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Why TQM fails?


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Why TQM fails?

  1. 1. Pankaj Nalwa
  2. 2. Implementing TQM is not as simple as acquiringknowledge of it.The reasons for failure of TQM are related to thevarious approaches followed by the organizations inimplementing TQM. Pankaj Nalwa
  3. 3. Approaches followed by organizations can becategorized as: Materialistic Ritualistic Spiritualistic Pankaj Nalwa
  4. 4. Materialistic ApproachOrganization is concerned about results and dontfocus on systematic approach and peopleinvolvement.They skip steps and treat people as mechanicalmachinery.These kind of organizations usually ends up in achaotic situation. Pankaj Nalwa
  5. 5. Ritualistic ApproachOrganization go after systematic approach withoutadequate focus on people involvement and results.They end up creating bureaucracy and the resultsdo not show any improvement. People lose faithand confidence. This can be seen in many ISOcertified companies.Following only system and procedures is noguaranty of quality. Pankaj Nalwa
  6. 6. Spiritualistic ApproachOrganization focuses on people involvement andcreate lot of enthusiasm. But they fail to channelizetheir energy through proper systems and definedapproaches towards the result, which can bemeasured in quantified terms – thus end up in totalconfusion. Pankaj Nalwa
  7. 7. Balancing ActSuccessful implementation of TQMrequires the balancing act between the Ritualistic Materialisticthree aspects without over or under-doingany of these. SpiritualisticMajority of companies, who fails in TQMinitiatives do not understand this. Balancing ActThey just pick a few TQ tools like 7 QCtools, SPC, QCC, TPM, 5S and want quicksolution to their problems. Pankaj Nalwa
  8. 8. Reasons for failure¤ TQM implementation without quality culture.¤ Lack of top management commitment and involvement.¤ Employees resistance to change.¤ Barriers between departments (Lack of teamwork).¤ Measuring quality. Pankaj Nalwa
  9. 9. Reasons for failure¤TQM viewed as quick fix with focus on short term goals.¤ TQM overly complicated by SPC techniques.¤ Failure to link TQM strategically with business goals.¤ Although TQM is conceptually applicable to all departments/ functional areas, but in actual practice it usually confined toquality assurance or quality control of products / services. Pankaj Nalwa