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Know what 2012 holds for you with the 2012 Tarot Book that presents the annual horoscope for all sun signs based on Tarot.

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  1. 1. shivanshi annual forecast for sun signs based on TAROT2012 horoscope PANKAJ THUAIN TA tarot ACADEMY
  2. 2. 2012 HOROSCOPEPankaj Thuain (born January 11, 1979), the author is an Entrepreneur, Musician, Content Manager andTarot Card Reader. His obsession and love with Tarot started at the age of 16. He has been pursuingTarot as an interest, hobby and part-time profession for the past 18 years.He is the Founder of The Tarot Academy*, an online Tarot organization and forum that aims atpromoting the mystic art form as a way of life, and tries to simplify the complicated perceptionassociated with Tarot. The Tarot Academy also offers Tarot reading and consultancy services toindividuals and corporations.A graduate in Human Psychology, he also holds certifications in Software Development, Advertising,Public Relations and Multimedia.He started his career as a graphic designer and web developer, moving on to journalism as writer andeditor, before shifting gears to corporate communications and social media management as contentstrategist and digital marketing manager. Though his mainstream profession continues to be ContentManagement and Social Media Marketing, Tarot dominates his life force and drives his zest for life.His other interests include movies, music, meditation and reading ancient Indian scriptures.His music album Mister Monk, a new-age spiritual instrumental released in 2011.* - To join The Tarot Academy, visit http://www.linkedin.com/groups?about=&gid=2947530&trk=anet_ug_grppro annual forecast for sun signs based on TAROT TA shivanshitarot ACADEMY
  3. 3. Author: Pankaj Thuain Pictures Courtesy: BareHand’s Photography 2012 horoscope First published in 2012 by Shivanshi Publications in association with The Tarot Academy Copyright © 2012 Shivanshi Publications The right of Pankaj Thuain to be identified as the author of this work has been asserted by the author in accordance with the Copyright, Designs and Patent Act 1988. All rights reserved. Except for brief quotations in a review, this book, or any part thereof, may not be reproduced, stored in or introduced into a retrieval system, or transmitted, in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, without the prior written permission of the publisher. Published and Printed by Shivanshi Publications TA shivanshitarot ACADEMY
  4. 4. ॐ भ#भ$%व: व: त)स+वत$व%,-य/ । भग2 3वय धीम+ह, धीयो यो न: :चोदयात् ।। 2012 IN A NUTSHELLWhat was a fact is no longer the truth. We must accept the changes and move on. Itcan mean getting out of an old job or relationship for good. It can also stand forinner changes i.e. releasing old patterns. The one thing you need right now iscourage, courage to leave the known, comfortable way for the unknown. You canconsider a completely new way of looking at love and relationships. Regularity adds structure to one’s life. But at extremes, it can lead to addictions andself-indulgence. The laziness applies to your thoughts and dreams. So avoid gettingtoo over indulged in alcohol, drugs or sex. When you see this card, make sure youare backing up your plans with enough work and planning. Tighten up your life andcommit yourself to doing what it takes to reach your goals. But don’t over exhaustyourself. There are times when you have no control over a situation. Just like a farmer waitsfor the fruits on his tree to ripen for harvest and sell them, you have to do the same.Waiting for a job offer or raise or for your hard work to pay off, continue beingpatient. You have done all that you could do. The work is out of your hands. The onlything within your control is waiting.
  5. 5. The challenge for you is to go deeper and lookbeyond the surface situation. Recall the vastnature of your potential and talents, andremember the unlimited possibilities that you areholding. Sometimes your goals can be realizedthrough stillness, as it gives your desire a chanceto flower within the right time. ARIES Enjoy the waiting Mar 21-Apr 19 and bide your time2012 is also a time of abundant blessings.You can reach for the achievements youdeserve, and they will come to you. Lookfor new ways to realize peace. The key toyour happiness might be lying with yourfamily. Your family is one thing you are attachedto emotionally. If there is any trouble athome, work to restore harmony. Thetime is right for greater intimacies. But there is a strange suspension as wellthat is delaying life. This is the time torelax, as you are in a waiting room, andthe only thing you can do is wait.Everything seems to be in a state ofconstant delay, as it’s not the time yet.Try to accept things the way they arewithout trying to fight or resists them. ! Favorable MonthsThis is a year when everything is June, August, Septemberstanding still. Rest and reflect on yourlife before moving on. That much needed Favorable Timejob, promotion or break is eluding you, Early Eveningbut for good, as this is the time to polish Favorable Datesthe skills required to make it happen. 13, 24, 28Your perception is transforming.
  6. 6. Get rid of the depressing perception of yourself andstop feeling like a victim. Your guide is gentlytelling you about how you are handling your ownpersonal life and creating a tale of woes. Checkyour attitude and know that youve reached thepoint where things will only begin to improve. TAURUS Finally... life turns Apr 20-May 20 in your favourYou appreciate the best things moneycan buy. You have your projects goingwith good jobs on your side. But most ofall you like being at home, so you mighttake up jobs and assignments, whichmake you feel at home. Or you wouldlook for your own sources of income, asthey give you freedom and let you workfrom home. On the negative side, you might getsolitary and too concerned withperfection. Fear of failure should not keep you frombagging a great job offer. The stakes are high and you are underattack. You might also be feelingvulnerable, so avoid getting pushedaround at work. ! Favorable Months April, October, DecemberColleagues at work might be feeling Favorable Timejealous of you, and trying to pull you Late Afternoondown. Someone is trying or will try totake over your project. You need to take Favorable Dates 17, 20, 23control of your job and duties. Don’tleave your ground, don’t surrender.
  7. 7. If you are being abused or taken advantage of, youneed to be free. If you are bogged down bydemands, take care. It is your turn, just stepforward and claim your space. Be aware that if youhurt others, your victory will not be complete. GEMINI Raise your voice, May 21-Jun 20 reclaim your space2012 signifies dishonors that can beopen. Cheats, tricks, even crimes are onthe card here. You may be on thereceiving end. Some woman you know, who owns herown business or is very close to you, isplaying or will play an instrumental partin your growth. If you can identifyyourself with her, well it’s time to thinkabout big ventures and decorating yourhome with a lavish vision and expensivefurniture and paintings.Your career means a lot to you as youdon’t like asking for money when itcomes to spending. Save money andrealize the importance of preservingmonetary assets and relationships. You are more mature than your ! Favorable Monthscontemporaries in terms of February, July, Novemberunderstanding life, but when it comes tolove you need to work towards it with a Favorable Timegoal in mind. Early Afternoon Favorable DatesMaintaining relationships is an art you 1, 10, 26can learn, only if you take it seriously.
  8. 8. This year, expect to be taken on the ride of yourlife. Some unexpected meetings and twists ofdestiny await you. You cant predict any surpriseshere, but can only be aware of when one is around.Indeed, it also suggests changes in direction andrapid movement. CANCER Keep moving, your Jun 21-Jul 22 goals are closerYou will feel that life’s pace has increasedwith favorable events happening in achain. Now is the time to declare. The iron ishot, so you can strike. Keep the events inmotion, for them to proceed rapidly.Significant news or information on theway. The news may appear in a disguisedform, so stay alert. There are possibilities of trips, short orlong that will push you in a fast mood. If you have been holding back yourself inany way, it’s time to give generously. It isvery important to remember that 2012 isan inspiring year, but it does not indicateconcrete practical solutions or accurateanswers. Your perception will play a bigrole here. ! Favorable Months April, July, AugustBut be sure that you are on the right Favorable Timepath. Your aspirations are blessed, but to Early Morningaccomplish them, you must take positiveaction. Use the guiding light all around Favorable Dates 8, 15, 22you in the form of friends and family.
  9. 9. Expect rewards coming your way - accept themand enjoy. But 2012 also calls for an assessment.Introspection is needed to know whether what weare doing is the right thing or is it yielding theresults we are seeking. LEO 2012 belongs to Jul 23-Aug 22 you...exploit itSerious troubles can emerge if you don’ttake stock at the key moments. You needto take some time out to be sure you’rereaching your goals. Healthy self-esteem and victory markthe year for you. Feeling good aboutyour accomplishments is important, buttoo much pride can turn into arrogance.So keep a check when you start feelingsuperior to others. Our talents always begin in the Divine,develop with love and support, and inthe end express through us. Enjoy yoursuccess, feel good about yourself, butalways remember to stay grounded. There is high probability of you enteringinto a business partnership withsomeone you like or know. It can also ! Favorable Monthsrefer to some association that will help January, November, Decemberyou make a career out of socialization. Favorable TimeParties, baby showers, weddings, Late Eveninganniversaries and birthdays – social Favorable Datesoccasions will keep you busy. Spend time 7, 8, 19with your family and friends.
  10. 10. Be ready for some serious power struggles. Doubtsarise, that lead to panic. But the message is clearthat if you are scared of competition, success willrun away from you. You may face situations whereyou feel lack of freedom. But the longer you staylike this, the more you will feel trapped. VIRGO Learn to accept Aug 23-Sep 22 defeat...it will helpWhen energy is directed towards aproject, it develops and grows in theinitial stages itself. 2012 talks about asmall company being established, orsomeone who wants to run his ownbusiness someday. It can also be a groupgearing up to start a business venture. Your life is going to be a lot tough forsome time. You have achieved a lot, butnow the responsibilities are too many tohandle even or you. Each step you takewill be like a big struggle. Take care of yourself. Lighten the load,and delegate work to others. You don’thave to handle everything yourself. Feeling lost, powerless or uncertain?Help seems far and far away. You willfeel restricted by the circumstances. A ! Favorable Monthstroubled relationship or high debts can March, April, Maybe the course of problems here. Favorable TimeRather than waiting for solutions to Late Nightappear, speak up and yearn for release. Favorable DatesYou won’t get it until you demand it. 3, 9, 12Move on to a new job or a new place.
  11. 11. You love to have discipline in your life, withactivities streamlined, so plan your career movesnow to avoid any chaos and discomfort. Simply put,ask yourself - "Whos the boss?" LIBRA Release the stress, Sep 23-Oct 22 it’s choking youYou want to be in control of your job, oryou want to start your own business, sothat you are the boss. Be direct, clear andfrank in your dealings – in job orbusiness. Your struggle is not over yet. If you desire your new career or businessgrows, pay attention to every detail. Letit take its first steps towards success andprosperity, only when it is ready to takeon bigger risks and challenges. You or someone you know wants to befree. You might be feeling you are betteroff le/ alone. This approach is usefulsometimes, but can also cause lot oftrouble. For productivity to last for long, youhave to be committed to others. You maybe letting problems slip as you refuse to ! Favorable Monthshandle them. The best way to catch a June, September, Octoberthief is to be a thief. Favorable TimeYou might have to keep more than Late Morningenough information confidential at this Favorable Datespoint of time and be extra cautious 9, 14, 19about the people around.
  12. 12. You are shifting focus from external to internal.When we are silent, we easily go within ourselves.You are used to action, so rest and quiet is almostlike death. Stillness holds its own wondrousrewards, but they need to be recognized andsought after. Try that in 2012. SCORPIO Pleasant upheavals Oct 23-Nov 21 transform your lifeYour career woes are over – be ready tobe shaken by sudden, but pleasant boutsof luck every now and then this year. In2012, everyone wants to follow you, sotry setting a good example for others. Few words of caution though - mindyour language and hold you tongue. It isyour biggest enemy. Your talents cantake a backseat because of your know itall attitude. You may know how to use the computeror woo your partner better than manyothers, but your approach towards life,work and love may fail you. Sudden upheavals in your life can makeyou react unexpectedly. But how yourespond makes all the difference abouthow comfortable or uncomfortable the ! Favorable Monthsfeeling will be. January, February, October Embracing the change would be too Favorable Timemuch to demand, but adopt a positive Early Morningoutlook towards the current tide of Favorable Datesevents. You may feel a tremendous 4, 16, 19release forced in a new direction.
  13. 13. Are you struggling to make ends meet? Are youtrying real hard to improve your life on the wholefinancially and personally? Well your efforts willpay off soon. Look at the positive side, as thisexperience is teaching you the art of financialmanagement. SAGITTARIUS Material lack may Nov 22-Dec 21 disturb you...SAVEMonetary relief is on its way, so keepjuggling your finances, till your shiparrives. If you are in a businesspartnership, beware of any kind ofbetrayal. 2012 is a weird year for you. You openthe door only to find your lover withsomeone else. Your best friend laughs atyou in your absence. Your businesspartner has been cheating you for manyyears. Life is throwing nasty balls at you. There is a warning also againstunexpected betrayals. Stop taking thingsfor granted. Listen to your inner voice.This time points out to weird choicesbeing taken as a result of misinformationor deluded feelings. You will find yourself at moral crossroads ! Favorable Months- a point where you have to choose March, November, Decemberbetween the high road and the low.Following your own path can also mean Favorable Timethat you are going against those who Early Afternoonurge you to follow a wrong direction. Favorable DatesBut basically look at the inner conflicts 10, 15, 23and resolve your life.
  14. 14. A new job or a flourishing business that promisesmore money and returns awaits you. Think of allthe expectations you have from your life –material, professional, personal and emotional.Whatever you can desire you will achieve in 2012. CAPRICORN Welcome to peace, Dec 22-Jan 19 success and blissThe desire is to be grounded, do somesolid work and create a secure platformfor your professional growth. If you areconsidering a change in job or startingyour own business, this is a very goodyear for such pursuits. But beware of material lack sneaking insometimes, so be sure to save as much aspossible as well.We are supposed to enjoy abundance,but we forget this is our birthright.Whenever you experience hardship,know that it is temporary. Look for thespiritual center that will take you in andgive you shelter. Encourage yourself to seek pleasure andmake the most of your body. And don’tworry – the opposite sex will find you ! Favorable Monthsmagnetic and charming this year. January, February, May It’s as if you walk into a bar and the Favorable Timebartender has filled the glasses with the Early Eveningbest wines just for you. Sometimes it’s Favorable Datesjust great to sit back and retreat in the 9, 11, 27feeling that everything is perfect.
  15. 15. Whatever you have been building for a long timenow has been established finally. The foundation isstrong and solid. You can take a break and pat yourback for your achievements. Admire what you’vedone and try to enjoy the rewards of your hardwork and labor. AQUARIUS Handsome returns Jan 20-Feb 18 booked for you2012 spells harvest, so it can also foretella marriage or a partnership that will reaphandsome returns for you.But there are signs of some loss as well.You may feel discouraged, but there is apositive side. You feel disappointed thatsomeone you expected a lot from let youdown. Learn the art of ‘letting go’. Don’tget obsessed with negative thoughts. Letgo and open your eyes. You are too smart for your own good oryou know someone of a similar nature.Don’t engage in disrupting Internet chatsand stop playing the devil’s advocate. You have a sharp mind, and you valuelogic over everything. Apply yourcommon sense in the right place at theright time with the right people. And use ! Favorable Monthsyour mental qualities in your March, June, Julyprofessional life. Favorable TimeFreedom of speech matters the most to Early Morningyou – but practice it cautiously. You don’t Favorable Dateswant to hurt egos and create chaos for 18, 20, 22you in 2012.
  16. 16. For all of us, there comes a time in life when we question the most obvious. We realize that there is a deeper reality to what we see and search for it. There is a solitary quest for answers that do not lie in the external world, but in our souls. That’s 2012 for you. PISCES Attend to your Feb 19-Mar 20 self-esteem needsSpend some time alone - a period of self-reflection without any distractions.Withdrawal or retreat is important at themoment. Before you get any negativesigns, let it be clear that life is good andthings are going your way. Butcontentment and satisfaction is whatyou will seek the most this year. You will nurture the positive qualities ofyour ego. A healthy ego is strong andself-assured at the same time. New motivation or inspiration will turn astagnant relationship rolling once again.Save as much energy as you can for thereal ride begins a/er victory.You are being warned against overworkor exhaustion, as it is taking a toll onyour health. It’s time to reduce the ! Favorable Monthsnumber of cigarettes or cut down on June, July, Septemberthose drinks. Favorable TimeYou need to make some much-needed Late Eveningadjustments, and do whatever necessary Favorable Datesto strike the balance. Do something to 16, 21, 28achieve equilibrium.
  17. 17. Pictures Courtesy: BareHand’s Photography First published in 2012 by Shivanshi Publications in association with The Tarot Academy Copyright © 2012 Shivanshi Publications The right of Pankaj Thuain to be identified as the author of this work has been asserted by the author in accordance with the Copyright, Designs and Patent Act 1988. All rights reserved. Except for brief quotations in a review, this book, or any part thereof, may not be reproduced, stored in or introduced into a retrieval system, or transmitted, in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, without the prior written permission of the publisher. Published and Printed by Shivanshi Publications TA shivanshitarot ACADEMY
  18. 18. shivanshi TA tarot ACADEMY