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BSNL ppt..

  1. 1. BSNL Presented By: PANKAJ BARSAIYA MBA PSM-011
  2. 2. Logo of BSNL
  3. 3. INTRODUCTION INTRODUCTION  Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (known as BSNL) is a public sector telecommunication company, headquartered in New Delhi , India. Mr.R.K Upadhyay is a Chairman and MD of BSNL. BSNL is at 5th position as an operator with Market share of 13.28%. BSNL has large base of skilled work force of around 2.84 lakh as on 30th April 2013. A Presentation by The total telephone connections as on April 30, 2013 are 897 millions, out of which 119.14 million connections are provided by BSNL.  It has the status of Mini Ratna, a status assigned to reputed public sector companies in India.
  4. 4. To provide world class State-of-art technology telecom services on demand at affordable price.  To Provide world class telecom infrastructure to develop country's economy.
  5. 5.  Universal Telecom Services : Fixed wireline services and landline in local loop (WLL) using CDMA Technology called bfone and Tarang respectively. Cellular Mobile Telephone Services: BSNL is major provider of Cellular Mobile Telephone services using GSM platform under the brand name Cellone & Excel (BSNL Mobile). WLL-CDMA Telephone Services: BSNL's WLL (Wireless in Local Loop)service is a service giving both fixed line telephony & Mobile telephony.
  6. 6. Internet: BSNL provides Internet access services through dial-up connection (as Sancharnet through 2009) as Prepaid, NetOne as Postpaid and ADSL broadband as BSNL Broadband[ 3G: BSNL offers the '3G' or the ‘3rd Generation' services which includes facilities like video calling, mobile broadband, live TV, 3G Video portal, streaming services and video on demand etc.  Intelligent Network (IN): BSNL offers value-added services, such as Free Phone Service (FPH), India Telephone Card (Prepaid card), Account Card Calling (ACC), Virtual Private Network (VPN), Tele-voting, Universal Access Number (UAN).
  7. 7. WiMax: BSNL has introduced India's first 4th Generation HighSpeed Wireless Broadband Access Technology with the minimum speed of 256kbit/s. The focus of this service is mainly rural customer where the wired broadband facility is not available. IPTV:BSNL also offers the 'Internet Protocol Television' facility which enables customers to watch television through internet.
  8. 8. PRODUCTMIX/LINE • BSNL Landline • BSNL Mobile Post paid Prepaid GPRS • BSNL WLL •INTERNET SERVICE Broadband WI FI Dial up Internet
  9. 9. PRODUCTMIX/LINE (Continued) • ISDN •Intelligent network •Video Conferencing •Audio conferencing •Leased Line •Transponder
  10. 10. SWOT Analysis STRENGTHS :1. 2. 3. 4. Total telecom service provider. Huge Resources (financial and technical pool). Huge customer base. Transparency in billing. WEAKNESSES :- 1.Non optimization of network capabilities. 2.Poor marketing strategy. 3.Poor franchisee network. 4. Lack of strategic alliances.
  11. 11. OPPORTUNITIES :1.Tremendous market growing at 20 lac customers per month. 2. Untapped broadband services. 3. Untouched international market. 4. Leveraging the brand image to source funds. THREATS :1. Competition from private operators. 2. Decreasing per line revenues due to competitive pricing. 3.Multinational eyeing Indian telecom market. 4.Manpower churning.
  12. 12. FINANCIAL AREA BSNL the largest public sector undertaking of the nation is Certainly on a financial ground that’s sound. The company has a net worth of Rs.88,634 crores authorised equity capital of Rs.10,000 crores ,paid up equity share capital of Rs.5000 crores & revenues of Rs.35,812 crores in 2010-11. Parameter 2012-13 (Upto 30.09.2012)* Total income 13,465 Total expenditure 17,104 Net profit (after tax) (-)3,655 (in crore)
  13. 13. IMPROVEMENT BEING UNDERTAKEN •BSNL is introducing new value added services to existing customer as well as potential customers. •Company is adopting effective marketing strategies to gain marketing leadership. •BSNL is forwarding steps in a variety of schemes for both subscriber commercial and residential. •Technological upgradation of network. •Better customer care –customer delight is the objective.
  14. 14. DSNL Contacting Nation