14. 14. Major Competitors  –Haldirams  –Bikanerwala  –McD  –Dominos  –Gianis Minor Competitors  Barista  Nathu’s  Local Restaurants  Home Cooked food
  15. 15. Niruls 9% KFC 9% Pizza Hurt 8% Mc Donalds 11% Domino's 20% Other 43% Sales
  16. 16. Strengths  High Brand awareness  High quality image  Good taste  High Market Share Weaknesses  Seen only as Family restaurant  Limitation of non-vegetarian food  Failed healthy menu/ low fat products  Less promotional offers
  17. 17. Opportunity  People preferring more Indian food  Increased purchase capacity Threats  Increased Competition from various Industries  Health Conscious Consumer Trend  Price War Business Practices
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